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Why did she have to die over and over in this time loop? Disney is just crazy I went with low expectation after the trailers... Loved it! So - no Snap at all Thank you HBO for an excellent show! Great finale Discussing Timelines (spoilers) Will Catelyn finally rise from the dead? If she supposedly lies in The Crypta® What kind of year is Disney planning? Biggest Box Office ever? View all posts >


There is an Enterprise Episode featuring Borgs which kind of explains this in a wibbiliy wobbily timeloop scenario. Season 1 of the OA was great - I would suggest not to watch season 2 - it can't compare to season 1 - and (spoilers:) season 2 ends on a cliffhanger, that will never be resolved... because Netflix canceled the show! Season 1 is great as a standalone and has an ambitious ending. At least Legion came full circle - although we never found out, how the world ended and why it was Davids fault. But she didn't stay - because she realized what you said. Haven't you seen till the end? ;) Even so the Orville really grew on me - it just feels more like the old '90 Star Trek because it copied so much from it. Still very enjoyable to watch! But Discovery is great too. Hoping for a Pike-Spin off, now ;) So you stopped watching with only 5 episodes left? After watching already over 20? And you missed the season 2 finale - which was great? Or did you just stop after the conclusion of season 2 ? If so --- I did too - but just because there are no more episodes left. The Orville really grew on me - even so - many concepts where directly taken / copied from TNG - but the cast is great and it is just so enjoyable to watch. And I like Discovery too. Great to have good SciFi with high production value back on the TV (including the Expanse). Yes - Mack mentioning "5 years" had my interest too. But this whole season doesn't fit in the MCU anymore. Not all of them would have been bleeped - but no one mentioned anything - no reference to anybody vanishing or coming back. And the timings don't add up. Simmons started searching for Fitz right at the end of the last season in which they mentioned Thanos attacking earth and she was searching for a few month at the start of this season. Maybe its been 5 years since Yo-Yo joined the team? Sad - they didn't use the snap in the show - and set themselves apart now. 1 Buffy (+Angel) 2 Xena 3 Star Trek TNG 4 Damages 5 Game of Thrones (Yes, even after S8) ;) And the Bluray is great too --- just for the CAST and CREW Version of Hollywood Ending in the Specials ;) He said always just enough to steer things in the right direction. For example: He set up the trap for the Nightking - by telling Jon that he is after him - with the outcome of Arya being able to make the final stroke. I don't know your standards... but the Dragons were amazing. Maybe you should avoid the Fantasy Genre all together ;) View all replies >