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Good Movie - but one thing bothered me a lot I finally learned why Discovery is so different from Original Canon! The Ending (spoilers) No Posts?!??! For such a great show!?!? "The Dalek Fleet" - Doctor Who and Continuity... This new twist (spoiler) It lacked the Aftermath It's growing on me - and I find myself laughing a lot. I guess SyFy will regret - Good production value - but a plot View all posts >


One Season and a second season already announced. Just rewatched it. Still entertaining. And even though I had all the crap in my mind so-called fanboys criticized this movie for - I still liked it. Not my favourite movie - but it had a few good unforseen twists the first time and enjoyable acting, sets and action the second time. 7/10 for me. It was boring because it was 75% gangster slang and had almost no interesting characters - why not give us normal working class black/white people instead of boring gangsters. Thank you. My thoughts exactly. The only thing I liked was, that people were actually not really participating - and had to be forced to do it. Makes more sense to me, as opposed to many people going on a killing spree insteadly. But - by far the worst of the 4 movies and a lot worse than the show. The right and sadly foreseeable thing. That Ty would be the reason for Isaac to turn against his own people was the weakest come-out. Guess everybody expected that - and he even stays on The Orville - I wouldn't feel comfy around him anymore... Now that everybody knows that his sad blue eyes are just gleaming guns ;) But anyway. It was a very enjoyable episode. Much darker than anyone would have expected from The Orville. Of course there would be enough space in space - but from what I got - Isaacs people don't believe humanoids and other lifeforms will let them in "peace" and will always go back to violent behavior sooner or later. So kill them all or maybe taking earth as a hostage is their long time solution. And they are affected by the war they had with their creators. I really didn't like all the changes that didn't really fit into canon - but to call the authors idiots --- no too far. I had a good time watching Discovery - they had a few great twists and the production value is among the highest of all current TV-Shows. I also like the Orville - but - to be honest - it is a brash copy of Star Trek up to story lines and characters. It is not funny enough to be a parody and most of the time not serious or deep enough to be drama. They haven't figured out, what they want to be. And for sure they need more original ideas. It feels like Star Trek Fan-Fiction - like Seth MacFarlene wanted to be Kirk or Picard, and build a show around it. At least an enjoyable one, but still just an inferior copy. Sorry for me being late on this Discussion ;) I guess anybody who doesn't work at CBS or Universal has a hard time to get to know the whole truth. But even though I like Discovery the video offers an explanation why the show feels strangely off not just in regards to the updated USS Enterprise Design but to so many Canon changes. - And why the show was set before original Star Trek anyways - so they are closer to what was created and licensed for the new movies. And so that they wouldn't have to deal with the shows they assumedly can't really use. Season 2 tries at least to get back to the old canon in some points. - Pike ordering the holo communications ripped out of Enterprise (but what with all the other ships over the next 100 years?) - Spore drive violates alien living space and has to be put down - Klingons have hair and look a little bit more like the "usual" ones. But I'm sure, the producers of Discovery would never openly admit or allow anyone to say, that they are not 100% canon with the classic shows. That would hurt them a lot. I like her character - but letting her "win" the marathon and having her have her best time ever - after stopping and chatting a while with her "friend" made really no sense at all. How bad was she before? ;) I guess they wanted to portray over the top New York hipsters to 1. make fun of it 2. to have Nadia and Alans live even more in contrast to each others Nadia wasn't supposed to be too likable - with all her drug abuse and stuff - I think. Alan was there to calm her down and she to electrify his live. Worked for me. View all replies >