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"The Dalek Fleet" - Doctor Who and Continuity... This new twist (spoiler) It lacked the Aftermath It's growing on me - and I find myself laughing a lot. I guess SyFy will regret - Good production value - but a plot Finally great. King James! Will this make 1 Billion + The Finale (spoilers) View all posts >


Why would you click on a post "did you cry" without expecting to learn why / or people to talking about the reasons? I enjoyed season 2 but they should have come to ep 12/13 story wise half through the season. Season 1 was so varied and full of ideas - keeping season 2 mostly to two locations was a bit of a downer. Still - it is a show like no other. Hopefully they get renewed. I'm almost through the second season and find it quite entertaining and catching. But they took out the most fun part of season 1 - the timetraveling and changing things. (haven't seen eps 10-13 yet) That's a shame. Hope this comes back in Season 3. But anyhow - there is no TV-Show like it out there - so I'm happy with what we got. Haven't watched colony - but definitely The Expanse! But - I enjoyed Dark Matter very much - it is a shame this got cancelled and Killjoys survived. It's definitely not one of my favorites, but I enjoyed it very much. It looked gorgeous at times and had a great fantasy plot. Would have watched a sequel! And the prospect of a Starcraft or Diablo movie sounds thrilling. A shame it didn't do well. But that is part of the humor too. I laughed really hard when they told the pageboy at the resort to get the baby out of the car and then he forgot it and nobody really cared ;) Or her best friends baby in the drawer at the hospital - so strange and funny for today standards. I watched The Nanny. So I felt perfectly prepared ;) Yes. I absolutely loved it. Couldn't stop watching. The whole show is such a treasure and perfectly produced. Acting, writing, sets, costumes and the perfect cast for every part. Can't believe we have to wait a whole year for it to come back. Maybe based on the pilot - but as a whole no. The pilot was quite bad. You had to watch more episodes to begin to like it. And the show walks a thin line - not enough comedy to count as comedy not serious enough to be real drama. Still I enjoyed most episodes. The alien who gave Bortus the pornvirus looked great. Was surprised to see such a non-human looking creature on board of the orville. Hope he comes back :) View all replies >