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There have been rumors/supposed leaks about Quicksilver returning in this. Granted it’s hard to trust rumors like this if they don’t come from reputable outlets, though some of these reports sound... kinda credible. But putting that aside, I personally always thought Wanda’s brother could possibly show up in this series. It would only make sense. As such, I believe it’s more likely than unlikely to happen. And while this has yet to be confirmed by the studio, it’s been reported that Evan Peters is going to appear in this series (the person who made such claims over a year ago has a pretty solid track record when it comes to this stuff). Naturally some are convinced that he’s going to be reprising his X-Men role, but others think there’s no chance that will happen. Now who knows how likely it is that he’ll be returning as his version of Quicksilver (there has been speculation that he could be playing Mephisto, maybe Mephisto “disguised” as Quicksilver) but since this show will tie directly into Doctor Strange and the [i]Multiverse of Madness[/i], I wouldn’t rule anything out. All in all, I do think there’s a strong chance Wanda’s brother will return in Wandavision. We’ll see. Loving the show. That she most certainly is. Lovely [i]Finally[/i]. Liking what I see Would like to have a 4K copy of it myself (physical of course). ;) Was there ever any doubt it would happen? *checks previous discussions all over online* Oh, I see there was. Lol. Well, in addition to the R rating it’s officially going to be part of the MCU as it was just confirmed by big Kev himself. [b]Hell yeah.[/b] Kewl detractors... sorry not sorry! This shall be lit Lol... stereotyped film snobs yo. Or also just Nolan snobs. And I like his work myself, but man have we’ve heard this tired boomer criticism for over a decade from you kewl CGI-hating snobs over and over. It’s boring. And too bad (actually not bad at all) a number of proud CGI-fests in recent years turned out to be so much better and impactful than Nolan’s latest disjointed effort. Don’t tell that to said snobs, though. Whoops... Safety Not Guaranteed Legion Ingrid Goes West & Parks and Rec (tied) She’s captivating. That’s right It’s all Stranger Things’ fault. Not really. But actually... [quote]I'm probably in the minority[/quote] No, you are [b]absolutely[/b] in the minority. Pixar for the most part has made nothing but top-notch films (they easily rival any studio out there), and Ratatouille is anything but a bad film. It’s very much one of Pixar’s best. Nay? Well, most (obviously that doesn’t include the usual online naysayers) beg to differ. Peace Look What You Made Me Do. Or mirrorball. But keep doing your thing, Ms. Swift! (Reich wing nazis keep projecting and being pathetic.) View all replies >