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Its becoming extremely hard to Rank the MCU films Not sure what to make of the new trailer question for those who have seen it? is this Queens Worst Predict and fail of all time? EDIT:Less than 1 day in....CM is guaranteed to top 1 Billion...(will be at 450 Million + by Sunday) EDIT:(new queen predictions)-on the heals on Captain Marvel's release, time to visit Queens Predictions A 300 Million OW apparently is possible for A:Endgame 3D anything like Avatar? Have you seen this movie??? Help? Top 20 CBM's ? View all posts >


Will it have The Last Jedi's disasterous-sized drop? No. ^^^ Your Hatred for Disney Controls lol boy I bet WB wishes they could have some films with disasterous-sized drops like Disney that Nets them 400 million + and Is The Most Profitable film of the year.... lol think before posting... this is a classic example of YOU LOSING even though you Won... perfectly fine for you to troll on The Last Jedi making far less than TFA(You won there, theres no denying TLJ didnt not perform as well as expected)....but the second your hatred for Disney starts controlling you and leads you to make Delusional statements, You LOSE In your attempt to Over the top exaggerate The Last Jedi's decline...You embarrassingly cut your own throat by calling The #1 film of 2016 and The Most Profitable film of 2016 a disaster... had you simlpy, Just stuck to the truth and not been controlled for Your Hatred for Disney, you couldnt have avoided "Disastrous" mistake.... ONLY you could find a way to LOSE when you win I think they found a perfect pattern now on making easy dough. Instead of dedicating a Avenger movie for a year by itself ^^^ Please do research before posting... Theres were 2 MCU films in 2015...Age Of Ultron and Ant-Man BP: Domestic: $700,059,566 52.0% + Foreign: $646,853,595 48.0% CM: Domestic: $266,213,933 35.0% + Foreign: $494,000,000 65.0% Seems the boycott thing worked to some degree at least domestically. ^^^ I have no clue what you could possibly be pointing to that suggests a boycott worked domestically CM opened to the biggest Female Superhero opening of all time domestically Its heading for a 375 to 400 M+ domestic gross... Why you compared it to BP I'll never know... NO movie should be compared to BP as No movie has ever had the kind of Cultural Impact and effect that film had... There have been 8 MCU Debuting Characters films(IM,Cap,Thor,GOTG,AM,DS,BP and CM)... 7 of the 8 have grossed between 176 and 389 M domestically.... why you choose the 1 MCU that Made a shocking and Drastic Increase in Domestic Box office over them Is again Beyond me... the real facts proves CM is going to end up Performing domestically either At THE HIGH END of MCU films, Or Maybe even The Best... again for you to say "A Boycott worked" there has to be some evidence of that, there has to be something that shows, CM didnt perform domestically like other MCU films and embarrassingly for you....The CM is heading for a 375 to 400 M + domestic gross which Is at the HIGH END of The 176 to 389 M average.... find 1 box office site or analyst that agree with you that CMs domestic gross Isnt Great....Literally 1! This would easily be in my top 3 most anticipated films if.................... The Action Sequences didnt AGAIN take place at night... I really Liked the first Godzilla movie, But the Climax was infuriating, It was so dark, You literally couldnt tell what was happening... I thought for sure they would fix that in the sequel but once Again the Majority of the Action looks like its at night and very dark... at this point, Its becoming clear they are intentionally doing this, Maybe something about the Design of Godzilla and its CGI just doesnt look good in daylight or is harder or more expensive... whatever the case, my hopes for King Kong vs Godzilla have gone down because I now believe the same Will happen in the movie, all action sequences taking place at night. I still am greatly anticipating Godzilla 2....and If the trailer for KK Vs Godzilla shows action sequences in the day time....It might become my most anticipated movie of the year Haha, dude, put on your Captain Marvel pajamas and go to bed. ^^ it really has nothing to do with Captain Marvel Instead as someone who understand box office and has followed box office for 20 years... The Pure Absurdity of The Posters comments insulted me... Domestically it's only doing so so and is only being propelled via foreign watchers. $152m budget with only a $266m gross isn't all that great. ^ I'm not exaggerating....there is not 1 thing even remotely true about these statmeents... This is the equivalent of Someone looking at a Stop Sign and saying "Its Green, the color of the stop sign is green"... there is No truth to the statement, Its completely delusional... thats why I responded by saying "Just find 1 single person, 1 single Box office site, 1 single box office analyst that agree with you" The poster simply gave a completely uneducated opinion and presented it as a FACT... He can not find another Person ALIVE that understands box office that would agree with him. I just saw CM last night...I thought it was above average but not great...I'm in no way some UBER CM nut...Instead His statements were so delusional and lacked all truth and reality, It insulted me as someone who understands and follows box office Your ranking system looks weird, why don't the x/10 ratings line up with the movie positions in the list of 21? For example, you have Iron Man at position 19 with a rating of 9/10 and several other movies (Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, etc.) with lower ratings higher up in the list. ^^^ Its because This list is "My favorite MCU films" and While I consider IM1 one of the best MCU films in quality...Its not one of my favorites to watch... If I were Making A list Of "IMO The best MCU films" IM1 would be ranked #2 Basically I do not consider movies like Ant-Man 2, GOTG2 or even Black Panther in The same league as IM1 in Quality...but I enjoy watching those films more than IM1... I can watch IM1 Maybe once every 3 years and enjoy it....I can watch The MCU films from 1 to 15 maybe 2 or 3 times a year and enjoy them every time... I think you have Thor a little bit too high and Iron Man way too low. But other than that I agree. ^^^ I absolutely agree... Usually when I make my ranking after ranking Thor, I always put (I know I'm in the minority here but I loved Thor 1) and I always Note, While IM1 is not 1 of my favorite MCU films, Its one of the best... If I were Making A list Of "IMO The best MCU films" IM1 would be ranked #2 if you'll notice, even though IM1 is ranked #19...Its still got a HIGH rating of 9/10....thats because I consider it a truly great, But just not one of my favorites or an MCU that I really can watch over and over again... I dont consider movies like Ant-Man 2, GOTG2 or even Black Panther in The same league as IM1 in Quality...but I enjoy watching those films more than IM1 as for Thor, for me Its one of the most underrated CBMs of all time...but again I completely acknowledge I'm in the minority...Most consider it average ... $152m budget with only a $266m gross isn't all that great. ^^^ Find 1 box office site or analyst that agrees with you and says CM isnt doing great domestically..... Its perfectly fine for you to live in a delusional world....But dont present your delusional ramblings as facts... Captain Marvel heading toward a 375 To 400 Million + domestic gross....theres not a box office analyst, box office site or person on EARTH who understands box office that would call that anything but great,,, the level of delusion or just plain Anger and Jealous one has to have to say this "Domestically it's only doing so so and is only being propelled via foreign watchers." kinda scary.... theres only 3 possible explanations for making this Absurd statement and all of them are frightening for you... 1. You do understand Box office and Understand how Great CM is doing and are incredibly Angry,Jealous and Upset at Its success and are simply trolling out of SPITE 2. You have absolutely no Clue about box office, and dont know your statements are false,,embarrassing, and are not based in reality 3. most concerning, your just understand CM's box office is great, But You delusionally want to believe its not because Its Bothers you so much... whatever the case is, you are more than within your right to Ramble, Lie, or Delusionally rant.... just know, Theres not a single box office site,analyst or person who understands box office thats agrees with your opinions... NO words can describe truly how badly you failed here... for your sake I hope Your just Spite Trolling and You deep down know everything you are saying is not true.... Because if you truly are this I said it scary,frightening and SAD At least I was correct in predicting that it would make over $700m. And like I also said the hype machine helped it make 1.3b ^^^ and just so I know.... Is 700 M domestically and 1.3 B......More than Aquaman's 335 M and 1.143 B? just wondering because in a previous thread you "Werent correct" when you claimed Aquaman was going to top Black Panther also since you were correct about BP hitting 700 M and 1.3 B....again that has to make BP a "Super DUPER Mega Elite hit" right.... since your on record calling the Inferior Aquaman a "Super Mega Elite hit" DC changed their tactics by appealing to kids and teens now which is why they are making more money. MCU has always been tween friendly which is why they are successful. ^^^ no clue what your trying to say here, I'm not even sure you know... but as long as your taking the "L" and have no explanation for Why DC cant reach the heights of Marvel Studios , I win... am I right in assuming you have no explanation for why DC's most success film could NOT match the heights of Any of Marvel Studios Most successful film right? PS.... why did DC changed tactics by appealing to kids and teens again? oh ya, 4 out of 5 universally hated films that failed in ever way possible resulting in the death of the DCEU.... not something I would exactly be bragging about, But hey after the reign of absolute failure that was the DCEU, I guess at this point anything is positive news to you DC fans, Including your company doing a shocking about face and changing their model,tones and people in charge...on and lets not forget recasting and rebooting almost every character and movie... Affleck out Cavill out Leto out Will Smith out Snyder Out 4 different BOSSES hired and fired Batman Rebooted Suicide Squad 2 rebooted WW84 complete stand alone intentionally written so it has no ties to the failed JL Joker recast and rebooted I Mean after this faiurel...I guess its an improve to say "DC folded, started copying Marvel Studios and changed their tactics by appealing to kids" A Truly Epic failure because You just had to add "It could pass BP says top scientists." again this is a classis example of you DC fans having success, But NOT the success you really want... Aquaman was a huge hit, But YOU wanted "MCU type Success" wanted Black Panther type success... You didnt get it... You could have simply said "One billion is guaranteed" and been right and happy... but after 10 years of watching Marvel Studios dominate and Beat DC....your EGO made you add "It could pass BP says top scientists." and of course we know Aquaman LOST to Black Panther in every possible way.... Therefor Just an Epic Fail! Your just going to have to find a way to be happy with DC films finally Having "Just Success"....If you get stuck on DC films having "MCU type success" your going to continue to be disappointed... the future is bright for DC films(note I specifically called Future DC films "DC Films", as calling them DCEU films, would be factual incorrect as The DCEU is DEAD) but The point is, Zack Snyder is gone, the destroyer of DC films is gone, No more Dark,depressing,Joyless and Colorless DC failures.....WB is Full on copying Marvel Studios now....future DC films are going to be just need to find a way to be happy with "some success" and not stick to "MCU type Success" View all replies >