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Would take a prequel: 1916. Now. I say there ‘ s room for both. Yup, [i]saner[/i] folks — if all the endless social injustice manbaby posts didn’t make it clear enough, this reich here is how the mind of every devastatingly fragile, miserable, wildly paranoid and dickless alt-reich-incel-maga-chud (in short, fascist) out there works. They say humans are still evolving... but obviously it’s taking time I knew that was going to happen the first time I watched the film (if Arthur actually let him walk away, that is), so I didn’t necessarily laugh when Gary as expected ended up asking for Arthur’s assistance. I was taking what had just happened [i]all in[/i]. But now it does make me chuckle, yes. And no, I didn’t take issue with Arthur letting him go. Good Time. The Rover comes a close second. He’s a tour de force in both films. And lol if anyone would pick his role as Cullen. Would be easier (not easy) picking my favorite from each album - So Lonely Regatta de Blanc Driven to Tears Spirits in the Material World Wrapped Around Your Finger Honorable mentions... Shadows in the Rain, Mother (oh yeah), Walking on the Moon, Every Breath You Take (it being overused by everyone doesn’t take away its brilliance for me), Synchronicity I & II That would be interesting. I’m sure it’ll suit/complement this Batman (damn that suit). She had a point :/ Regressive-triggering Hollywood: do you double dare us? ;) Your wish shall be our command. But awesome!!! Reactionary-disapproved castings by non-reich wing Hollywood will obviously keep making reactionary bigots mad (white dude rage, bro!), and that’s such a lovely thing. Just keep pushing Hollywood, ya snowflake fascists. That so-called social justice agenda (an agenda welcome by virtually everyone except of course mostly said reactionary bigots who believe their kind makes up the world’s majority, lol) you whine about 24/7 won’t be slowing down anytime soon. [b]#dealwithit[/b] I’ll go with 5 - Edward Scissorhands Ed Wood Pirates of the Caribbean (yes his role as Jack Sparrow got old and it lost its effectiveness with every new entry, but what he originally did in that role was brilliant) Donnie Brasco Secret Window Honorable mentions: Fear and Loathing, Sleepy Hollow, Fantastic Beasts (oh yeah). View all replies >