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Thoughts On Episode 1 New Season(1984) Top 10 Greatest Action Movies of All time Official...TLK is now the highest grossing Live action remake of all time with 1.334 Billion Top 10 Favorite Movies from 2002? MCU films now Averaging almost 1 Billion Per Film... Anybody Watching Avengers IW and Endgame back to back today? This unfortunate Year for Queen... Top 10 Most Anticipated Upcoming Films(could be anything be now and 2022) Avengers IW and Endgame combined---Top 10 Moments what are your favorite movies of 2019 so far View all posts >


1. The Avengers-10/10 2. Captain America The Winter Soldier-9.5/10 3. Avengers Infinity War-9.4/10 4. Captain America Civil War-9.3/10 5. Avengers Endgame-9.2/10 6. Guardians of The Galaxy-9/10 7. Thor-9/10 8. Thor Ragnarok-8.5/10 9. Doctor Strange-8.5/10 10. Spider-Man Homecoming-8/10 11. Spider-Man Far From Home-8/10 12. Black Panther-8/10 13. Ant-Man-8/10 14. Iron Man-9/10 15. Captain America: The First Avenger-8/10 16. Captain Marvel-7/10 17. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2-7.5/10 18. Age Of Ultron-7/10 19. Iron Man 2 20. The Incredible Hulk-7.5/10 21. Ant-Man and The Wasp-7/10 22. Thor The Dark World-6.5/10 23. Iron Man 3-6/10 Too early to say its another Dark Knight But I must admit I was quite stunned at The Ratings of the reviews... yesterday RT had a total of 22 reviews up....It seemed like every single review that gave a Number grade or Letter grade was giving it "5/5", 10/10 or A's.... I figured the film would get good reviews,but Its the Overwhelming HIGH Grades its getting that is surprising me... believe it it not, Todd Phillips is an extremely underrated film maker, Just because He's made mostly comedies people dont give him much credit, but you have to look at the comedies he's made, He's literally made ALL TIME classic comedies that werent expected to be even remotely as successful as they were....Road Trip, Old School, The Hang Over are literally ALL time Comedies....Starsky and Hutch,Due Date and IMO The Hang Over II are pretty good movies... then you got Joaquin Phoenix in the lead who is an Incredible actor... It not surprising to me at all the film Is very good and getting good reviews, I expected it.....Its just The reviews are so incredibly Overwhelming Praising... I still want to wait and see how The general audience and CBM community reactions to the film before we start calling it another Dark Knight or even conclude its as great as the reviews say... I could easily see this being a film that critics LOVE but bothers everyone else...This film has a ton about it that might Piss off The CBM fans, and It may be too deep,depressing and may not have enough action to please the general audiences... but overall, based on The high praise from the critics, It does seem at the very least be a good Overall movie ... DceuFanticArmy is NOT Andre... He's Pretending to troll like Andre... A While back DceuFanticArmy was trolling and was praising Wonder Wonder... Andre has a deep unnatural Hatred for Wonder Woman because its universally recognized as "The Best DCEU movie and Most successful"....this absolutely KILLS andre because he LOVES Snyder and delusionally wants to believe MOS,BVS and JL are "Masterpieces" and The Best DCEU films... simply put it is impossible for Andre to Praise Wonder Woman because he has so much Hatred,resentment and Jealousy towards it.....In the last Year, There has been 1 single time Andre has mentioned Wonder Woman, without immediately saying "Its overrated as fuck, all you Marveltards saying its the best and most successful DCEU films are Morons, BvS made 873 M to WWs 821 M" Its gotten to the point now where Hes Absolutely against Wonder Woman 1984, and Now claims nothing about Wonder Woman is good except Gal Gadot in The Lead which Zack Snyder is responsible for basically for Andre, Wonder Woman turned out to be EXACTLY what he wanted and dreamed about in all the wrong ways... Andre desperately wanted BvS and JL to be universally praised and Loved, He wanted everyone to LOVE them as much as him, He wanted Snyder to get Praise and be credited for making great films... Instead When Wonder Woman came out and got the praise and love he so desperately wanted for Snyders films, Patty Jenkinks got sole credit for finally making a Good DCEU film that was completely different from Snyders Shit shows..... In the end, Andre's obsession with DC fittingly became so Unnatural he cant no longer even Enjoy the movies and characters he loves... Andre now does nothing but bitch and rant about all upcoming DC films now, He's became so obsessed and so hyper focused on "Snyder's DCEU" and defending it, that he now truly cant enjoy or look forward to any for future DC films.... and I must say, He deserves this fate... He's going to spend the next decade making videos daily ranting about "bring Affleck and cavil back, We want the DCEU, fuck these solo films" literally Living in a delusionally reality of PAST GLORY.... and he's going to spend the next decade NOT watching and Bitching about every DC film that is released... I cant not think of a better punishment for him than him becoming so obsessed that he cant enjoy or watch The DC films about the characters he loved all his life... This is a man that in his own way truly loves DC and The characters, It truly is his LIFE.... But in the most ironic way, He has become so obsessed, so Unnaturally dependent on "Snyder's DCEU"...He truly cant accept any other DC film Its gotten to the point now where Hes now bitching about All The older DC films....He's even cant watch Donners Superman movies anymore because it "KILLS HIM " that everyone thinks thats the way Superman should be....Hes so obsessed with Snyder's DCEU and that Snyder got everything right....That He now cant enjoy the old Superman movies because he claims "The movies didnt get Superman right, Superman wasnt that corny, Snyder got Superman right in MOS, BvS and JL, all you FAKE fans that think Donner got it right dont read comics" He's actually right now in a situation where he has NOTHING to look forward to .... He's against every single upcoming DC films. He now cant watch or enjoy PAST DC films like Donners Superman or Burtons Batman because It KILLS him that everyone think Those takes on the characters are better and more accurate than Snyders Superman and Batman... He's created his OWN HELL... Hes going to forever live in a 3 year bubble where "he was happy" from 2013 to 2016, when Snyder was BOSS. He's going to forever hate all future DC films, Hes going to forever not be able to watch older DC films because they bother him so much... He deserves this! went on a rant there, but the overall point is, Andres Hatred for Wonder Woman is so DEEP its impossible for him to praise it the way DceuFanticArmy did....also DceuFanticArmy and andre live in different states...He's just a troll pretending to troll like andre Shazam says "I cost less than half what Dumbo cost but made tens of millions more worldwide." ^^^ sorry by your own words and standards Shazam is a Failure that Made NO PROFIT! now to your thread DC Films absolutely ON FIRE at the box office. posted 5 months ago by QueenFanUSA (2091) 19 replies | jump to latest ^^^ Title should have been "DC Films are batting 50/50 at the box office, hardly on fire" You know because 2 of the last 4 DC films have NOT been box office Successes Wonder Woman(Hit....although not nearly the hit that Marvel Studios Captain Marvel was becoming the highest grossing female superhero film of all time KILLING WW in every possible way) Justice League(complete failure, lost at least 60 Million, KILLED the DCEU) Aquaman(Hit) Shazam(according to the studio a complete disappointment, but judging but your own standards Queen, A total and complete failure) again I repeat, your title is factually NOT can not accurately say "DC films are absolutely on Fire" when literally 50% of them are FLOPPING seriously nice try though Coming off of Aquaman and Shazam! this is a franchise that can do no wrong at the moment...and with responsible budgets. ^^^^ I think you mean coming off The success of Aquaman and The Disappointment of Shazam, This franchise is doing at least 50% wrong.....and whats worse somehow they are made a failure in Shazam with a Completely "responsible budget" The huge profits are pure gravy for Warner Bros. as the rest of their slate is so successful they aren't having to use DC to bail out a disasterous, money-losing slate outside of their DC films. ^^^ again, This is just not factually true as DC made absolutely zero profit from Shazam... Lost over 60 Million on Justice League WB did make profiit on WW and Aquaman but I'd hardly call that "HUGE PROFIT"..... for an example of "HUGE PROFIT" can look no further than Disney with Their MCU films which are netting upwards of 390 Million + in Profit... The Avengers netted 500 M+ in Profit IM3 netted 390 M+ in Profit AOU netted 390 Million+ in Profit Black Panther Netted 475 Million + in Profit Avengers IW Netted 500 Million + in Profit Captain Marvel netted 350 M+ in Profit Avengers EG netted 700 Million + in Profit These are PROFITS WB and DC can only dream about and literally barely even HIT 50% of with WW and Aquaman... and as for DC films not having to bail out Disastrous money Godzilla 2 says hi! I bet WB wishes they were Like Disney, and NOT ONLY had Superhero Films Making them BILLIONS in Profit....but also had 6 other films TOP 1 Billion + that also NETTED them BILLIONS in Profit! Just an epic fail like usual Queen!....this time though...the statements you made were actual factual NOT TRUE! lol PS even though your title is factually NOT true... I do thank you at least Noting "DC films".... Instead of incorrectly calling them "DCEU films"... Since the DCEU is a failed and now DEAD creation....It would have been even MORE factually incorrect to use "DCEU" in The title.... lol That my position is "it's not a success if it falls below 650 million domestic". The movie is a huge financial success powered by an outsized international performance but it still was a domestic disappointment and underperformer. Go ahead and pretend that you don't understand that nuance. ^^ and you can not find 1 single other person that agrees with your position that "TLK is a domestic under performer" there are 4 major box office sites, Dozens of professional box office analysts, and tons of major media sites....and you cant find a single 1 or person that even remotely agrees with your opinion that TLK is a domestic under performer... so the question then has to be asked? whats likely true? that everyone else is wrong and ONLY YOU are right? is it more likely that a person who is known to have a deep, unnatural hatred for Disney, who constantly changes and moves the goal posts is once again just trolling and refusing to admit A Disney Film is a Success Or every major box office site, all box office analysts and ALL major media sites are WRONG, and somehow this LONE person on a chat board is right?...oh and this LONE person who is right whom is more knowledgeable than everyone else HAS a past Box office record of MISSING by 50 to 80 Million on films OWs 14 times in the last 2 years I'm sorry Queen.... But your opinion is so absurd, you cant find a single person to agree with you...thats what happens when a film reaches 1.5 B+ and 500 M+ that point there is no trolling, at that point the film is in such elite company and so successful, the only possible way to troll is to decide "Fuck it, I dont care if anything I say makes sense, This is only about trolling" PS! I'd also like to add, I personally know YOU DONT EVEN believe "TLK is a domestic Under Performer"...Your simply FAKE trolling... Your know longer trolling the film, your trolling US... Your just at a point now where thinking "This will piss them off" Its kind of like when you made the awful FAKE troll thread "to bad Endgame made 350 M instead of 358 M" the point wasnt to try and troll the film, The point was to Troll US... You knew Endgame 350 Million OW was insane and you it was troll proof, so you instead you decided to Troll US, You made that troll thread because you thought to yourself, "This will piss them off, I'm actually going to claim EG should have made MORE" and thats what you are doing with TLK now... Your not actually trolling The film, Your Trolling US... This isnt actually about that you really believe the film is a domestic under performer...This is about you NEVER admitting the film is a success because you think That will BOTHER your enemies here on this board... This is about you trying to prove "WE cant win and even when we Win" You've Lost, You know you lost, You know you cant spin 1.5 B and 500 M+...You know we all know you know TLK past every mark you set, so your now just thinking "Fuck it, I've never going to admit it, I dont care how successful the film is, I'm just going to keep saying nope it should have made more, I've never going to my enemies the satisfaction of thinking they Won" so in reality, Your not even in a party of 1.....because you dont even believe "TLK is a domestic Under performer" your simply saying that because your hatred for Disney is forcing you to and because You you dont want to admit to your enemies here on this board that YOU LOST and they WON.... I watched that whole video expecting to hear a bunch on clever stuff that made it seem like Fight Club was a prequel to TDK .... lol But Instead it was one of the most absurd, made up theories I've ever heard....Literally not 1 thing they pointed to actually made me go "ummm thats interesting" Literally not 1 thing they pointed to was clever what would make you think "Hey I can see that, That could be a connection between The Joker and Tyler" This was one of the most desperate and truly pointless "fan theories" I've ever heard... I call bullshit on almost everything you wrote in this lying post. ^^^ Your welcome to delusionally "call bullshit" on whatever you want....I mean you are the guy who has somehow tried to troll on The Highest grossing film ever made. but to my great JOY...just because YOU DONT WANT to believe something, doesnt make UNTRUE Disney does in fact Make deals with Theatrical chains for The Biggest movies where they get bigger cuts, there are confirmed reports of this on The Last Jedi, BOTH Avengers films and The Lion King... basically You can look at a stop sign and claim its "Yellow" all you want.....The stop sign is still "red" Queen... The only reason you are calling "Bullshit" is because Your hatred for Disney wont allow you to accept the truth...Its KILLS YOU that Disney has made such a monster hit... as I said and as you can NOT DISPROVE.....Disney made 290 Million in Profit from TLKs domestic Gross..Disney Will net 55% of The 1 Billion + overseas gross these are FACTS Queen, just because They anger you and make you upset and You delusionally deny them doesnt actually change the fact that they are TRUE Now..just to illustrate just how much of a NO WIN situation you are IN....Lets take YOUR Facts and Pretend they are true just for a minute lets assume Disney isnt getting The "special deal" thats been reported domestically and lets assume Disney is getting the usual 50 to 55% from TLks domestic take and lets also assume Disney is getting your extremely Low 35 to 40% overseas that Means Disney will see between 250 to 265 Million in profit from TLK Domestic gross. and around 400 Million in Profit from in overseas gross that 650 M Disney will see . Now we take the 260 M budget and 100 Million Marketing away... and we get Disney is making a minimum of 290 Million in Profit from TLK's theatrical gross even if we use your MADE UP extremely low percentages. We then add on another 300 Million in Home revenue, which Disney gets 60% of ....that another 170 M in Profit to add to Disney 290 M.... so again even if we used your MADE UP extremely low percentages, Disney is still guaranteed a Minimum of 460 Million dollars in profit from TLK.... lol oh and thats not counting the HUNDREDS of Millions more they will make from Merchandising from the film. lol Queen This is what I'm talking about by "sometime a film is so successful theres simply no trolling"....You cant Win here....even if I granted you all your MADE UP extremely low Percentages, Disney is still Looking at 460 Million dollars in profit... I get it, You truly hate Disney....Its kills you that Disney is dominating, But I'm sorry TLK is past the point of trying to "spin" its box office.... the reality is, Disney going to net close to 650 Million off TLK in Profit, but even if you were right about all your MADE UP extremely low percentages , Disney is still netting 460 Million in Profit....YOU cant WIN.... You've LOST.... Disney Won... by your own MADE UP extremely low percentages TLK is a MONSTER HIT netting Disney 460 Million in You raved for entire year about WB's "great 2018" they didnt have a single "hit" come close to 460 Million in Profit... You've bragged about Aquaman being a huge hit....It didnt come close to 460 Million in Profit. You bragged non stop about Ready Player One being a Huge hit, lol It will never see 200 Million in Profit let alone 460 Million .... I'm sorry Queen... Even by calling "Bullshit" your still in a no win situation.... You cant accept reality where Disney WILL net 650 Million in Profit from TLK... so instead you delusionally created your own fantasy world where Disney Is getting extremely low percentages, but hilariously even in Your OWN MADE UP fantasty, TLK is still netting at least 460 Million in profit and is a MONSTER HIT you cant even LIE right you cant even MAKE UP false facts right! Only you could MAKE UP a bunch of extremely low percentages to try and make it look like a Disney film is not a hit, but hilariously not realize even the MADE up numbers you created proves the Disney film is a monster hit.... just a another HUGE Queen like fail here! sorry Queen I already explained to you.... Disney made Deals with Theatrical chained were they get more of the profit.... Disney Will net at least 290 Million from TLKs domestic take.... Disney Breaks even on TLKs domestic gross alone and Nets 30 million in Profit... The Marketing comes out of The International and Home Media.... TLK is set to top 1 Billion Overeas...from what Ive read most studio get 55% of that....although it could be slightly more for Disney...but Im going to with the usual 55% to be fair... that puts Disney at making 550 Million from overseas gross, easily takes care of the 100 Million in Marketing, and Leaves around 450 Million in Profit to add to the 30 Million left over from domestic.... So Disney is at a Minimum of 480 Million In Profit just off TLKs theatrical gross... add in at least another 300 Million from Home revenue which Disney should see 60% of....which is about 170 Million more in Profit.... 480 +170 is 650, Disney is guaranteed around 650 Million in Profit from TLK lol and thats not counting any money made from Merchandising off the film which will be massive.... bottom line.....Disney will be A Minimum of 650 Million in Profit goodluck spinning that into a negative what an idiot.....tried to talk box office with someone who actually understand it PS..... cling to that 100 Million in Marketing like a life vest.....meanwhile Disney Will just be counting their 650 M in Profit! after TS4 opened huge, you tried the usual "Lets see how much profit it makes with a 600 M Break even point".....Then once TS4 easily met the 600 M Break even point, You moved the goal posts to "so what it hit 600 M now we need to see how much more it makes to gauge if is a success, "Then you when TS was around 700 M, You decided it was time to abandon the board in defeat, but you left with 1 final "Mark"...Claiming "TS4 needed to finish closer to 1 Billion than 800 M to really be considered a huge hit"...and then you took your walk of shame leaving the board INCORRECTLY believing TS4 was going to finish closer to 800 M than 1 Billion since I dont remember your "Mark" before the film opened, I'm going with Your "Last Mark"....where you clearly set in stone that TS4 needed to finish closer to 1 Billion than 800 M...for me this is a FAIL only you are capable of Queen, because It took not ONLY bad Luck but it also took your awful Box office skills to make happen..... lol You set The "Mark" of TS4 needed to get closer to 1 Billion than 800 M because being that you are terrible at box office you truly though TS4 was going to end up around 800 M, lol You just couldnt see TS4 was easily Heading toward 1 B....thats just awful box office skills on your part, but heres where bad luck comes into it....TS4 could have finished anywhere between 900 to 999 M and you would have JUST BEEN WRONG....but hilariously, somehow TS4 really Legged out and instead of finishing "closer to 1 Billion"...It went ahead and kicked you in the balls and TOPPED 1 Billion....ONLY you could fail like that!....Instead of just being wrong, you turned out disastrously .....again you set "The Mark".....Disney's TS4, not only surpassed your "Mark", It Surpassed it in the worst and most embarrassing way for you finally we get to The Lion King....You set the "mark" before the film declared "TLK needed to be the highest grossing live action remake of all time and top BATB both domestically and WW for it to live up to expectations" set the "mark"....of course your deep hatred and anger has lead you to "Move the goal post 7 times now" but again I only care about your original Prediction you made before the film opened....You set the "Mark" Queen...Disneys The Lion King Surpassed your "Mark".....and then Hilariously has also surpassed all 7 of your "Marks" you've set after the film opened lol I just laid out 6 months of nothing but failure for you Queen....where you tried and failed to troll on 5 Disney films that topped 1 Billion +.....6 months of trolling that has resulted in nothing but near 70 to 80 Wrong predictions where The Disney films has surpassed every "Mark" that you intentionally tried to set impossibly high not only will there probably never be another Box office streak like this in Hollywood history, but I'm certain there will never another Trolling Streak of failure like this again We just witnessed the greatest Box office streak of all time By Disney producing 5 films that topped 1Billion + including The highest Movie of all time, Highest Grossing female Superhero movie of all time and highest Grossing live action remake of all time and we also just witnessed the Greatest streak of trolling failure of all time where 1 person literally went "O for like 80" on 5 films that turned out to be Literally some of the most successful films in history Your legacy is now Secure Queen....You truly are The Worst at Trolling......Note I said "worst at trolling" and not "worst troll" I said on purpose because I want to make it clear....I'm not saying you are The worst troll like you troll a lot.....No I'm actually saying you are the absolute worst I've ever seen at the act of trolling....Its not possible for any troll to top what you have done in the last 6 months...No troll in history has failed at the scale you have in the last 6 months I didn't just say it needed to"pass BATB"...I said it should have blown the doors off of it domestically. And's not passed it yet and when it FINALLY does it will be the slowest of crawls over it. ^^^ Nope... You never actually said "it should have blown the doors off of it domestically" Instead what you said was "it should beat it by a country mile" By hilariousl You did NOT say that before the film opened...Your exact prediction /"Mark" was "It needs to beat BATB both domestically and WW" you only changed it to "it should beat it by a country mile" after TLK had been out for 2 Weeks and YOU Finally realized TLK was going to top your original "Mark" as I've said before...You can only be somewhat taken seriously on what you Predict BEFORE a film opens....after a Disney film opens your hatred controls you and forces you to start SPITE trolling which leads to a never ending "Moving of the goal posts" until you finally leave the films board in Shame Before TLK opened You set your "Mark"....that mark was "It needs to top BATB both domestically and WW" If you'll remember, you made this "Mark" after I asked you Could you call 1.3 B+ and 475 Million + for TLK anything but a Monster hit?... your exact respond was "no This is TLK we are talking about, Its supposed to be the highest grossing live action remake of all time, It needs to top BATB domestically and WW" I'm sorry Queen, YOU LOST! Like the 5 other Disney films this year you Tried to troll on and was forced to run and HIDE in Shame.... YOU set your "Mark"....with all 5 Disney Films set your Mark Before the films opened....In all 5 cases the Disney films surpassed your "Marks" lol remember With Captain Marvel....Your "Mark" you set was "This aint no Wonder Woman"....You made it very clear You did not expect CM to have WW type success in any way...You thought CM would open less than 102 Million(later you said maybe even as low as 75 M) and You were sure CM wouldnt make 812 Million WW.....that was your "Mark"...Disneys CM easily surpassed that.....of course because CM's success KILLED you you then tried to set a New "Mark" of "CM Will never top WW domestically"....that too went down in flames and you then abandoned the board. Next came Avengers Endgame, You set Your "Mark" before the film opened you "laughed" at me for saying 2 Billion was the floor, You spent 2 months claiming Endgame would never live up to presales, and Then you finally PREMATURELY gave your exact prediction the night EG opened when you INCORRECTLY thought EG was opening to a 43 M Mid night number......You guaranteed a 300 Million Opening was dead for EG...You then said it will be interesting to see if EG can even match IWs then spent the next 4 weeks making trolls saying "topping Avatar is DEAD with awful holds like this"...You set your "Mark" Queen...Disney's Endgame surpassed them in every possible way Then Came Aladdin, Perhaps your biggest fail of the summer..Here You set your "Mark" In Stone before the film opened creating a troll thread where you predicted Aladdin to Lose Disney Hundreds of Millions of dollars and be a HUGE FLOP.....Now of course, you later Moved the goal post 5 times in RAGE that Aladdin kept surpassing your "Marks"....But as I said, I only care about what you said before the film opened..and The "Mark" you set before the film opened is truly about as far off as one can possibly be...In fact I dont think You could be on more opposite ends of spectrum than you are You predicted Aladdin to FLOP and Lose Hundreds of millions, instead it Top 1 Billion and Netted Disney Near 400 Million in Profit!....You set the "mark" Queen, In this case, you could not have been more wrong and this Disney film easily surpassed your Mark... Next Was Toy Story 4....In this case I dont remember what you predicted before the film opened....I only remember the 5 times your were forced to move the goal posts before Ultimately having to leave the board in shame.. View all replies >