The Finale (spoilers)

I enjoyed the whole season and I guess they had to end it this way, if they want to keep the future seasons in the same universe. And so they used the reset button trope as announced.

And we got the biggest Happy End in AHS ever?!?

And I feel conflicted... I am happy that almost everyone lives and not happy at the same time ;)

But it was an episode full of tension and on top we got Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange making appearances.

So overall. Great finale - looking forward to the next season!


No. I disagree. In my opinion, it was predictable and disappointing.

The irony here is that they had arguably THEE most fun premise ever to work with. They had already established characters to build on and a wealth of possibilities. But it feels like the writer's hearts just weren't in this season. I think they had a rough outline for a beginning, middle and end. They really only had 1 unpredictable turn, and that was how the story shifted following episode 3. But everything after that was pure filler. Yes, we got some fan servicey backstory that was fun, but after a few episodes, it became clear that it was mostly unnecessary and really just a lazy way to fill in the gaps until the finale. I mean just look at all of the extraneous scenes (Coco demonstrating her useless power, Michael's entire Sojourn episode) and juxtapose it against the running times. The majority of the episodes this season were under 40 minutes. The writers were clearly rushing through this. I have no problem with them doing a short, tight, focused season with shorter episode running times. But not if it's entirely predictable, full of extraneous scenes and lacking any scares.

Stray observations:
-With the ease of resurrection...multiple times, it also felt like there were no stakes.
-Michael's standoff on the stairs with the witches reminded me of Dark Phoenix from X3: The Last Stand. I kept yelling at the screen, "Do something already. Just burn their souls to the ground." There was a bit too much inconsistency with how characters utilized their powers. Especially Michael.
-So I guess Michael can be killed by an SUV as long as he hasn't had Warlock training yet? That seemed weird to me.
-I would have loved a scene between Michael and Satan in hell after his death. Maybe with Satan played by Denis O'Hare, with him saying something like..."I'm going to give you another shot up there. Just don't fuck it up this time." It would have been a better setup for the Antichrist's rebirth at the end.


I can't argue most of your points. I would have wished for a few different turn-outs too.

But I had so much fun watching it - that I liked it anyway. Maybe because they relied so much
on well known and beloved characters.

I enjoyed it far more than Hotel and Cult.

The cutback to 10 episodes was good decisions imho. Earlier Seasons dragged a lot.


Im in the minority in that I loved Hotel. I couldn't stand Roanoke and Cult.


I didn't hate Hotel - it had great moments. But it dragged and the who-is-it-twist was no twist at all - so there was no build up for me.

But I loved Roanoke! Loved it when the actors and "real" persons went back to the house.

But that is a good thing for AHS. The Seasons are so different that everybody finds something to hate or to love.

At least most can agree on Season 2 being the best ;)



Horrible Finale....

In fact, every single thing about this season was bad except Episodes 4 through 6 where The crossover/backstory takes place which was AMAZING

But as for The Story Of The "Apocalypse" ....It was horribly written....The first 3 Episodes where Unless....

then starting with 7 through 10, when it finally explained everything....It was some of the worst writing ever...

The explanation for The Robot was absurd, The way the world ended was even stupider, The World leaders all sold thier soul to the devil and Just did what Michael said ?


Michael had zero character, He was manipulated by everyone, He only ended the world by being tricked into it...

I far as I'm concerned, They just didnt have any good idea for The "Apocalypse"...didnt have any good ideas for why and how the world would end....and it resulted in completely absurd writing....

The Crossover episodes were so damn good too...Its a shame..


was it ever explained why the people at the beginning were being picked for thier Genetics?

was it ever explained who wrote the "666" on the mirror...

and Total Bummer there was no follow up on The Monsters teased in the first episodes that killed the horses...

Hated the ending, Theres was no need to start The story over again and have another Anti-christ....Just go with the happy ending

so disappointed by the "Time" and "way" Mallory went back to kill Michael....I was hoping for something really clever something that would change things

Maybe she went back to right before Tate raped Viven and Killed or Banished Tate....stopping the rape from happening, thus stopping Micheal from even being born, This would have been a GAME changer and could have Changed everything in Murder House

Instead we got nothing special, and talk about the son of the devil Dying pretty easy and Lame....Run over by car....she didnt even get out to make sure he was dead....LAZY WRITING...No worse Just plain CANT THINK of A good story....

Obvisiously this is just My Opinion, I'm a huge AHS fan...I'm for me, I'm very disappointed....

I'm glad you enjoyed it though....

I enjoyed Episodes 4,5 and 6 ....In fact I probably enjoyed them most out of the entire series....

I just was beyond let down by everything else


I was wondering about the car killing too. I am going to say if i had to guess something that Michael had not come into his full power yet and accepted Satan as his Lord and father. He was unaware of who he was yet despite his mean tendencies. Because he had not come into his own yet of knowing and accepting who he was he had no powers yet and no ability to regenerate himself. Long haired Michael would not have been killed by the car.


I was disappointed with the 'Happy Ending' for the witches.

and both posters above me pretty much summed up all that I also disliked about the finale: Specially the constant use of Resurrection, so dying is not really much of an issue for the witches.


I enjoyed the season, but it was way too rushed. Also, to have Michael meet his end in such a's just not too believable considering how evil he was. But I did enjoy the season, maybe not the first 3 episodes, but it got better.


It seems to me like ryan and the writers ONLY had a vision and Idea for Micheal and How he came the anti-christ..... thats why Episodes 4-6 were so good, I bet Ryan had been thinking about Michael's future for Years and had great ideas for how he was raised.....

But unfortunately They didnt have a good idea for The Apocalypse....

The first 3 Episodes is basically Pointless, Thats why the entire cast could be killed off with out effecting the story, So really what that means was They were Filler episodes, The didnt have enough story....

In the end, The entire Apocalypse "story" was told in 3 Episodes....Episodes 7 -9 was The complete story of how,why and who caused the Apocalypse...

IMO This season would have been much better if it was titled "Origins:The Anti-Christ"....

because thats the story Ryan wanted to tell....and thats was by far the best part of the season...

It should have been a complete season around Michael's upbringing and Rise to the Anti-Christ...

The Apocalypse Storyline was simply way to small, Not well written and you could tell it was not the story Ryan wanted to tell...


I agree. Or just call it AHS: Anti-Christ. And even then, I was a bit put off by how at how emo they made Michael. Some of the later backstory eps made him look too gullible for my liking.


I've watched the season more than once now...I enjoyed it quite a bit, it was just a fun season for me to get to see the witches again. But anyway, I totally agree with you about Michael. In watching it again, there are times when Michael was so dense and like you said, gullible it makes me wonder if he really was the Anti-Christ. I just pictured a character that would present to be a force to be reckoned with and that wasn't Michael. They made him too human if you ask me and not that smart of a human. And in the end, it wasn't really him who brought about the apocalypse, it was those two coke heads.


One other thing that bothered me about this season was that the Anti-Christ really didn't bring about the apocalypse, those two dipshits with the bad hairstyles did (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum). It just seems like they took some of the power away from Michael at that point by making him so indecisive and troubled and then they put it all in those two.


I'm not really sure this was a good season. It seemed like more of a nod to the fans to bring back characters and give people a little nostalgia, which is a weird concept for a show that was suppose to make your skin crawl ( at least that was the feeling I got from season 1). More to the point, it took season one that ended with some solid tragedy, and lightened it up so that it was all happy endings, which destroyed the complexity of that entire 1st season. It also took all the teeth of the Coven season out by bringing Misty out of hell.

It seemed like Apocalypse/Antichrist should have been the darkest of all of the seasons, and instead it was pretty much happy endings all around. This felt like a farewell season that was dedicated to the fans, except it probably missed the mark on what a lot of the fans really wanted out of it.


But there weren't really any happy endings for Murder House. When Mallory went back in time, she changed that. And that for many fans is kind of sad. Moira never got released and Tate and Violet never made up. So the tragedy of Murder House was put back in place.


Right, but the hopelessness of the situation is gone. We now know that a witch with a free afternoon on their hands can take care of it.
My main point was the way it was left at the end of season 1 was jarring and impact full. Now the last thing we saw was this fluffy happy moment, and it can't be unseen.

And the story never came back to give us that gut wrenching feeling as it relates to murder house resorting back. So yeah, you might think well that sucks, but its not like it was before... At least that's how I feel about it.


This season is the worst. Started out good, but as soon as the witches came in, it became dumb. Lost interest very quickly.