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>no Christian in the history if Christendom ever killed another person without just cause Thats a fucking bold statement. Id like to point you to the Salem witch trials. >This movie portrays Christians acting like Muslims. No, the movie portrays religiuos zealots acting like religiuos zealots. They will act like religiuos zealots regardless if they are christian or islamists. The problem is that Islam has far higher percentage of zealots due to the way their religion failed to reform. Kevin Smith is actually a christian who goes to church every sunday. 99.7% of terrorist acts are done by Muslims (mostly against other muslims, for religiuos reasons). Correction: Buddhist in myanmar are currently defending themselves against the invasion and occupasion of the islamic attackers. Christianity and Judaism has conquered so much places that Islam is the only thing that got them beat. Hindus have been at war with Islamists (and loosing) for over 600 years. And i mean literal, slaughter the disbelievers, make warrior monk monasteries type of war. Buddhists Are for the most part peaceful but notice how they are also the only ones who dont actually have a belief in higher being? It was horrible, but unfortunately realistic of american education system. The maintenance guy was mislead by the arrogant critic, the only character in the movie that died. The kid interpreted the mundane (cereal boxes) into prophecy of the universe or something. Yes, that cavern was where Story lived. Despite the popular rumor, majority of Shyamalan movies do not actually have a twist. Yes if they think you're lying. >Months? they so they are going to carry a baby around on those 10 mile lumber trips now? Did you even watch the movie? The woman got pregnant AFTER the creatures slaughtered most of the world. They had at least 9 months and who knows how much more (movie wasnt clear about the timeframe between attack and the mating). This should have been done before the baby was born. >or you know, there is no depot close enough. Done. Then move. >Silently? in the middle of a wet, muddy forest with rocks all around? Or was it in perfect conditions, picking the perfect area of flat, dry ground and making as much noise as you like? >Having built houses before you must know you cannot do it silently. Somewhere in the middle between the two extremes you position. >A few tin cans are a lot different to hauling a load of lumber around, enough to build a house with. Maybe if they spent less time glueing newspaper to the walls.... >Down where? like a hill? it could be anywhere, miles, many trips, more noise. Through a forest lol, a muddy, wet forest. they literally built their own sand roads in the movie. they had plenty of time for manual labour. >Wheres the lumber yard? Where is the farm, where is the waterfall? The director fails to show ups any of this. One must assume its typical rural area. >The whole area would make you immune? Again, they had to get right under the waterfall before they could make any noise. Its like logic has gone out of the window with you and forgotten how sound works. They cannot build a house directly under a waterfall. close would not be good enough, the sound is not loud enough to cover them. Just think for a second how sound works. In front is wet land, rocks, trees. And very low sound cover and the more you step away from the dead front and centre the less that sound cover becomes. They clearly display that normal level of noise near a river and even high level of noise near the waterfall is immune area. Yes, whole area. They made plenty of noise before they got under the waterfall. View all replies >