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I feel Gutted.... Glass is my most anticipated movie of 2019... Unbreakable is an all time favorite of mine, Split was my favorite my of 2017... I was/am looking so forward to Glass...but my anticipation ALL ALONG was quite ODD...simply put, I knew this movie had the potential to turn out Great or Awful... I LOVE M Night..but the facts are, He has made BOTH truly great movie and Truly Awful movies... I was really hoping and felt Like Glass May just turn out had many things going for it, Night is on a hot streak, and I felt If Night was ever going to completely NAIL something, It was Glass, a movie he waited 20 years to make. Unfortunately based on the reviews, My worst fears have been realized....Bad/Awful M NIGHT showed up and possibly ended this Epic trilogy with a shitfest with that being said...I often LOVE movies that critics hate...I will be there opening night and I'm still hoping I love this movie. This will be my 1 and only post on this board until after I see this film to avoid spoilers... I just wanted to comment and let it me known, I truly feel gutted by the early reviews...had this film been good and near the quality of Unbreakable and Split would have been my second favorite Trilogy of all time. again I hope I watch it and Love it...But also now after reading a few reviews, I cant help but to desperately want to see it to see what went wrong, How could M Night Screw this one up... It sounds like he tried to go too Deep and controversial, Its also seems like theres not very much action. if this movie is as bad as the reviews say, without exaggeration this could literally be the most disappointing movie of all time for me.....thats simply how much I love both Unbreakable and Split and How excited I've been for Glass...If Glass truly is horrible, I'm not sure I'll ever be more disappointed by a movie... but again I still have hope...critics hated The Village....and I love that movie with a passion. dear god this must be one of worst movies ever... RT score 4%... Cinemascore D+ Sony tried to sell the movie to netflix after Test scores were the worst they had ever seen...Netflix wanted no part of it... This is sad..I love Will Ferrell thoughts on BvS and Justice League? it's special effects are on par with Avatar. ^^^ more proof you seem to think this is a underwater master piece please do research before making statetment like this....Please research just what kind of effect Avatar had on Motion Capture and Then if you still think Aquaman is on par well then Thats on you it's got a nice amount of humor. ^^ good to see you quickly gave up on the absurdity of trying to claim Aquaman has as Serious Dark Knight I have no clue why you even attempted that short lived Delusional thought... but its nice to see your now fully accepting Aquaman has a LightHearted, Over the top, Humorous tone...just like the MCU films it copied.. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who is looking for a good time out at the movies. ^^^^ see was this so hard? no more claiming the critics and Billbrown are wrong, claiming its Great and anyone who says other wise is wrong here you simply gave your opinion and for once gave a very good representation of the quality of the film.... saying "you recommend this movie for anyone who is looking for a good time out at the movies." is extremely spot on for what the consensus of the movie is... Before you were delusionally trying to exaggerate the quality of this film...Now you seem to have accepted it for what it is, A fun, Humor, over the top action movie... I think you finally actually started reading the reviews and saw nearly all critics noted the movie has huge problem with the story,characters and dialog and its finally somewhat brought you back to reality(all the you still seem to be having problems with The level of Praise your giving to Its Underwater effects, lol comparing it to Avatar is quite the stretch, Avatar literally changed the way Motion Capture was shot...I highly doubt Aquaman is going to have the impact on Underwater effects that Avatar had with motion capture) but seem to be going in the right direction... lol still cant believe you tried to claim Aquaman had a serious Dark Knight tone? Im still waiting for any kinda of response back to explain how on earth you could possible say something so stupid? the only thing I can think of read some reviews and articles where they all noted Aquaman and DC copied The MCUs tone....and it made you so upset and Jealous you decided to trying to say it has a Serious Dark Knight tone to make yourself feel better.... Literally one of the most astonishing statements I've ever heard in my 8 years of being a regular on these boards... to your credit immediately disappeared and have avoided that post like the plague since saying it.... Its looks fantastic... I'm starting to get a early M Night Shyamalan feel from Jordan Peele(which is a Huge compliment M Night was amazing early in his career) but its seem Peele is heading towards a similar career, Writing a directing his movies, Thrillers and Horror movies With Twists, I even find The Scores similar... Hes quickly becoming one of my favorite directors I haven't watched a Superhero movie since X-Men 3 because they are all garbage but if i had to choose i'll take Aquaman over Mary Pussy Poppins anyday ^^^ I'm in no way being funny old are you? Your posts are SCARY....the SCREAM you are a child.... first you reply to this thread and go on a rant about Mary Poppins and MP was never mention by me or anyone else... now you say you dont watch Superhero movies but then say you would watch Aquaman over MP....but Stunningly Mary Poppins in Not a Superhero movie, so again I have no clue why you even mentioned it... I mean honestly are you a child that just doesnt really comprehend what your reading and saying... Your post honestly doesnt make since... You Specifically NOTE you are talking about Superhero movies, and Then say I'd rather watch this Superhero movie(Aquaman) over Mary Poppins? lol Mary Poppins should have never been mentioned once you specifically said you were talking about Superheroes movies Your responses in this post are some of the Oddest I've come across...IMO you have to be a child or Mentally disabled in some way(and I'm in no way saying that to be mean) its just the only thing that makes sense for the way you are responding... I haven't watched a Superhero movie since X-Men 3 because they are all garbage ^^^ this is another ODD statement.... I think your just trying to sound TOUGH here... really It just makes you looked Childish,Biased and Stubborn since 2003 there has been over 50 Comics book movies been made....In all most all Lists and Polls, 98% of The best CBM's have been made after 2003... simply put for what ever reason you have missed out on all the best CBM's because you childishly decided to stop watching comic book movies after 2003... yes there have been some awful Comics book movies before 2003 and after....But for the most part comics book movies have ONLY went up in quality since 2003 and Have hit heights that are literally among some of the greatest movies ever... The Avengers,The Dark Knight, Logan, Captain America 2, Avengers IW, GOTG, Civil War, Wonder Woman, X-Men DOFP, Black Panther.... you have missed out and truly great films... again I know you probably thought you sounded TOUGH by saying You havent watched a cbm since 2003.... but really you revealed yourself to have simply missed out on Incredible movies for childish reasons... lol I actually Pity you...for someone like my who has seen ever CBM since 2003, I truly just feel sorry for you that you decided to stop watching CBMs and have missed out on the greatest TIME in CBM history... lol Its literally like you PICKED the worst possible time to stop watching, immediately starting in 2004 we started getting All Time Great CBMs that you missed out on in fact your timing and reasoning for STOPPING is so Odd, again It suggests theres something not right with you... I dont know what your deal is, You may very well be a child or Mentally disabled...but if your not, If you just some weird guy trying to be tough... for your sake I would suggest you drop the tough guy act and at least do some research and find out what the most liked CBMs are since 2003 and give them a try... I'm telling right now The Dark Knight, The Avengers and Logan Will be in that list....and It would truly a shame if you never even gave them a shot... whether you realize this or not...your childish stance of not watching any CBMs since 2003 has cost you some amazing experiences My father died last month, and one of the greatest experiences I'll forever remember of him is when him and I went to see The Avengers on opening Night...we both are lifelong Avengers fans, The Avengers was our most anticipated movie ever....and watching The Avengers in theaters was the greatest theatrical experience of our lives...we literally screamed, jumped up and down, grabbed each other saying "OMG can you believe it" Its an experience I will forever be grateful for....You have childishly robbed yourself of Potential similar experiences for what I can see as a completely most pointless of reasons Awwwwwwwwww Lady_Leopard17 (68) went Bye Bye..... what happened you sounded so TOUGH in the first reply... I think at this point its clear by you avoiding this post like a plague that You realize you put your foot in your mouth by trying to call me out on my "Aquaman copied The MCU Tone" statement... but the question I have is, why did you ever try to make the statement in the first place....Its clear now you see The overwhelming Majority all agree with me that The Aquaman copied the MCUs tone...Its clear you also cant find anyone or any sites to agree with you that Aquaman has a Serious Dark Knight tone... But the question has to asked, how the hell could you have not known that before you made that Epic failure of A "Callout" Post? did you truly not read a single review on Aquaman before making that statement, did you not have access to the internet for the last 3 weeks and didnt read the Dozens of articles talking about the film and noting it has A MCU tone? how on earth did you possible NOT KNOWN all this before calling me out? In this case, I'm not actually trying to be mean...I'm honestly curious to how you could have possibly screwed up this badly? for you to make a post trying to make fun of me for saying Aquaman has a MCU tone and you say Its got a serious Dark Knight tone is truly incomprehensible to me.... for me theres only 2 possible explanations for this kind of fail. 1. as I said you had no access to the Internet that last 3 weeks, didnt read any reviews or articles and therefor truly just didnt know the consensus for the film, You literally had no clue Everyone is saying Aquaman Copied The MCUs tone 2.You are did read the reviews, You did know everyone is said Aquaman Copied The MCUs tone, but It KILLS YOU, so you are literally choosing to delusionally believe Aquaman has a serious Dark Knight tone out of Shame and embarrassment... Please just respond to this one reply and then you can go back into Hiding, Please just tell me. how on earth you ever got yourself into this situation? how did you not Know Aquamans Consensus before Making that Callout Post? again its clear you Now know, Thats why you avoiding this post like the plague, You've clearly read some reviews now and clearly have seen everyone noting it has a MCU tone and younow know NO ONE agrees with you that it has a serious Dark Knight tone... but please just tell me how you didnt know this before making that now ILL FATED call out post? some ppl like me love his movie. I just don't know understand or why ppl hate this movie so much. ^^^ I respect this statement! Most people can not do this... When Most people Love a movie that others dont, They try to say "No Its Great, everyone who thinks other wise is Wrong" I respect that you said it like it is..."You love the movie, but dont understand why others dont" Your not trying to claim everyone else is wrong....just simply giving your opinion that you love it... as for The Haters...It seems to me The Overwhelming Majority liked to love this film.. based on the facts and data, The consensus is around 85%+ who watched this movie liked it... The problem is, The small minority that disliked it, were The HARDCORE Fanbase... TLJ got excellent reviews from critics, got Good Audience scores and Ratings on all major this point its basically impossible to dispute The Overwhelming Majority liked it... but This film is so ODD because Its probably the best example ever of The CORE Fanbase for the film not only disliking it but Truly hating it with a burning passion. from what I've seen probably about 70%+ of the Hardcore Star Wars fanbase Hates this overall that equals LESS than 10% of the overall amount of people that seen this film.. but its clear, the reason this film gets so much because The Hatred is coming from the most Loyal and Invested Viewers of the movie... so basically you are by far in The Majority....The Majority overwhelming liked the film but theres is a small minority of Hardcore Fans that Hated it... Usually I would learn toward the Majority as being right... But with Star Wars, but maybe in this case The Majority isnt the best judge... Star Wars fans live and breath this stuff, If they watched the movie and feel it shits on the Legacy of characters and ruins stuff,I think they would know BEST Critics and The General Public by in large probably have no clue of the history of Star wars films and characters.... They are judging the movie based on The Movie itself.... they probably arent the best judge of how Good of A "Star Wars" movie it is.... The Last Jedi may very well be a Great overall movie, But it could also be An "Awful Star Wars" Movie... those are my thoughts... as for me, I know nothing about The Star Wars films or Franchise... The Force Awakens was my first SW films...I loved it I then Loved Rogue One... But I hated The Last Jedi...for me it just wasnt good, I didnt hated for any of the reasons that Hardcore Fans hated it, I simply just didnt think it was a good movie or wasnt fun or entertaining... Hey bill... Just wanted to say good call on Aquman copying Marvel's tone, and you claimed to be a fan of James Wan's work and yet you literally thought a movie he directed would have Marvel's kiddie friendly tone, you literally thought that the man who directed major dark movies such as Saw, Dead Silence, Death Sentence, and Insidious would go on to direct a kid friendly Superhero movie? What an absolute dumbass... if you want to compare the tone of this movie with any other movies then I would compare it to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy or even Wonder! ^^^^ I see you rightfully decided not to play the reviews game I mentioned? but I just cant help but to show you what the game would have been like.. "The film’s humorous tone suggests that the DC Universe finally took a page from Marvel’s lighthearted approach to masked Avengers’ movies. If some painfully cheesy jokes are the price moviegoers have to pay for hero with some personality, it’s one well worth paying" ^^^ man sure doesnt sound like a Dark Knight tone to me? instead it seems This article is Word for Word saying exactly what The "Absolute Dumbass Billbrown" said that WB and Aquaman copied Marvel Studios tone... better yet not to respond at all to this... It can only result in more embarrassment...anything you say to try and save face will only lead me to Continuing playing the "reviews game" and posting even more reviews and articles where they agree with the "Absolute Dumbass Billbrown" that WB and Aquaman copied Marvel Studios tone... but seriously, Your more than within your right to continue delusiuonally believing Aquaman has a Dark Knight tone....just maybe keep those thoughts to yourself from now on to avoid embarrassment PS... if by chance you do reply...for the love of god PLEASE dont use the "That Terrifies you" or "That Scares you" tactic failed enough with that. acts seem to be going by your opinion and trying to make your opinion FACTS I have no problem admitting Aquaman is a hit.....but you seem to be delusional when it comes to the level of hit and quality the film is... theres not 1 thing you can point that suggests Aquaman is as Great as you believe it is....the facts simply say Aquaman is a decent film at best.... likewise, theres not 1 thing I can point to that suggests Aquaman is Bad(which I havent even 1 time) The only thing I point out is the facts and the consensus.....and those facts and consensus are NOT close to what your opinion of the film is and Not close to what Queen predicted.. cause you know that if WB were to make a series of phenomenal trilogies like with Harry Potter and The Dark Knight that queen would never let you live it down and he would have the ultimate bragging rights....and thought terrifies you doesn't dumb shit, that's why you want WB to keep failing so you can maintain your bragging rights. ^^ this is at least the 3rd time you've tried to pull the "That terrifies you " card and this is now the 3rd time you've spectacularly failed once again had you done any research you would have seen this is not true Queen has Beating clean 3 times....all 3 times I have immediately made a post saying "Good call queen you won this one" the most notable is SOLO I argued with queen for a year about SOLO....Queen relentlessly claimed the Star Wars franchise was in trouble after The Last Jedi and predicted SOLO to make Less than 500 Million WW I thought this was absurd and constantly made fun of him about it this is not an exaggeration, within 10 minutes of the first earlier projections coming in on SOLO's OW where it was clear SOLO was drastically under performing, I made a post to Queen saying "Queen You were right and have been right for a year....The Star Wars franchise is in trouble...SOLO is a disaster, you won!" now I would like to also pointout (because queen is my Bitter Enemy) that I've been doing battle with queen for almost 2 years now and in that time Queen has been wrong literally Hundreds of times to 3 times he was right... But the point is...I had no problem, cleanly giving Queen the win when he actually got one right... so that kills your "If WB ever made A great trilogy queen would never let you live it down"... Its already happened you gigantic idiot...I've congratulated queen 3 times on FLAT OUT WINNING..... The reason your "That terrifies me" is such a fail is .......queen as been wrong so many times, that he could never hold bragging rights over me for getting 1 right. thats why Queen hasnt and doesnt mention the SOLO win..because if he tried to bring on I was wrong about SOLO, I would just counter with the 9 films He MISSED by over 50 Million dollars on their opening weekends... This is not an Exaggeration, I have near 100 fails from Queen to 1 he got right... lol simply put, Queen could never Hold Bragging rights over me, Therefor I cant be "Terrified".....All time Epic fail on your part....give up this "That scares you" and "That Terrifies you" deal you keep have failed every time you've tried it PS I find it quite hilarious that WB is now 6 films Deep in their DCEU and your still saying "If WB ever makes a great series of films" lol you accidentally spoke the truth your so desperately trying not to accept.....Deep down you know the DCEU films arent good and you just accidentally revealed it. Also check my history on Wonder'll see I have no problem giving credit where credit is do....WW is a grandslam, The facts and consensus is absolutely clear...Its universally praised and Loved... I'm not biased, I only speak facts....and unfortunately The facts just arent good for 5 of the 6 DCEU films.... PSS... how bout that review ""The film’s humorous tone suggests that the DC Universe finally took a page from Marvel’s lighthearted approach to masked Avengers’ movies. If some painfully cheesy jokes are the price moviegoers have to pay for hero with some personality, it’s one well worth paying. " lol Boy sure doesnt sound like a movie with a Dark Knight Tone to me? View all replies >