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sad news: Arrow ends after 8 seasons. people are hating on Star Wars: Episode IX and the movie is not out yet. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won a Oscars!! they should have cast someone younger to play andy barclay. Bumblebee Officially Confirmed to Reboot the Transformers Movies. IT'S A WRAP! IT'S A WRAP!! new teaser trailer for Frozen 2 is out!! I have 1 Question about the movie. Lando's role in Episode IX. i have another title for the movie. View all posts >


remake TLJ. it's impossible now. the cast are going to move on to projects after the ST ends. also how are they going to remake The Last Jedi without Carrie Fisher? thank god they didn't remake the last jedi and there guys RemakeTheLastJedi project Failed. true. also the movie comes out next mouth. Cap found out about that Bucky killed Starks parents in TWS. (The Winter Soldier) lol. I agreed. yeah. that's true. they hated the movie because their theories didn't play out and the movie didn't go the way they want it to go. I would give a few examples. but no. the first film came out 3 years ago and it's already getting a reboot?? WTF?!? what? de-canonizing TLJ?? WHAT? both of them sounds awesome. a life-action planet Hulk & WWH movie. hey. this movie is not awful. View all replies >