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Heh, nice catch there. We could argue that it was similar to getting soul stone, using all the stones requires some price to pay, and it's irreversible. Nah, the time travel doesn't make it bad, I think it actually makes the movie fresh. It was Captain America's ending that ruins it, specifically how it goes against all the time-traveling logic explained in the movie. It's a plot hole when CM make sure she didn't go after Thanos before he got his hand on the stones. It's amazing how many people seem to think that Steve (if he lives his old age in the main timeline, which of course is against all the explanation that Tony and Bruce gave) is this cold-blooded duty-bound soldier that would sacrifice not just many innocent lives throughout history (which include JFK and 9/11) but also those that are close to him, like Bucky being a mind-controlled slave assassin, Tony Stark's parents, and the whole Shield is Hydra thing. Magnificent how people would fool themselves. This is true when traveling back in time, they can choose a time and a place. But because they make a different timeline every time they jump back in time, when they try to jump back to the future they will be jumping forward to the current timeline future, not their main timeline. The movie definitely makes it like the machine is a tether that connects with the bracelets that the time traveling Avengers wear. So even if they are in different timelines, they can always return to their main timeline through the machine. Which is why when Thanos copy the technology, he can only come to the main timeline through the Machine. They return the stones because without those stones those timelines would be chaos (according to the Ancient One). And yes, those timelines would definitely have different futures. The 1 in 14 million chance is only accounting every possibility from THAT point on (from the Titan scene). It doesn't account EVERY possibility ever. So different futures might have different chances. So then it boils down to one simple thing: sacrifice a few to save many. So I guess, Steve wouldn't mind those atomic bombs after all. There are lots of things he could do. Rather than making sure that the future he knew happened, he could just change the past so that Thanos never came to earth. He could go back further in time and get the tesseract before Red Skull found it and hide it, or he could work with Howard to find a way to destroy it. He could prepare the Avengers to be better prepared for Thanos, he could start the Avengers Initiate earlier. He could work with Howard Stark and prepared Tony from an earlier age to eventually become the Ironman. He could work together with the Ancient One and consult her. He could change the future for the better, or he could make it worse. So it's either let bad things he know would happen happens for a sure future or stop the bad things and do his best to make a better unknown future. It's the same argument with the atomic bombs on Japan. I also wouldn't kill baby Hitler, given the chance. But not because I don't want to change the future, simply because the baby hasn't done anything wrong. If it can't be explained within the established logic, then it's just simply an inconsistency. As for Cap's character, I'll just ask do you think Steve would agree with the US government dropping the atomic bombs on Japan? The point of the gauntlet is not only to house the gems but also as a tool to extract the power of the gems as efficiently as possible. Thanos had his gauntlet made by Eitri because he was the best blacksmith in the entire universe so he could make the gauntlet that can use the gems perfectly. Tony might not be the best blacksmith in the universe, but he has two things. First, he was probably the best engineer in the world with a genius mind that can solve most technical problems. Second, he has the gems, so instead of building it from scratch, he could just use the design of the Infinity gauntlet that he already saw, and experiment with the gems to find the most optimal formation and form. Once he has the formation, he saves it. So when he took the gems from Thanos, he simply set the gems on his hand based on that formation. I'm actually more interested in the "fake" gauntlet in Asgard, first shown in the weapon vault in the first Thor movie. It's either a cute little easter egg, or it was a rewrite. Maybe they originally want to have Thanos face off against the Asgardian for the gauntlet. View all replies >