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I have not read the book so maybe my guess is wrong but I would guess she has a blood smell to her. Like a slaughter house. Well not a good guy really. Yes he was messed up. I guess what I mean was not one of the ultimate evil ones. Those were Ramirez and Margaret. For those that only watched the first two episodes you did not stick around long enough. It did suck until twists start happening and well camp redwood became the same as Murder House if you get what I mean. The second half of the season is really good and becomes a lot different than first two episodes. Our main character boogeyman goes through a evolution. He actually was not the true evil in the story. I like how this show misleads us and the first two episodes do this. I thought I was going to hate the storyline for this season. Intense but well done and felt true to the book. The kid was a good actor in that scene and believable. They did not really show the gore(except a little blood splatter) of him being tortured so it was not too bad. I don't think you are talking about black people but jerks in general who talk during a movie. They come in all races though but honestly are often teens. To avoid this annoyance I don't go see movies at night when they are new. And definitely not on opening night who wants to deal with so many bodies. I like the backstory they gave Richie it enriched the character more than just constantly being a joker. Hey if you have not already go to YouTube and check the alternate ending. Watch the full thing it's a little over 9 minutes. You can see which one you like better. I like the alternate one because it's very melancholy and I like sad horror movie endings. I agree she did have a Wednesday Addams vibe about her and it worked. Funny things is that might have been coincidence and she may have originally been intended to be blond. I read that while she was filming this she was also involved with Haunting of Hill House where they had her with darker hair. No the dumb waiter was not in the book. Its kind of a cool new element to add as it gives Rachel even more of a reason to feel guilty and scared of zeldas memory. When they are put in the cursed ground before they come back to life their soul goes to a hell like place that changes them. The little girl tells her mom she went somewhere bad and that her mom will go their too. View all replies >