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spidey is going back to Sony. the reason why this movie is a reboot and not a sequel. looks like Dark Phoenix is losing massive amount of theaters after box office failure. i think Dark Phoenix would have been better if they kept the original ending/3rd act. MCU theory: old man Steve was at Peggy Carter's Funeral. I have 1 Question about the movie. before i go see it. Another message for TLJ haters. Is Avengers: Endgame Carol Danvers's first appearance in MCU?? MCU next big three? (Marvel Trinity) the next Star Wars movies after The Rise of Skywalker is............... View all posts >


Endgame? do you mean INFINTY WAR? that's true. they will probably let spiderman slay with MCU. lol. that's a great idea. I wonder they didn't continue the story with a recast Hellboy and new director? BTW his wife (Liz) was pregnant with twins. i know. he was too young to die. IKR!! I'M CRYING. what general storyline? some ppl still think Rey is a skywalker. do you mean This spiderman isn't working out for you? because to everyone else This spiderman is working really well. PS: please no more reboots. we don't need another reboot. also what's MCU2? what was the message of DOFP? View all replies >