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I agree. Or just call it AHS: Anti-Christ. And even then, I was a bit put off by how at how emo they made Michael. Some of the later backstory eps made him look too gullible for my liking. Im in the minority in that I loved Hotel. I couldn't stand Roanoke and Cult. Maybe Emily was raped by some other malevolent ghost at some point during her marriage. Tim may not be the father. No. I disagree. In my opinion, it was predictable and disappointing. The irony here is that they had arguably THEE most fun premise ever to work with. They had already established characters to build on and a wealth of possibilities. But it feels like the writer's hearts just weren't in this season. I think they had a rough outline for a beginning, middle and end. They really only had 1 unpredictable turn, and that was how the story shifted following episode 3. But everything after that was pure filler. Yes, we got some fan servicey backstory that was fun, but after a few episodes, it became clear that it was mostly unnecessary and really just a lazy way to fill in the gaps until the finale. I mean just look at all of the extraneous scenes (Coco demonstrating her useless power, Michael's entire Sojourn episode) and juxtapose it against the running times. The majority of the episodes this season were under 40 minutes. The writers were clearly rushing through this. I have no problem with them doing a short, tight, focused season with shorter episode running times. But not if it's entirely predictable, full of extraneous scenes and lacking any scares. Stray observations: -With the ease of resurrection...multiple times, it also felt like there were no stakes. -Michael's standoff on the stairs with the witches reminded me of Dark Phoenix from X3: The Last Stand. I kept yelling at the screen, "Do something already. Just burn their souls to the ground." There was a bit too much inconsistency with how characters utilized their powers. Especially Michael. -So I guess Michael can be killed by an SUV as long as he hasn't had Warlock training yet? That seemed weird to me. -I would have loved a scene between Michael and Satan in hell after his death. Maybe with Satan played by Denis O'Hare, with him saying something like..."I'm going to give you another shot up there. Just don't fuck it up this time." It would have been a better setup for the Antichrist's rebirth at the end. Or just a simple, "So you took over for Loomis?" The other problem with her line was that it came off as pretty dismissive of Loomis. A guy who saved her life. Yes, it was awkward and a little too meta. It would have made more sense if she said something like, "So you're Loomis' successor?" or something along those lines. I LOVED IT. And I hardly ever say that Fair enough. It's not going to work for everyone. And I suppose you could say the same thing about Madison not noticing that Constance looks exactly like the late Fiona Goode. I definitely agree that Billie was an affectation. She didn't need to be there. Let's face it, this whole season has been fan service and at times I feel more like I have been watching a season of Buffy rather than AHS. But since I actually loved Buffy and I really like Cody Fern and Kathy Bates this season, I am still invested. But I really want them to start getting to the conflict. Because so far we've had 6 episodes of exposition. Its called suspension of disbelief. At least they don't have Billie Dean and Cordelia in the same scene. I think (when viewing this in crossover terms) you need to look at the cast as though you were watching a stage play. Actors playing multiple characters on the same stage. If they are good enough at acting and creating characters distinct enough from their other characters, then they've done their job well. If it doesn't work for you then I would say that the actor failed to convince you of the distinction they were hoping to create. It doesn't really distract me. If they had these characters playing against each other in the same scene, that might be too much of a stretch for me. No. Cult is the worst. Roanoke is the 2nd worst. I've enjoyed this season so far (it's not without some flaws) but I can hardly rank it when only half the season has aired. View all replies >