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MCU rankings after FFH Finally saw Shazam...Rank The DCEU films Far From Home Exploding in China with a 100 M+ OW(1 Billion + Offically Guaranteed) another Great Youtube Video... do you have a top 10 Comic book movies list anymore? Long Term Prospects Bode Well for This "Crowd -Pleaser"....lolololol...Queen Nightmare Weekend for Queen.... Can some explain...I guess the deeper meaning of this movie? Absolutely Incredible Youtube Video... I feel Halle Berry's Character was A MASSIVE Creative Failure... View all posts >


I actually agree with billbrown here with the caveat that his predictions are BEST CASE SCENARIO and could very well be lower than that. ^^^ Hypothetically speaking if TLK hit those numbers, It couldnt be considered anything but A MONSTER HIT right?(stop and think here Queen....this is a multi layered question and your answer has the potential to Effect MANY films you like and defend).... I know your not very good at setting Standards that are equally fare to BOTH Disney films and films made by others studios... But I'm asking a simply question, If TLK Hits the numbers I said....according to your OWN standards you set While Trolling.....wouldnt that be considered NOTHING else but a MONSTER HIT for Disney(I gave you every possible chance and If you HANG YOURSELF here then My god Your Hatred for Disney controls even more than I thought) I was making an observation of the event and the lack of any visible effort by Disney/Marvel to self-promote the happening. Marvel did the work and is reaping the results by default but CM saw no incremental increase in Box Office. At least to my limited observation of CM's box office performance and market share. ^^ I'm not sure what your getting at with CM....or why you would expect it to have some extra bump this late its in run CM's Box office run is over...Its already out on home media... CM actually had very good legs and got An amazing BUMP in box office when EG came out... Expecting CM to benefit from FFH IMO just doesnt make any sense and I can honestly say I havent seen 1 other Box office site or Analyst even remotely suggest it should have.. I think You are expecting something that No ONE else is... I could maybe understand if CM debuted around the same time as EG....But CM's box office run is over... If CM is going to receive Any BUMP from FFH its going to be On Home Media not from Theatrical box office....In fact I would actually bet on it... I bet CMs Digital buys and BR buys had a noticeable BUMP from benefiting from FFH... Box stopped reporting CM's daily box office on the 4th of July....I'm not even sure CM is in Theaters any more at best CM had maybe 2 days that it could have benefited from FFH....and by then it would have been in so few theaters in wouldnt have mattered I may be completely missing your point, but I'm just not sure what your getting at...ya its cool that Marvel Studios had 3 MCU films playing at the same time.... But to expect CM to have some noticeable Increase from FFH at the end of its run(literally with only 2 days remaining) in a small amount of theaters after The Film has already been released on Home something I just do not understand.... again I'm not trying to be mean, But can you point to anywhere else where someone Is expecting this?....Maybe again I'm just missing your point.... can you point to any boxoffice sites or analysts that explain why CM should be seeing this Noticeable BUMP in Box office from FFH after Its Box office run is over? Guaranteed? It still needs another 7m. Within grasp yes, but not guaranteed. ^^ 100% guaranteed.... IMO it will get thier on its own while playing for another Month.... But even if it comes up short, Its going to be within 2 Million of that point Disney Will step in and Add an extra scene and Will easily result in an additional few Million to get it over the top.... The key here is how CLOSE it is....not if it can actually do it....with another month to play, EG is either going to make it or get close... but because Its going to be so Extremely close if it falls short, theres no way Disney Will Let it Miss.... If EG was at say 20 Million shy, and Potentially was going to be 10 to 12 Million dollars short....I'd say NO WAY....because theres not much Disney could do to make up another 12 Million with another re-release.... But EG Will either TOP IT or be within 2 M.....and at that Point, Disney could easily make that 2 Million it needs in 1 Weekend by adding 1 extra scene to the film.... Its Simply TOO CLOSE now for Disney to let it fall short.... 1 MILLION % guaranteed......EG Will top Avatar and be the highest grossing movie of all time by this time next month International is NOT DONE.... Its still bringing in 1 to 2 million a week overseas... Its not going to be CLOSE.... as of right now there is ZERO chance EG doesnt top Avatar.... Now If you want to claim Its going to be close to Avatar in box office once it passes, I completely agree, EG could very well ONLY top Avatar by 1 or 2 Million... But With only 7.2 M left to go and nearly a month left before its released on Home Media....There is officially NO CHANCE EG wont top Avatar.... and the reason why I say NO CHANCE is because, With EG being this close, If for some reason it was going to come up short, Disney would just add something to put it over the top.... I think EG Will make it on its own....I dont think anything extra Will be needed, But again they reason why I'm SO SURE is, at Most now, EG might come up 2 Million Short, and Disney could make that up in 1 weekend with adding just 1 extra scene to the film.... once your this close...Its just Done... when Disney 1st did the re-release, EG was around 40 Million shy... at that point its very hard to tell because, Had The re-release only resulted in say another 10 Million.... theres not much Disney could do to get additional 30 Million.... But now, with EG within 7.2 M...... Its got another month to play, which will either get it over or within 2 Million.....again at the point, Disney will get it over the top with additional footage.... Personally though I think EG Will have really no trouble getting thier on its own... EG is still bringing in Money Overseas... I could see another 3 to 5 Million domestically and 5 M+ overseas It appears that Disney didnt take good advantage of having three properties in release simultaneously. ^^^ Lets see Avengers EG....Now Guaranteed to be the Highest Grossing Film ever made with 2.788 B+...where Disney Will net a record 700 M+ in Profit Captain Marvel....The highest Grossing Female Superhero film of All TIME in every possible way including Opening Weekend,domestic and WW with 1.125 B+....where Disney Will Bet 350 to 400 M+ in Profit Spider-Man FFH....Now Officially guaranteed to be The Highest Grossing Spider-Man Movie of All time...Officially resulting in The character reaching New and Never before seen Heights Cherry On Top.....Marvel Studios Breaks their own 2018 record of producing 3 MCU films that top 4 Billion + WW which was The HIGHEST GROSSING year In CBM history, and Now In 2019 Produce 3 MCU films That top 5 B+ to once again Have The HIGHEST Grossing year in CBM history man it sure does seem Disney "didnt take good advantage of having three properties in release simultaneously." HUH? lololol I never said it was a bad opening, it was an opening I always expected. If it has good legs it will be fine in relation to its 200 million production cost. ^^^ any reason why Your Not admitting TS4 is officially "Leggy Out" its time.....your 3 weeks of trolling are up....Time to take the walk of Shame..... PS You in no way Nailed It... PSS Aladdin Heading to 1 Billion + TS4 Legging out heading to 900 M Spider-Man FFH guaranteed to top 1 B+ and Your "I wont troll if FFH tops Homecoming's box office numbers" Endgame Now Guaranteed to Top Avatar, leaving you now in a world where DISNEY is going to have the highest grossing movie off all time The Lion King On Deck to Top 1 Billion + NIGHTMARE SUMMER/Year for you... you deserve it! It's doing okay for a 200 million production...definitely not "great". ^^^ do you care to take this statement back queen? I understand why you made it at the time, as you are incapable of forecasting where a film is heading... But now with TS4 heading toward a 900 M total gross... I think you might consider taking this statement back, because lets be honest...if you dont...YOU basically DAMN almost every movie you've ever defended.... If You stick with 900 M is ONLY "Okay" on a 200 M Production production for TS4.... Then man how can you ever claim Ready Player One is anything but a disaster? Or BvS is anything but A BOMB Or Suicide Squad is anything but a fail? Or Godzilla 1 or 2? how bout Fantastic Beast 1 or 2? Justice League? all of these Films had budgets between 170 to 200 Million + and MADE Less than TS4 and in some cases HUNDREDS of millions less than TS4... again, Your complete inability to forecast where TS4 was heading explains why you made the statement When TS4 first came out... but now that TS4 is heading toward 900 M.... It seems like its in your BEST interest to just take the walk of shame, take back this statement back and admit TS4 is doing great... because if you dont, You DOOM many films you defended.... and you set a standard that Any film going forward that YOU want to defend, Has to make around 900 M if it has a 200 M Budget for you just to claim Its doing "Okay"... lol all in all ....Classic Queen Trolling coming back to bite usual I think the industry is doing a number on Disney again like they did with Toy Story 4. Expectations are being set way too high. ^^^ and Yet TS4 is heading toward a 400 M domestic gross and 900 M WW Gross... Once again you wasted 3 weeks trolling before finally having to admit defeat and take the walk of shame.... actually this was a NIGHTMARE weekend for you... EG is now GUARANTEED to top Avatar, you now live it a reality where DISNEY is going to have the highest grossing Movie of all time....I think if I remember right, while trolling you said "EG was Disney's one shot to beat Avatar, they'll never do it now"...lolololol Aladdin is officially Heading For 1 Billion + with a 960 Million + total Spider-Man FFH is Officially 1 Billion + Bound and More Specifically Now Guaranteed to top your "I wont troll if it beats Homecoming's box office" and as I said, Toy Story 4 Is having INSANE legs domestically(funny you havent commented on TS4 "Legging Out") now heading for the 900 M mark you "Laughed" at me for saying after it opened.... All in All...You are flat in Middle of watching Disney dominate...every trolling tactic you've tried has failed... lol With Aladdin and TS4 your awful "Lets see how much profit they make with 600 M+ break even has went down in Burning Flames" I tried to warn you Queen last year...I made a thread last year warning you that 2019 was going to be PURE HELL for you watching Disney have the greatest year in Box office History... lol Goodluck trolling on TLK....Yet another 3 weeks Will be wasted when TLK Ultimately Tops 1 Billion + domestic it probably will, not worldwide It's very possible if it opens 250m as expected ^^^ No Just No.... TLK has No chance of toppig 850 M+ domestically... Not a single box office analyst or site Will predict that A 250 M + opening isnt even being predicted... Everything I've read is anything between 175 to 200 Million Is the Peak for TLK... My Prediction... OW-180 M total Domestic-475 M+ WW-1.3 B It should be the 2nd highest grossing movie of the year domestically and maybe WW... View all replies >