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It doesnt. You try catching a fist sized rock in freefall and tell us how you feel about it. Or rather dont because it would take too long for you to be discharged from the hospital, ill tell you, it would break your bones. And its absolutely great that we went away from the shitty "only works for a 5 year old" plotlines pokemon usually has and had a more seriuos take on the universe. The whole point of this city was that there were no trainers, no balls, only trainers. So that people could "evolve to their better selves". The guy wasnt sane to begin with so his reasons are the same. Nah, next one will be chinese the way their market makes every american company jump nowadays. Thats kind of the plan with the original trilogy already. Also one could pressume that the technology to send people back in time may require something that cannot be created indefinitelly, such as some exotic nuclear particle that can only be created in small amounts over time. It happened under the bridge, hence why she fell down bellow it. Hulu is a subscription-to-view service like netflix except it does TV shows and is known as the only such service to still show ads to paying customers. Yes, because it was his personality, not the training, that made him a leader. >can a story not be about more than one person or thing or something??? Not if it was never about more than one person or thing or something. Stories are written with certain meanings. Some people misinterpreting those meanings does not make the story about that. Theres an old addage in literature teaching - sometimes the curtains are blue because the curtains are blue, not because the author wants to express depression. View all replies >