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New season is almost here. Delightful :-] 1. Chamber of Secrets 2. Prisoner of Azkaban (actually the superior one) The rest Correction: you are full of it. That modern Hollywood dig though... lol. So [b]banal[/b]. Ya preaching to all the paranoid reactionaries on this site who miss the good ol’ days when Hollywood was 100% dominated by the oh-so-disenfranchised group modern Hollywood is supposedly on a mission to eradicate (according to said reactionaries). *sigh* Take those two cents. Using molds from Willis’ [i]older[/i] face to make Levitt look like a younger Willis was always going to produce... questionable results. The two didn’t resemble each other that much (understatement), albeit I kinda dig Levitt’s look to be honest. In a way, I feel it worked for this film. It doesn’t look bad actually. Nice. Oh, and how about these stinkin’ trolls and their sock accounts like this chud thenewjoke over here. Monumentally pathetic. Excellent stuff [url][/url] tnn is back and trollier than ever. Whilst there is no reason to think this, could this be an imposter (one of ‘em DCarmy klowns) who will go on a trolling rampage and then disappear like other trolls lately? Ugh, prepare for one lousy troll-driven ride either way folks—as if these boards aren’t accustomed to this nonsense. Silly lifeless goose. Enjoy it while it lasts, troll. Once Sony fails the character for the third/fourth time, they’ll come crawling back to the studios your crowd is against. [b]Activate ignore[/b]. 🙄 So says the extremely bland genuine troll who’s sorely lacking in originality (all the manbaby incel chuds are with you, so yay for you). Thank goodness all the talent working on these films are never going to listen to the shitty opinions/demands (Subjectivity? Yea right) of online trolls. This dude. Smh and lol. And Liv Tyler.... oh yeah!!! View all replies >