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I loved but for me small plot hole The ending Too bad Ben and Rey didn't live happily ever after because..... Good twist with "Jason" being a good guy Kids in masks Music in throat slicing video Charlie's accident The cactus The ending Church View all posts >


😝😝😝 I love this episode. I absolutely love the end when he is laughing and bending at the waist. I love most movies with creepy dummies and dolls. I find the tale of what happened to ellie according to the sequel much more interesting however according to a tweet from Stephen king it's not very interesting. Something about her getting adopted by a good family(grandparents must not have lasted long) but that she still has dreams and thinks about things connected to the Pet Semetary. King should have wrote a book about adult Ellie like he did with Danny from The Shining in Doctor Sleep. LMAO I went to San Jose state😄😄😄 The movie did have a ending. The scene where they all left the house was all in Kate's head. You could look at it in two ways. Maybe Kate was going insane and there were never any ghosts. The movie takes place in 94 because the whole thing is a flash back. The red haired woman who was supposed to be her mom was really her. The reason she screams at the end is because when she looks at her mother's face she recognized it as her own. Or perhaps she was not insane at first and the house did have ghosts. Maybe everyone in the house just denied it. Maybe when she left the ghosts followed her home and nobody believed her. So whether or not it was all in her head or the ghosts were real the result of what happened to her is the same. She gets locked up in a mental hospital. She gets put on drugs that destroy her personality and make her seem out of it. Honestly I liked this movie better because of the insanity at the end. Surprised actually the females would not go for the idea of a powerful female dark sider. We have not seen that in movies would be interesting. I likey this idea😀. It's interesting but many would find it too dark and depressing. The second movie has her succumbing to the dark side and I am picturing the very last scene as a flash forward with her on a throne 20 years later ordering the death of someone.😨😨 Oh wow maybe that person is likely trolling but I am laughing here.😆😆😆😆 I am a girl too. You know when I first saw this i had the impression these images were from arbogasts mind but I think they were not I think it's possible these were images going through Norman's mind as Norman was looking at arrogant. Images of events from his past. The cow could have maybe been a memory of him running down the animal in the road on a rainy day. It's plausible he would have liked to torture animals and see them die at points in his life. The woman you could say could have been from either a porno he saw or maybe more likely a woman he killed. Maybe a prostitute. I have not read the book so maybe my guess is wrong but I would guess she has a blood smell to her. Like a slaughter house. View all replies >