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There are plenty of better ideas for how it should have ended out there. Ideas for a continuation? Dany was right about wanting to attack Kings Landing at the start of season 7 Qyburn went out like a bitch So...why didn't Dany do that to Euron's fleet last week? My takeaways from the last episode: Shouldn't Bucky be the next Cap? Richard Brake was the superior Night King But where is HOTPIE?!?! Jaime should have been the one... View all posts >


Well yeah, if they had known Disney was going to eat up Fox they probably would have. Side note: I think this film has the best score of any of the films I just saw it and first of all, it is WAYYYYY better than anyone is giving it credit for. I thought it was actually a strong movie to go out on. Definitely better than the previous film and the Last Stand. Second, it doesn't necessarily contradict anything in the DOFP epilogue. The name change of the school is probably something that we just didn't see in the DOFP ending. And this movie takes place in 1992. There's about a 40-year gap between DP and DOFP. Plenty of time for Charles and Jean to come back at some point. It had nothing to do with his status. And he wasn't a commoner, he was still considered warden of the north. He was a prisoner because 1.) The army still held KL and was still loyal to Dany (even in death obviously) and 2.) He committed treason when he killed her since he had pled fealty to Danaerys Cool story bro Agreed She's not actually disappointed. She is shilling for the show that made her career. But she can say whatever the hell she wants. And I can call her a dumb entitled bitch. And I've listened to her on audio commentaries for GOT Blu-rays, she really does sound like an ignorant tween with ADHD. So marrying Joe Jonas is probably a very good match. The fans are allowed to be as pissed as they want to be, including signing petitions. I haven't seen anyone who hated the ending, bitching about the cast and crew, just the writing. The fans made this show a hit and its cast/showrunners millionaires. Petitions may be an act of futile self-therapy, but so what? We all deal with disappointment in our own way. Disrespectful? The fans MADE this fucking show. What a dumb entitled bitch Followed by a campaign of revenge. Sure, but the two idiots running the show are not involved in any of the spinoffs. And in my vision for a continuation, they wouldn't be involved in this either. View all replies >