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I went with low expectation after the trailers... Loved it! So - no Snap at all Thank you HBO for an excellent show! Great finale Discussing Timelines (spoilers) Will Catelyn finally rise from the dead? If she supposedly lies in The Crypta® What kind of year is Disney planning? Biggest Box Office ever? A New Hope for Futurama? Good Movie - but one thing bothered me a lot View all posts >


And the Bluray is great too --- just for the CAST and CREW Version of Hollywood Ending in the Specials ;) He said always just enough to steer things in the right direction. For example: He set up the trap for the Nightking - by telling Jon that he is after him - with the outcome of Arya being able to make the final stroke. I don't know your standards... but the Dragons were amazing. Maybe you should avoid the Fantasy Genre all together ;) Wish I could argue with that - but I haven't seen any of it. Not so into Mafia / Gangster stuff. A wonder I watched Breaking Bad. After 12 Years Sheldon had it finally coming ;) Loved the slap! But the point was, they weren't prepared to abandon him/them - they were just angry but changed their minds. It was the finale puzzle piece to Sheldons grow as a person. Worked very well for me. The only thing I didn't like, was Amy crying because of her picture - that was out of character - and missed the point of a woman winning the nobel --- still all about the looks ... They could have found another motivation for her makeover. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ist part of the MCU and they already had this one: [url][/url] Really liked him, don't know what happened to him, and why he isn't on the show anymore. Bran planned to lure the Nightking to him being defended by Theon and expose himself in the end making the Nightking feel save ... until Arya happened. That wasn't a coincidence. Oh you are right, I forgot that about Rob: [url][/url] But what about Catelyn? Did they show her mutilated too? We just saw her throat got slit ... otherwise I don't remember what happened to her body. Rob could be down there too --- Or Starks and maybe Catelyn too are immun to the Knight King and return conscious ... That would be a major turn of events ... View all replies >