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Absolutely Incredible Youtube Video... I feel Halle Berry's Character was A MASSIVE Creative Failure... has anyone else realized Theres not going to be another Avengers movie in Phase 4? In Your Opinion are The Russo's now The greatest CBM's Directors of all time? Audience reaction videos on Youtube? Over/Under 155 Million 2nd Weekend? As the dust settles...we are seeing absolutely NO scaleback.(*Wink-Cough-Wink*) Does Anyone want to talk about The fact that A RAT is The savior of The entire MCU? and Universe? UPDATE-List Of box Office Records broken so far from Endgame(350 Million OW record)+ OMG 350 Million dollar OW for Endgame! "A+" cinemacore View all posts >


It was like a 3 stage Wave of Trolling for 3 years... First wave was the announcement of BvS... Second Wave was WB trying to steal the May 6th 2016 release date and the third wave was The announcement of A Slate of DCEU films which DC fans guaranteed would Slaughter the MCU slate of films There is truly no describing the Trolling DC fans did during this time, The claims they made and Behavior they showed... It Made me HATE this particular part of The Fan base.... But THANKFULLY ...This particular fan base GOT The absolute MOST Perfect,deserved and Fitting END as I said No fan base in History Trolled Like DC fans did With BvS and The DCEU films....and Fittingly No fan base in History GOT BURNT like DC fans did with BvS and the DCEU films... Literally every single claim and guarantee they made Went down in burning flames.... BvS turned out to be The trainwrecks of all trainwrecks Hilariously, WB were the ones that ended up "Tucking their tails between their legs and running" when They were forced to move BvS from The May 6th 2016 release. Then Civil War ended up beating BvS in every possible way..... The DCEU slate ended up being 4 out of 7 Awful films...that resulted in Mainly embarrassment and failure where 4 different BOSSES were Hired and fired, WB interfered in Post production of nearly every film trying to "Change and Lighten" tones. and Hilariously The DCEU slate resulted in Nearly Everything failing and being recast and rebooted..... Affleck out, New Batman next Batman film is a complete reboot Cavil out as Superman, WB focusing on Supergirl movies instead of Superman movies Will Smith out as Deadshot Suicide Squad 2 complete reboot Leto out as Joker Complete reboot and new Joker movie with New actor Wonder Woman 2 intentionally set in The 80's to distance itself from The failed Justice League film and characters Justice League franchise DEAD after 1 film after Flopping and Losing 60 Million+ Bottom Line... for me personally...I enjoy rubbing The success of The MCU films and The absolute failure of the DCEU films in Hardcore DC fans faces ... and I enjoy it because.....................They DESERVE IT The behavior they showed during that 3 year stretch was beyond anything anyones ever seen... I actually have seen every DCEU film in theaters...I really like MOS,WW and Aquaman.... There are 4 DC films in My top 10 favorite CBM's....I have Near complete sets of Justice League, Green Lantern, Brave and The Bold, The Flash and Great silver age runs of Batman,Detective Comics,Action comics and Superman I love DC.... But I HATE Hardcore DC fans, or Specifically The DC fans that were responsible for The 2013 to March 25th 2016 Trolling rampage... I think I will probably always take great JOY in Thier misery.....they truly deserve it anyways thats my story.... Do Marvel fanboys get hard-ons from telling everyone over and over again about what a "success" it is and reciting the BO statistics? ^^^ I can only speak for me personally But yes I must admit I do personally get Great sanctification from talking about The MCUs box office Success and The DCEUs absolute failure but, Its not because I'm a hardcore Marvel fan or DC hater... I in fact Love BOTH equally . But I've got a deep hatred for a certain PART of The DC fanbase...which makes me take great joy in their pain and misery... I've been a regular on Forums like this for almost a decade now, Mainly on IMDB... from to 2010 to 2013...I did not feel this way...I enjoyed talking and defending BOTH DC and Marvel Films, I no way tried to say anything bad about either brand.. But something happened in 2013 that simply Made me HATE a certain part of DC fans... When DC/WB announced BvS in the summer of 2013 at comic con....This started the single Biggest and Worst Trolling rampage in The history of The internet where Hardcore DC fans truly engaged in behavior that Is Beyond all description.... simply put, DC fans had been so angry and Jealous at the success of The MCU films from 2008 to 2013, that When It was finally announced that WB was Making a Cinematic Universe with BvS...They Literally LOST their minds ...for the next 3 years they trolled every upcoming BIG movies board claiming BvS would slaughter that movie..They guaranteed Marvel Studios would be shut down by the end of 2016 , They Guaranteed BvS would out gross the Avengers and Then Justice League 1 and 2 would out gross Avatar...they Guaranteed Marvel Studios would never again be able to "Get" a good release date for any of The MCU films because WB would "Muscle" and Steal the Release date from Marvel Studios like they did with BvS and Civil War... In 2014, Marvel Studios had an "Untitled MCU film" scheduled for May 6th 2016 release....WB decided they wanted that release date for BvS, as The first week of May is widely regarded as The Best release date of The year....WB then did something that at the time was quite RARE...and Put BvS on that release date directly against A MCU film...Obviously everyone immediately knew 1 would have to move as It would be Box office Suicide to open them both on The same date...But WB had absolute confidence Marvel Studio would have to move because They simply couldnt compete against a film with the first ever meeting of Batman and Superman... again there are no words to describe what DC fans said and did for the next few months while trolling about this, DC fans were absolutely certain Marvel Studios would be forced to Move Release dates....for them this was going to be their FIRST "Win"...they guaranteed Marvel Studios would have no choice but to" tuck their tail between their legs and Run"...then came the Guarantees that this was the Beginning of The end of Marvel Studios, They Guarantees that this is how WB is going to KILL Marvel Studios and The MCU...WB will now Take all The Great Release dates and Force All of the MCU films to Move to bad release dates...This went on for about 3 months...for DC fans BvS getting The May 6th 2016 release date over an Untitled MCU film was EVERYTHING.... Then came Part 2 of this, WB putting BvS against an Untitled MCU film was actually only The 1st part of the story and of DC fans trolling.... at first, DC were certain Marvel Studios would "run" and BvS would have the May 6th 2016 release to itself. but then Marvel Studios announced that "Untitled MCU film" was going to be "Civil War" with RDJ's IM involved and Marvel Studios 1000% doubled down They were keeping The May 6th 2016 release date .... This started an entirely knew Trolling Era of absolutely Pathetic Behavior where DC fans guaranteed "Marvel Studios were Bluffing and would still be Forced to moved at the last minute"....But If Marvel Studios didnt move, Civil War would be Nothing but a "sacrificial Lamb for BvS" The John Wick Franchise is Officially an A List Franchise... Not only are we going to get more John Wick Movies, But You can guarantee Liongates is going to make John Wick into a Universe and Branch out and start making Spinoffs set in The John Wick assassins Worlds. I was reading an article the other day that now really makes even more sense... In the article they were noting how RARE the success of John Wick is and compares in to The Austin Powers franchise where The Success of The Franchise basically came from The Movies Post Theatrical Run after it Hit on Home Video... The first John Wick was a box office success in Theaters....But The Film completely Took on a NEW life when it hit Blu Ray,streaming and TV....It build such a massive and loyal fanbase which as resulted in The Sequel and Now Part reaching New heights... again Like With The Austin Powers franchise the first did okay box office but the 2nd and 3rd ones became MASSIVE due to The following the1st film got from Its Home release ... Stunningly John Wick has now become an A List Franchise That had an incredibly 57 M OW in A Prime Summer Blockbuster release... I remember watching John Wick 1 the day it came out on Blu Ray...I remember the exact moment in the film I knew I was watching something truly Special... I cant believe a simply Revenge movie has turned into this kind of A List Franchise that has Literally Changed Hollywood.... Yes.... it Will beat Avatar.... and if by "slowing down" you mean having completely normal holds last week and ABOVE average hold this week and weekend...then ya its slowing down.... EG should be at a hold 2.540 Billion By Sunday... By Next sunday it will pass 2.7 B and Then for the rest of its run it will finish in The 2.8 + Billion Range EG should Finish has the highest grossing movie ever World Wide 2nd highest Grossing movie ever domestically with IMO around 870 M+ We wont see another film do this for at least another decade...and Its very possible some of EG records Will never be broken... I find it extremely hard to believe any film will ever have a 1.2 B+ global opening ever again. I guarantee no film will ever TOP the previous opening Weekend record by 100 M...before EG the highest any film ever topped The opening weekend record was like 50 M... IF another film ever does top EGs 357 M OW(which IMO it might take at least a Decade) Theres zero chance it will top by 101 M to break EGs record.. all in all... EG literally exceeded all possible expectations I don't know why you are assuming there will another Avengers film at all. If they do one at all, it should be in about 10 years. I think Kevin Feige already indicated that they would be going smaller and concentrating on solo films where characters sometimes cross over into each others films. That's a smart way to do it. ^^^ agreed with most everything you said...except this^ I have no clue where you getting there might not be another Avengers film at all or for 10 years. There is truly ZERO chance of that happening. Its clear They dont have plans for Phase 4...But even considering the idea They wouldnt make another film From The Biggest box office DRAWING franchise in Hollywood history is Just absurd We Will get an Avengers in In The Next 5 years....(but It looks like in May in fact be in the 5th year) Of those films you mention, Spiderman 3 and Captain Marvel 2 are not done deals. Spiderman because of the Sony situation ^^^ also completely confused here... as I said above.... Spider-Man 3 Is Guaranteed, Sonys contract with Marvel Studio demands a Spider-Man film in production at least 1 once every 3 years. and that doesnt Change UNTIL at LEAST 3 SOLO Spider-Man films have been made... Legally Marvel Studios HAS TO MAKE a SM3 in its Next Phase. as for Captain Marvel- It's conspicuous that there has been no confirmation of a sequel. ^ not in the slightest...Hell there has been no official confirmation for Black Panther either...or Doctor Strange or GOTG3 thats because Marvel Studios has held off ON ALL announcement until after Endgame as to not spoil the film. They just announced yesterday, Marvel Studios will be announcing their Slate this summer(almost certainly at Comic Con) Your simply crazy if you dont think CM is guaranteed to be on that List I think You are drastically overestimating how you think the reception of the film went... The film has had Incredible box office Legs and holds, It showed no signs of any "boycott" or hold out from Audiences.... It Opened HUGE and then went on to have Incredible legs....I just see Nothing that even remotely suggests audiences didnt like the character or it needs a revamp Captain Marvel was then Universally Loved In Endgame.... again I just see literally NOTHING you could be biasing "It needs a revamp" on...The evidence is pretty much without question Captain Marvel in BOTH her Solo and EG has went over with flying Colors... There isnt a chance in The World...Literally ZERO that CM2 isnt 100% guarantee for Phase 4 and for 1 of the 8 release dates announced who cares, there was just 2 Avengers within a year. Such thing as overkill. ^^ Me....and I think 99.9% of other MCU fans I trust Fiege...if he has a plan for An Avengers film down the road... fine... But I was hoping for something sooner. Just because we've been Spoiled with 4 Incredible Avengers films(I'm counting Civil War instead of Age of Ultron) in The last 7 years....doesnt Mean I cant hope for more... In fact, I must say, The Next Avengers film really gets me excited considering It is going to be Headlined By a New team of Black Panther,Captain Marvel,Spider-Man,Doctor Strange,Star Lord and Probably others like Bucky,Falcon,S.Witch,Drax,Rocket,War Machine,Valkrie,Ant-Man, Wasp...and Maybe Hulk and Thor... completely Understand If Fiege wants to take a break or wait, But Its Just going to be disappointing waiting Maybe 5 years for The Next Avengers film which has the potential to be really amazing with a new cast. There are not planned MCU movies in 2023 , the phase 4 is : 2 movies in 2020 , 3 in 2021 and 3 in 2022 , Avengers 5 will be in 2023 along with F4 and X-Men ^^^ I know Thats why I said "There isnt going to be an Avengers movie until 2023 or 2024" The point of the post was to point out, Out of all the release dates Disney release, none of The 8 can be for an Avengers film... I have no doubt, 2023 and Beyond will have an Avengers film...Just NOT in Phase 4 or in any of the dates they released Incredible.... Queen Trolling has been so bad.... People are NOW MAKING FUN of him before he can actually even Troll.... Love It.... over/under 2 weeks before Queen is forced to leave this board and HIDE in shame like he has on The Captain Marvel and Shazam board? Surely once EG is Within days from topping Avatar and the realization hits Queen that A Disney Film is about to become the HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE of all time will result in his VANISHING from this board too.... anyone remember what happened the Last time A Disney Film became the HIGHEST GROSSING movie ever? lol When Frozen became the HIGHEST GROSSING ANIMATED film of all time...Boy queen didnt take it very The thought on DISNEY having The HIGHEST GROSSING ANIMATED film of all time KILLED him and Lead him to Hilariously create a troll thread to Prediction and Claim "The Grinch" Would DETHRONE Frozen to become the New HIGHEST Grossing Movie of all time... Worth Noting also Queen then Predicted... 130 M+ OW,500 M domestic total and 1.2 B+ results for The Grinch... lol Queen MISSED by around 650 Million +... I think Queen Will either VANISH From This board in about 2 weeks when It becomes clear to him EG is going to top Avatar ... Or like last time, The thought Of A DISNEY FILM becoming The HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE of all time will KILL HIM and Push him over the edge where He'll embarrassingly create another awful troll thread to Predict Disneys/EGs Reign at #1 wont last because some other upcoming film will DETHRONE IT... lol and Then of course, I expect whatever film Queen uses to then come up short of Dethroning EG by hundreds of MILLIONS or even BILLIONS like Queens last awful attempt in The Grinch BOTTOM LINE... Its seems Queens Time on This board is Numbered....and soon Will be having to AVOID This board like hes currently doing with the Shazam and CM boards... so we actually better enjoy queens fails while we can... just keeps getting worse. It got a mere 11% bump from Monday's huge drop on Tuesday. I was thinking there would be a stronger recovery than THAT. This movie definitely isn'"leggy" ^^^ queen you realize your attempting to troll on a film that Is going to end up being The highest gross film of all time and The 2nd highest grossing domestic film of all time right you need to think about these things. Basically If Your not impressed by EGs box office....You trolled yourself into a corner where you can never be impressed by ANY FILMS box office of again.... by The way, You still having found a single person that agrees with a single thing You've said.... Not 1 box office site or analyst has said anything even remotely close to EG is having anything but Good Drops.... and you completely LYING about Scott Mendelsohn ...I read the article....The only possible explanation I can come up for your interpretation of what he said is you are FAKE Trolling again.. Your intentionally Exaggerating, No,Thats really not the right word, actually LYING is probably the best..Your Intentionally LYING about what he said to try and make people mad there no other conclusion for how you came up with this " Scott has been sounding the alarm bells for a while that this film won't be leggy and it appears he is right. He also sees Detective Pikachu doing some serious damage to Endgame this weekend and beyond. He also sees Godzilla as the possible killshot to it's legs." In The article He Notes EG is going to probabl finish over 900 M domestically, and come close to 3 Billion. He goes out of his way to call the film An INSANE HIT... Then specifically noted EG is having completely NORMAL HOLDS....and Exactly The type of MCU Event Holds. Nowhere remotely does he claim EG is having bad holds...nowhere does he say Godzilla is going to be a Kill shot I understand that you cant and WILL NEVER be able to find a single box office analyst to agree with you, I've told you that from the beginning, Told you, If you were going to troll on EG...You were going to have to accept That YOUR GOING to have to say things NO OTHER PERSON on earth is going to agree I predicted, You made that choice, I knew you hatred for Disney would force you down this LONELY path...I knew you couldnt deal with The fact that A Disney film is about to become the highest grossing movie of all time.... So I know you having a hard dealing with Knowing You Will never find A box office site or Analyst agree with you that EG is having bad legs or agree with any of your trolling.... but you cant Just LIE....You cant Just Make something up.... You literally took an article, where an box office analyst said NOTHING But Great things about EG and You just PLAIN LIED about what He said... also In the future, if you going to continue going down this road of FAKE trolling and LYING....Maybe Pick a Better box office analyst to LIE and misquote lol Scott posted a article before EG came saying EG might do Age of Ultron 1.4 Billion or less numbers....He then listed 6 reason why there was no way EG would match IW... You picked the worst possible BO analyst to try and LIE about. Queen just accept it, EG is troll proof.... Your angry because its broken every box office record there is and Is headed to be the highest grossing movie of all time... You didnt see this coming, You thought the Presales were fools gold, You thought EG was going to have a hard time matching IW... EG made 100 Million more than you expected on OW.... and is gonna make at least 800 M More World Wide than you Expected. this angers you, so your Trolling to ease your pain...unfortunately EG is troll proof so you are forced to FAKE troll because You know everything you say Is NOT TRUE and know you cant find or provide 1 single box office analyst or site to agree with we also cant forget, EG is your ONLY option right now as you cant return to the Captain Marvel or Shazam Board after Your FAILS there forced you into HIDING... You Went Into EG with 3 Months Of NOTHING but trolling FAILUREs on BOTH CM and the Shazam boards where every prediction you made on BOTH FILMS failed and eventually LEAD you to where your now Intentionally HIDING and Avoiding both boards So Its perfectly understandable why YOUr FAKE trolling and going to such extreme lengths to try and troll on EG.... The Film itsself has already Exceeded your expectations by 800 M + and Over 100 M+ on OW...Its going to be the highest grossing film ever(again with it being a Disney film, that has to be Hell for you) and Then you add on You came into EG with 3 Months of NOTHING But trolling failures hanging over your head from The CM and Shazam board.... Its clear why you are resorting to LYING,FAKE Trolling and saying things NO ONE else in the world agrees with ... In 2 films that featured over 30 Superheroes and featured Fights and ICONIC moments from these heroes that I never could have dreamed of, 2 films that Literally Gave me Everything I could have ever wanted from These Heroes.... and The thing I will always remember these 2 movies for is........... Thanos... for Me, Hes the greatest villain and Threat ever put on film. what was accomplished with him through Writing,Acting and Technology Is for me truly one of the greatest things Ive ever seen in movies.... from His absolute perfect character ark and Motives, To The Level at which His Power level and Fighting ability and strength was that Made His Character The Ultimate Threat(The Heroes couldnt beat him, In both Films, He went through them all, no matter what they did, how many teamed up against him, they couldnt beat him His Level of Power,strength and fighting abilty was written as The ULTIMATE Threat)....To then The Brolin's AMAZING performance in The Finally IMO The absolute best Mo Cap CGI I've ever seen.... I can honestly say, I do not think of Thanos as a CGI character...I've watch IW 10 + times and EG 2 no point in those movies does the thought Hes CGI ever enter my mind...The CGI and Mocap is so great...You truly IMMEDIATELY forget hes CGI what was done with Thanos in These 2 Movies Is Just remarkable.... I truly believe in The next 5 years, when articles and Polls are done for The Best CBM villains or even Best Movie villains.... Thanos Is going to take the #1 spot in The Majority of those lists.... I think The future is going to be extremely KIND to Thanos and will be remembered and looked back on as the greatest or one of the greatest villains ever...IMO View all replies >