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[SPOILER] Leia's dialogue... I wouldn't have watched this movie... I think Clay should've meet with the president at the end. Just watched the movie, what does Glass means when he says [SPOILER!!] View all posts >


Was the post supposed to be sarcastic? The right is accusing the movie to be leftist propaganda. Although I disagree with that I do acknowledge that the movie is definitely pandering to China nationalism and their current anti-western stand. Besides the commanding officer, every white character in this movie is portrayed as either racist, ignorant, or greedy. If that's not racist I don't know what is. You can still have nationalistic propaganda in modern democratic countries. American Ninja series? Or the many martial art movies that come from Hollywood? It doesn't matter though, most of those movies are just exploitation movies of the eastern culture. Compared to this movie which is blatantly anti-western with a nationalist undertone that so palpable. This is definitely the worst of the franchise. As an Asian, this movie is soooo cringy for me. I have some hope when the subplot with Bruce Lee teaching foreigner Kung-Fu and clashing with the conservative masters starts. But then that part of the story goes nowhere and they seem to be unresolved. I guess they want to advertise the fact that Bruce Lee is portrayed in this movie. I guess the movie is really on the same page with the country with how anti-western they are. The nationalist undertone is so palpable that I was embarrassed watching even though I'm not Chinese. Canon? What's that? They're going to milk this Star Wars universe until its last drop. When they're done with all the sequels and spin-offs, next come the reboot. Canon? What's that? The guy is not fit to make a family movie. He should stick to movies like Brick and this. A foot away even a strong magnet won't affect the tape. The movie does imply that she stick the magnet directly at the tape. Although I do question the strength of a fridge magnet. Fran? No. As you said, He doesn't know that he's gonna die soon. And I think from the few interactions between those two, Harlan did appreciate Marta's work ethic, intelligence (from playing go), and her integrity (she can't lie). "When we know the reality of illegal immigration involves vicious criminal gangs like MS-13, sex-trafficking, and" That's the point where I stop reading. I really did take you seriously for a moment there. View all replies >