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I wouldn't have watched this movie... I think Clay should've meet with the president at the end. Just watched the movie, what does Glass means when he says [SPOILER!!] View all posts >


Yes. Not satire. Ignorance in this context only makes me confused for most of the duration of the movie. I still enjoy the movie though. I'm assuming you've watched the movie already, but if not. <spoiler>It's the gas station scene. The civilians that tried to apprehend Mike, the one with assault rifle identify himself as "we are the militia of .....", and then Mike take them down and said something like "your militia need work." And then the truck driver pulls a revolver and said "put the gun down" while mike just shoots at the ground to scares him off. The whole scene to me works like it tries to show that only gun doesn't make someone tough.</spoiler> I see, because I do remember this movie making fun of a militia as if saying that second amendment doesn't automatically make them as tough as a real soldier (or at least that was the impression that I got.) Wait, is the movie right-leaning? Yeah, I remember thinking along the same line when watching it. But then again, being the most decorated agent also means that he's probably the most equipped to do it, and let's not forget about his medical condition and the fact that he hides it. Maybe, I remember the news story when Mike was being transported said something along the line of "The president's guardian angel has fallen." Heh, nice catch there. We could argue that it was similar to getting soul stone, using all the stones requires some price to pay, and it's irreversible. Nah, the time travel doesn't make it bad, I think it actually makes the movie fresh. It was Captain America's ending that ruins it, specifically how it goes against all the time-traveling logic explained in the movie. It's a plot hole when CM make sure she didn't go after Thanos before he got his hand on the stones. View all replies >