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GREAT NEWS ABOUT Avengers: Endgame!!!! Halloween Announcemet!!! spidey is going back to Sony. the reason why this movie is a reboot and not a sequel. looks like Dark Phoenix is losing massive amount of theaters after box office failure. i think Dark Phoenix would have been better if they kept the original ending/3rd act. MCU theory: old man Steve was at Peggy Carter's Funeral. I have 1 Question about the movie. before i go see it. Another message for TLJ haters. View all posts >


Booker is my favorite character. i was joking. no it's not. Rey and Ben are cousins. lol I said this before 3 years ago? I don't remember that. an I'm right? i'm not sure if I am. Disney doesn't own Tarzan. so no life-action remake. no they didn't. don't believe in the rumors. don't believe anything you read/ hear on the internet. you are right. The Dark Phoenix storyline is cursed. I saw pics of the original Dark Phoenix storyline that they were going to use for the movie. it looks so awesome. also I saw Jean Grey original Dark Phoenix form and it looks awesome. she looks like captain marvel. I think Kevin Feige said the same thing. View all replies >