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That’d be sick!! He should mostly stick to playing some mean pipe organ, though. But bring on those show tunes! ;) Definitely looks like a villain that belongs in this, I say. I dig it, it’s cool. :> 1. [url][/url] 2. [url][/url] 3. [url][/url] I’ve always enjoyed it. Not up there with the best (at least when it comes to Craig Bond films), but it’s a super entertaining and solid film overall. By the way.... no minorities (in a couple of decades that won’t be the case) and very few women? Please, you know Hollywood saw that coming a mile away in a Scorsese film, and yet most of the big wigs in regressive-disapproved Hollywood raved about his new film. As such, the “it wasn’t PC enough and that’s why he got snubbed!” reactionary excuse ain’t gonna work. He WILL get nominated. That said, IF he doesn’t receive a nomination, then [b]maybe[/b] it will be because his ludicrous anti-superhero comments will backfire (this despite the fact that older voters that more or less have the same ridiculous high standards as Scorsese still have a large influence). But I say a likelier reason, is because there are more deserving directors. Yes. As a matter of fact, there are more deserving films than The Irishman in general. Now I know mentioning them will be utterly useless, albeit I suppose it’s mandatory.... Parasite, The Farewell, Jojo Rabbit, Knives Out (far more unique, unpretentious, and just awesome), 1917, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (which I wasn’t even impressed by), and maybe a few of the upcoming December releases. But don’t worry, he’ll definitely get those Oscar noms. And going back to his oh-so-mature superhero bashing. Gee, he so edgy he dared to have “an opinion” about them regardless of how pompous and sad it’s made him look? This simply being an old man yells at cloud case, it’s more like he has an agenda against them. As it is, don’t act like it’s unreasonable that, not only fans of “fake cinema” but many in the industry, have taken issue with Marty’s opinion. I get that he and many nostalgics who are prejudiced against spectacle films and most modern films in general are missing the old, [i]beautifully white[/i] days of cinema (hilarious, Marty likely hates many non-reality based films that were made both before and during his time; his friendship with Lucas aside, he’s reportedly always hated Star Wars!), but the industry, as imperfect as it is, continues to grow and change as always. And luckily, those who aren’t narrow-minded like Marty and actually embrace superhero epics (not just wise guy epics), are indeed having a bigger voice in the industry. So if there’s any chance Marty’s comments DO backfire mainly because of younger and more open-minded individuals come Oscar season (nah, older elites still rule), then... LOL! Anyway, Marty and others like him will keep miserably railing at CBM’s. However, no matter how much he bitches, these epic and resonating films ain’t going anywhere any time soon. Not cinema? OK BOOMER! Hmm, if only it was “an” opinion. But two months later, and he’s still waging war on superhero films sounding like the typical out of touch old man yells at cloud. If he simply said he didn’t like those big bad superhero films and they weren’t his kind of cinema (yes, they are cinema), all would be good. But what has he done? Well, first of all, he has pretty much promoted his new wise flick - once again filled with super one-note characters - this way. No doubt the industry that, yes, still loves him, was always going to shower his new film with praise no matter what. But rarely does the topic of Scorsese and Irishman come up these days and his stance against the biggest films out there isn’t brought up. So as beloved as Scorsese is by cinephiles, I seriously doubt his new film would have attracted the attention it did if not for his snobbish comments regarding films that aren’t only massively popular, but ACCLAIMED. So, clever little fella! Second of all, he called these films an “infestation” (this year they only made up 3% of all wide released films btw) and “implied” movie theaters should do something about this and put a stop to them (looks like we have the Donald Drumpf of filmmakers over here!). Yea... that’s pretty much a demand rather than an opinion. Oh, sure, his fellow nerdy film elitists absolutely - but falsely - believe that “kiddie” superhero films are all that’s out there and they need to end. But like them or not, the reality is they are not “infesting” movie theaters. Marty’s got his facts wrong. And for sure he has disparaged the people who’ve worked hard on these films. He can do so cuz of who he is? F that! Just because he is a god in the eyes of cinephiles/film snobs, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be criticized himself. To say he’s shown he’s full of ignorance would be an understatement. And here’s the thing, he is no fan of escapist films in general. That’s right... whether it’s the action genre (which he has bashed for decades) or pure fantasy cinema, it’s quite obvious this guy has such an archaic and 100% elitist view of what “real cinema” is (I still wonder why he made the unrealistic, mediocre Hugo since it was anything but a complex human story). In past interviews, he has admitted that he doesn’t like to watch new films, and on top of that he’s used the good ol’ “kids these days don’t know anything” rhetoric. Predictably, he’s using the same desperate arguments against superhero films AND their audiences. “Kids may consider them cinema, but...” ugh. Bearing that in mind, OF COURSE he’s gone after superhero cinema. These films dare to not be a hardcore reflection of grim reality , and so essentially they are everything he detests about cinema, which is... escapism. What’s more, previously he said that he “tried” giving them a chance. Knowing how he feels about certain cinema and modern films in general, though, I call bs on that (I have since day 1). In fact, in a recent interview he straight up said he’s only watched two comic films. TWO! What a shocker! It’s so surprising considering how “in-depth” and “specific” he’s been when he’s criticized these “theme park” films rather than make generalizations. *eye roll* So while clearly he was never going to give these film snob-disapproved escapist films a fair chance, after he admitted he’s only seen two of them (from Marvel or DC, it makes no difference to him) his ill-conceived and preposterous op-ed he wrote about superhero films looks more pathetic than ever. Mostly “real” cinema fans may believe and agree with everything that denigrating Marty spews. But, the real truth is he’s not sounding like a fair-minded individual who knows what he’s talking about — he is as snobbish and clueless as it gets. Seriously, he watched only 2 of these films (they might’ve been from the 90’s, for all you know!), he felt he saw everything this side of cinema had to offer, and so now he’s out there smugly proclaiming that CBM’s are “all the same thing” and they lack real human emotion. Wow, that’s real rich coming from a guy whose beloved wise guy/crime movies are filled with abhorrent characters that are anything but complex. Now lol, he comes out with his 50th mob film that’s a love letter... to himself. XD ’Well-made as it is, Irishman has NOTHING new to offer. All the overused Scorsese tropes are there and it’s like... yea, I’ve seen this already. Originality! Characters shouting and acting intense? That ain’t deep nor complex. The film is also self-indulgently long! (My favorite gangster film is “Once Upon a Time in America”, and I dig the extended cut that’s over four hours long, so spare me the short attention span bs.) His ONGOING war on superhero films is just sad, boring, and childish! But hey, the gang is all back together making a film that's again dedicated to one-dimensional goons, so let’s be in awe! Tony Stark>>>>>> Jake LaMotta, Jordan Belfort, Frank Sheehan, Hoffa, Tommy DeVito, Henry Hill, Bill da Butcher, etc. It was Michael. And he was freaking out over what was happening to him, so it makes sense if he was acting irrationally. Having said that, perhaps Michael began to suspect that Star led him on because she had bad intentions — he would be correct as David intended Michael to be Star’s first kill - and so he probably felt that she was just as responsible as David was for what was happening to him. His anger was justified. As for not buying that the “whine” was blood? He likely thought David and the group were messing with him. And why wouldn’t he. I for one have always been interested in the idea of a Black Widow solo film (Overdue? I’m happy it’s coming out now), and so I’ve definitely been looking forward to this film and hoping for the best. With that in mind, man... this badass trailer has raised my excitement level! It frankly looks like it’s everything I want it to be. [i]So good.[/i] [b]BOSS[/b] Easily my favorite Bond (that’s right). I’m betting the two of them will remain in the MCU for at least another 5-6 years. (Another decade? I don’t see that as an unlikely thing myself, to be honest.) I would’ve hesitated to say that about Ruffalo a few months back, but now it appears that he - along with Hemsworth - is indeed planning on staying around in the MCU. In fact, he’s already having discussions with Feige (pitching stories to him to be exact) about Hulk’s future in the MCU, so that’s great to know. Whatever happens, all I know is both actors should stay for as long as they desire. After all, their characters are in more interesting places than ever before. View all replies >