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Biggest disappointment? 2017 Alien. 2018 Predator. 2019 Terminator ^^^ Terminator 2015 lol complete trainwreck They tried to pull a "JJ Abrams Star Trek 09" and Change/create a new the timeline, and IMO it failed as badly as you can possibly fail, starting With Picking A Terrible Director in Alan Taylor... If there was any hope of Genisys working...It needed an Elite Director....its just laughable they picked Taylor. This film is garbage pathetic shit and worst film im this decade ^^^ Thats your opinion(Not actually, Your ONLY saying that to copy Andre) but what makes me laugh is the reality that JOKER has turned into a complete NIGHTMARE for YOU and your trolling IDEAL Andre and the reason why is....Joker's Success cements WBs stance of going away from a cinematic Universe and The NOW DEAD DCEU for the last 6 months, Andre has gone on daily rants bitching "We dont want no fake Joker solo movie, Real DC want a shared Cinematic Universe, WB we want Affleck and Cavil back" and repeatedly claimed "Nobody cares about some "coker" Joker movie" and That "WB needs to stop listening to fake DC fans and stick with the shared universe" annnnnnnnnnnnd, I'm sorry, But Joker's success is complete and utter DEATH Blow to those thoughts Andre was expecting and claimed "Real DC fans would boycott the movie and wanted nothing to do with it" and Instead the exact Opposite happened, "DC fans" showed up in FULL Force and LOVE IT there can be no worse outcome for YOU and Your Ideal a "DCEU" obsessed fanatic, This is YOUR worst nightmare realized before Joker's INSANE success, You already had the DEATH of the DCEU....Snyder was demoted and then Fired, 3 other "Bosses" were hired and fired to run the DCEU branch, finally ending with Hamada, who immediately announced a complete "course correction" where they were now focusing on "Solo films" and "Lower budget DC films"...all future DC films Literally have NOTHING to due with Snyder's DCEU, Most properties have been recast and Rebooted, Affleck Recast,Batman Rebooted, Cavil Out, Superman Rebooted(rumored to be direct by JJ Abrams), Will Smith Recast, Leto Recast/Universally hated so Much he'll never play the role again, Suicide Squad 2 rebooted, Wonder Woman 1984 intentionally set in 84 so it has no ties to the FAILED DCEU and The DCEU was completely DEAD before Joker Now Its DEAD and BURIED! for you and Andre, you had 1 hope You needed "DC fans" to back up what Andre DELUSIONALLY have any chance at ever seeing anything that remotely resembled "Snyder's DCEU" again....You didnt Joker to flop, you need "DC fans" to actually show WB "NO we dont want this Joker Solo movie" WB and Hamada going into Joker were on "Course correction", They believed steering away from "Big, Shared Universe" DC films and Going for smaller, focused,solo films was the answer......Joker just completely and Unequivocally CEMENTED that Position. In the end, the reason why YOU and Andre Hate The Joker is NOT because you dont like the movie..... The reason why You HATE this movie is because Its very Existence confirms and reminds you The DCEU is DEAD The reason why You and Andre Hate The New upcoming Matt Reeves "The Batman" Is Not Because you think its going to be awful.....You Hate it be cause Its very Existence confirms and reminds you The DCEU is DEAD, The reason why You Hated The announcement of Pattinson as The New Batman, Is NOT because you think he's going to be a bad Batman, You Hated it Because The second you read the announcemt you and Andre finally had to give up your delusions and accept Affleck is out as Batman and THE DCEU is really DEAD annnnnd the best part about this is.....Its 1000% "DC fans" fault...If you and Andre were right, if "DC fans really didnt care about this "coker" Joker solo movie"....If Andre was Right about "DC fans want Affleck, Cavill and Leto back and wants the DCEU shared Universe back" DC fans could have easily PULLED A "Star Wars fans" and just Boycotted the movie like Star Wars fans did with SOLO Star Wars fans were so angry and so disgusted by what Disney had done with Their movies, SW fans Literally put their money where their mouths were and BOYCOTTED SOLO and caused it to FLOP If there was even anything remotely true about Andre's Delusional rants about "DC fans dont care about The New Wackquin Phoenix Joker movie" then DC fans could have done it.... Instead, we got unequivocal proof that YOU and Andre's Rants are just Delusions When DC fans Showed up in FULL force in support for the new Joker movie making it such an astonishingly success It Literally Cements WB's "Course correction" and BURIES the already DEAD DCEU.... in the end, You can claim "Joker is Garbage" all you want, But your only saying that because of The absolute DEVASTATION you are feeling because Joker's INSANE Success is The absolute WORST possible outcome for YOU and your DEAD and now Buried DCEU No internet access, huh? ^^^ lol Queen you've seen My posts....I type extremely long posts, I'm not doing that on a phone.... Why PM? ^^^ because as I said, you forfeited the right to ask for "Proof" of anything, You are a KNOWN, Caught disappear from every single board the moment all your predictions fail .... The fact that you want "Proof" of why I was missing from a board is beyond absurd when YOU are THE KING of doing what you are accusing me of... If anyone else actual reads this and thinks "Ummmm I think Bill is Lying, I'd like to see Proof and Pictures of where he went"...I'd be more than happy to show them through a PM ...Basically it comes down to Your Opinion just doesnt matter to me....I dont care if YOU THINK I'm Lying, but If someone else looks at the situation and thinks "Hey that looks fishy, I'd like to see pictures" I dont mind providing proof for them so they know I'm not lying the movie so much and am too astonished by Joaquin Phoenix's performance, I would LOVED to see a Sequel, hopefully with Phillips back writing and directing, or would love to see Joaquin Phoenix's Joker in a future Matt Reeves Batman film. So not only am I not upset by Joker's success, But I actually am really hoping for more success But I can completely admit to being quite Disappointed by Queen....My goal on this board is to HAUNT Queen...especially with DC films and While I can still add Joker to Queens list of DC FAILURES since Queen once again Over Projected Joker's box office when he changed his predicted to a 70 Million 2nd and a 400 M total domestic Gross..I do have to give him credit for his 1st prediction which he got so close on... I was hoping for a MISS like Queen had on Justice League where he predicted a 150 M OW...then changed to 133 M, then changed to 115 M, then changed to 100 M....then disappeared when JL came in under 95 M....Or when Queen guaranteed JL was "red hot" coming off Wonder Woman and would easily beat Thor 3 and top 1 Billion Or Aquaman when Queen predicted a 133 M OW and Predicted Aquaman to a 400 M Jumanji type run Or Shazam When Queen Guaranteed a 75 M OW but then changed it to Near 100 M....and Then Guaranteed Shazam would top both AM1 and AM2 and would top 250 M domestically and 625 Million World Wide The DC films have brought Queen Truly nothing but failure and embarrassment and that has been to my great JOY....but Unfortunately I do have to admit, Joker has been much Kinder to Queen and Yes that does make me sad....While I'm happy Joker is doing great, I cant help but be slightly "Unhappy" its not Bringing failure and embarrassment to Queen like usual luckily though Queen did changed his prediction from The very Good "57 to 62 M 2nd weekend" to coming back and predicting Joker was heading toward a "70 M 2nd Weekend and 400 M domestic total" so at least I got that....luckily Queen sabotaged himself Billbrown, the resident man-child how it must truly hurt to see the people you hate the most(DC fans and of course Queen)to have something truly successful that they can enjoy... and don't bother denying it makes you salty inside cause than you're just bullshitting yourself... just man up and admit it. ^^^ Joker was is my 2nd favorite film of 2019... I'm on record since Joker came out thats its A MONSTER HIT...I havent remotely said 1 negative thing about it....Instead, All I've done is praise the film and its box office On the other hand I can admit to being "upset" that Queen wasnt "more wrong"....Usually Queen Disastrously MISSES on DC films and unfortunately this time, He made a very Good Prediction that turned out to be very close I think you may need to look into my history a little better. If you did, You might find, I actually LOVE DC and dont Wish their films to do bad Instead, My hatred for Queen overflows into DC films Because Queen likes to Troll and over praise and Over estimate DC films, I do find myself then pointing out and making fun of The DC films for Not making as much as Queen predicted...But I do that ONLY because I hate Queen and want to make fun of Queens awful predictions, Not because I actual wanted the DC films to fail I am not a fan of Snyder's DCEU films....and I feel very strongly about them, but again not because of a BIASED, But because how astonishingly disappointing they were, for me, BvS and Justice League were 2 of my 3 most anticipated movies of all time, these werent normal movies, They were once in a lifetime films, and for me They were literally WORST possible films, I do talk very negatively about BvS and JL, but its because of my extreme anger and disappointment. but other than that, again I think you need to look at my history again... The Dark Knight is tied with The Avengers and Logan for IMO the #1 greatest CBM of all time. Joker Is #7 On My top 10 favorite CMM's Wonder Woman,Man Of Steel, The Dark Knight Rise and Batman Begins are all in My top 15. I long had the opinion The Dark Knight Trilogy was the best CBM trilogy of all time, until recently when for me personally I have The Captain America Trilogy Now just a shade ahead, but I still fully recognize the Majority consensus has TDK Trilogy as the greatest. I've seen every DC movie(except Shazam) in Theaters since 2005 I own Complete a set of Justice League from 1 to 251 I have a near complete set of Flash from 108 to 350 complete set of Green Lantern 1 to 245 Very complete Silver Age Runs of Batman, Detective Comics,Superman and Action Comics. I own every DC movie on Blu Ray or Digital Bottom Line...I love DC.... I just have a deep hatred for Queen and 2 of Snyders DCEU films... Not only does Joker's success not bother me, I'm loving and hoping for even greater success, after watching Joker, I found myself astonished by Joaquin Phoenix(I felt his performance in Joker was Possibly one of the best Performances I've ever seen), But it also made want to watch other films with him, I went back a rewatched "Walk The Line" a few weeks ago.....I remember watching this movie a few times when it came out and thought it was good, But Man after watching this time, I was blown away, IMO Joaquin Phoenix absolutely should have won an Oscar for Walk the Line, I'm now FULLY hoping he wins the Oscar for Joker, I not only feel he deserves it for Joker but also feel he deserved one for Walk the Line....I also want Joker to somehow creep over the 1 Billion + Mark... right now Joker is a run away grand slam, But i feel If these 2 things were to happen If Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar and Joker got to 1 Billion it would FORCE WB to find a way to either make a sequel to Joker or Get Joaquin Phoenix's Joker in Matt Reeves upcoming Batman Universe. I completely get and understand why so many people want Joker to be a stand alone and Not make any sequel....But for me, I loved I've been waiting for 24 hours for you to give me the date and location of the comic convention that kept you from posting two Sundays ago. You said I'm lying about our little exchange two weekends ago and I KNOW you are this will go a long way to putting this to bed. Dates and location of this comic convention, please? ^^^ Queen as I've told you before, You've forfeited the right to ever ask me for proof.... If anyone else thinks I'm lying, and for some reason wants "Proof", feel free to PM and I will provide that "date and Location" and even a few Pictures.. Joker proved a comic book movie can be good and make money ^^^ as others Pointed out, Both Logan and Deadpool already proves that... In fact, If anything I'd say Joker proves more the important of a character driven movie than "Rated R" I dont think Marvel would look at Joker and think "Oh Man we need to make an R Rated Movie"...If Marvel took anything away from Joker it would be the importance of Story telling, and possibly The Idea of Making A Film that is a complete stand alone film... Right now, All MCU films are part of a cinematic Universe and Marvel Studios Will not change that going future, They are having Historic and unprecedented success...But Joker Proves, If Marvel Studios had an Idea for a CBM that didnt take place in their MCU, and The Movie,Script and Idea was good enough, BOTH Joker and Logan prove you can make a film that has nothing to do with an timeline or Cinematic universe and Your core fanbase will still show up.. Don't think it got #1 again... ^^^ I think it Will end up back on Top when Monday's actuals come out Highly impressive run though... ^^^ Joker's run is More than Impressive, Its basically Unprecedented... An R rated Film and cost so little to make, Nearly 1 Billion is just total Insanity. This was an absolute perfect storm of excellent marketing, Iconic character, Oscar worthy Performance by The Lead actor and a Truly Great movie. Its a complete shitshow.... I feel like I just lost a I've gone to that Website Every Sunday for over 18 years now... I hate the new format and truly have no desire to go back to the website again.... Luckily, from what I've read the Hate is Universally and there is massive backlash over...hopefully they might change back I was dead wrong about Joker "having NO/ZERO chance" and saying "It wont Get close" you made a Great 1st prediction, and I was entirely wrong about everything I said..... But you are completely confusing or Lying about the way I used "It wont get close" I saw no possible way of you being right....ZERO....therefor I did not and would not have set a rule set for You to "WIN or be right" I never said "If it gets win" I was 1000% sure Joker Would NOT get close and said that to you... I only ever laid out a rule set for me to win....because I was 1000% sure I was going to Win....and that rule set was "as long as Joker doesnt end up between 57 to 62 M...I win and you lose" Queen you dont need to keep fighting this or lying about this....I'm not claiming I won.... I know when you see this --"as long as Joker doesnt end up between 57 to 62 M...I win and you lose" It looks like you lost...But thats not even remotely what I'm saying...I was so far off and you were so close, I would have 100% considered this A "WIN" for YOU had you not changed your prediction... so dont think I'm claiming "I Won" when I say it, I'm only telling you what I said. you dont need to keep lying or fighting, I'm not claiming just because you were off by 1.5 M that I WON....You Nailed your 1st prediction....You just forfeited the WIN by changing to your 2nd prediction The whole time you were quiet as a church mouse. ^^^ because as I said I was with my step brother and 2 nieces for 5 and 1/2 days out of town at a comic convention Queen think before posting...if your going to use "me disappearing" as prove I was wrong or embarrassment...make sure it makes Why would I need to hide when The exact Information I'm using now could have been used IMMEDIATELY the day after we talked I didnt need to wait 10 days for Jokers box office to give me some kind of excuse Joker didnt hit the 57-62 Million and then 70 Million you predicted 1 day after we had our conversation.... I could have immediately come back and said what Im saying now....I had no reason to hide or be embarrassed...You were just as WRONGas I was 10 days ago from the start...I had no reason to WAIT......EXCEPT.....I was away with family... for example, If you really wanted to suggest I was "embarrassed and Hiding" would need something to point out .... example being, If I came back with some excuse that ONLY just now makes sense...Lets say I had been gone for 12 days, and then came back and started making fun of you because you missed on Joker 4th week box office... The would be a clear indicator, I may have been embarrassed and was upset and waiting for you to be wrong about something with Jokers Box office and then "returned" to now bring up this "New" fail of yours... But that not even close to what happened... I had no reason to "hide or be embarrassed" because you MISSED just as badly as I did....1 day after both of us made our predictions, we both Disastrously MISSED.... lol think before posting.... View all replies >