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Not for a little kiss. For false accusation. While this mans story was horrific, its hardly unique. Unfortunately if you are a male teacher you DO live in that kind of world. Im afraid not, sport. Its your dad, actually. Its very cultural. Their "big" movies just has to have a dancing number. Its like back in the day our movies all had musical intermissions because "its just theater but different". When you are form a poor country people actually think as a bang for your buck in terms of movie lenght. Well, clearly this movie has invoked strong emotion in you, so id say it suceeded in doing what it set out to do. And yes, you are supposed to be frustrated by how fucking stupid our society is and how everyone just lives in their own confirmation bias bubbles. Hes been, presumably, a teacher for a long time. He should have done this if for no other reason than to cover his ass as he must have seen other teachers go down in flames from the same problem. Its not like its actually a rare occurence for male teachers. Yes. She was abused by her mother as shown in the scene where the mother is telling her to imagine being abused and that it happened no matter what the truth is. This is who i thought it was as well. Based from outline it was a young man and i doubt it was his own son. This movie is based of actual case, so there was a town full of morons in denmark in the 90s and pressumably still exists because no nukes have been dropped to my knowledge. But yes if your nuking that you may as well nuke 80% of the world. Statistically, over 90% of cases of sexual assault are thrown out of court due to lack of evidence. Whether thats actually "false accusation" or just "couldnt prove it" is a matter of a lot of debate. View all replies >