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As long as that Whalberg guy is around, they’ll never truly go away. XD Frankly though, “Boston Accent” with Seth Meyers put a bullet in them. It was the Boston film to end all Boston films. No, I don’t think I will. Jk. Just needed to use that one Cap line. ;) [i]That[/i] could be interesting and cool. I fo sho would be down with that! Would put whatever future live action SM Sony puts out to shame. Hail the European Spider-Man rip-off, Night Monkey! ;D [url][/url] & the OP’s other noticing-a-similar-pattern-posts so far [url][/url] It’s not like any of the cast and crew have called it live-action. Favreau himself stated that the entire film is computer generated with the exception of a single shot. As for everyone else, well sure quite a few people -understandably - believed that it was mostly/only the animals that were CGI. The film’s [b]settings[/b] are a different story. But I have read numerous articles on The Lion King and it’s clear, at least to me, that enough people are aware this isn’t a “live action” adaptation. With that said, the visuals are really something. Eighties They’re living in the eighties... they push! The score [i]is[/i] excellent (haunting) and it 100% suites the movie. And yeah, this is a top-notch action crime thriller. Always loved Paul Walker’s performance in it. First time I saw this film, I just remember how perplexed I was by this unquestionably random moment in the film (clearly I’m not alone). As odd as this may sound though, this sequence is one of the things I appreciate most about this film. Running Scared is an over-the-top film from top to bottom, yet the child killer sequence is so tonally different from the rest of the movie that it absolutely stands out. But what’s good about, is it’s incredibly effective and the pay off is great. It’s an unnervingly strange scene, but intriguing all the same. You know, the Fast & the Furious franchise aside, the thought of seeing these three gentlemen in a movie together is wicked. Imagine the possibilities! :D Keanu & Ryan alone would make an interesting duo. View all replies >