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What if episode titles. What if episode titles. GREAT NEWS ABOUT The Rise of Skywalker!!! did you guys hear about The Rise of Skywalker leaks? Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Runtime confirmed. GREAT NEWS ABOUT Avengers: Endgame!!!! Halloween Announcemet!!! spidey is going back to Sony. the reason why this movie is a reboot and not a sequel. View all posts >


dagger? what dagger? I don't know what you are talking about. i'm not buying these Leaks. there Leaks are fake. Bad? do you mean great? it's gonna be great. 10/10. Barry's daughter is gone. if you think the leaks are true. then you are not a true fan of star wars. there is no way the leaks are true. but the leaks says it will be the worst movie ever. the leaks are fake, dude. Worse than The Last Jedi? I don't think so. TROS is going to be better then TLJ & TFA. there were never any test screenings for TROS. someone made that shit up. View all replies >