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Season 3 opinions anyone?

My opinion:
It sucked, the new girl didn't add glue anything to the story and was unecessery, take her out and it still ends the same.

That SJW girl with the **** glasses was **** annoying. Makes bryce look like the good guy.

It was all really just plot, with just little drama and a little chemistry.

What I liked: Tyler confessing to clay, that was kinda deep, amazing acting throughout this season. Monty getting what he deserved was great.


Too many episodes. Should have been 10 instead of 13. Overall much better then Season 2. Season 2 was crap.

I don't understand why the writers went out of their way to make us feel sympathy for Bryce. Did they want us to dislike the other characters? I mean I never liked Alex to begin with, so whatever with him. He should go to jail. But Jessica was highly annoying all season long, then the finale was the icing on the cake. I don't like Zach or Justin anymore. Ani sucked. It was kind of a mess, but not terrible. Also can they stop ending every season with this stupid hallmark moment, over the top, happy ending coming together of the characters scene.

I agree about Tyler confessing to Clay scene. Killing Monty the way they did honestly felt like cheap fan service. And Alex's dad covering up evidence was so predictable it annoyed me. It's his son, we get it. Is covering up the evidence going to fix everything that's wrong with him?


yeah S2 was kinda crap when I think about it. It was all about killing bryce and for what he did but my hatred was going more for bryce's lawyer, that women was awful and destroyed jessica on the stand, excellent acting, I wish we got to see more of her in S3 but she's out.

Alex is fragged. He screwed up. 1 thing that was weird was tony's family, they got deported but there was no police, no message from the court, no arrest, just boom gone. I think they putted in 13 because of the title 13 reasons why.
Monty should have been in prison, but what about his friends? don't they also deserve prison sentence's? Kind of ridiculous that they were left out, really sloppy.

S2 felt really out of place, it was over the top with clay seeing hanna as a ghost. And no further explanation about it in season 3. what?


I think the writers wanted to show us that some people can change. I understand he wanted to change and could have been a good person in the future, but it's too late for him.


That scene probably hit me in the gut the most for the whole series so far, Tyler finally explaining what Montgomery did to him.

I agree about Ani, it felt very a not needed extra character that was thrown into an already big cast. She had a very “look at me, I’m the new girl,
I’m wise beyond my years and witty, I’m going to get in all your business” way about her. When Jess said “hey, new girl” I cringed.

One thing that I do like, is that the show does a good job of showing that not everything is black and white. That people that do really bad things, aren’t 100% unredeemable. Also the fact that rapists have family and friends and how they themselves deal with the fact.

Seriously a controversial thing right now with the metoo movement and everyone popping up as sexual predators.

Bryce was a rapist, but was trying to get help for it. He was on the way to trying to be a better person (whether that was possible or not, we weren’t given enough time to really tell) when his hurt and anger controlled him over what Chloe told him and he went nuts on Zach. He has major anger and control issues that make it seem like he’s capable of smacking a female around as well if he doesn’t get help.

IF you started to feel pity for Bryce, or felt like maybe he can fix himself, it was shaken up when he messed up Zach’s knee on purpose and then went wild about how he wanted to kill Zach while Alex was trying to help him off the dock.

Long story not so short, while some things seem unrealistic or insanely dramatic, for me it does a good job of showing not everyone is 100% good and bad. Monty was awful and disgusting and troubled for what he did to Tyler. He was also beaten on the regular at home and hiding sexual feelings. He deserved to be in prison, but it made me sick to my stomach that he was killed. He needed help. No excuse for what he did, and I don’t know that he could ever amend what he did to Tyler but I don’t know, it just makes you think.

Then Alex..there’s no way the truth isn’t going to eat him alive and screw him up even more. Yet so would going to prison.

I know it seems like they were trying to humanize rapists. The truth is they are human and severely fucked up. There’s usually a chain of events that leads up to that fucked upness.

Monty immediately seemed to go to prison and Bryce got away with what he did. Justice system is so strange.


You are spot on about Bryce.

What confused me was that the entire season they put him on this road to redemption and then kill him off at the end. Not just that but the way they did it was tacky. He finds out his ex was pregnant AND got an abortion without even telling him. That is very low. I understand women are on this whole "my body" thing and that is cool. But if that was the case then she should never have told him or Zach. She should have kept that to herself. No man should ever find out that his child was aborted and he never even knew it existed. But still he held it together. I give him a pass for going after Zach. Zach deserved it. Anyway. After the entire season of him redeeming himself, apologizing, seeking out Tony so he could hear the tapes, making his own tape in apology AND confessing to all his actions, helping out Tyler even tho that meant him going up against one of his best friends, and getting professional help for himself...they just kill him off. It all seemed like fan service to me.

If they were going to kill Bryce then it should have been that he was putting on an act but was truly unrepentant. Maybe show him try to force himself on Ani as the final straw. And then it should have been Clay and Zach or Clay and Alex or all three of them that killed him.

And no I'm not trying to sympathize with Bryce. But I do believe that people can change if they want to. Bryce in S3 clearly showed that he knew something was wrong with him and was trying to change. Even in his talking to the other characters. The self realization and progress he made in such a short period of time to the point of even trying to help others from what he said were people like him shows a lot of growth. It would have been better to show him confess, go to prison for what he did, and then come out as a reformed person. But the way they did it seemed cheap, tacky, and more like an angry response.


Also, how the hell do any of these kids sleep at night? If I was going through any of this crap I’d be like yep nope mom I’m never going to school again, set me up with online school.

The fact that the parents trust these kids and let them leave the house at this point (the ones not yet 18) is crazy to me

I have to remind myself it’s just a show.


Online school, lol.
All I can say is this season totally got on my nerves. It was the Ani show. Every single episode and there she was. I was never a fan of the WhoDunnit story, and the filming from past to future is becoming the rave lately, and a bit distracting.
There was great acting this season. Tyler especially. At times, Justin too. Monty held his own.
But it got very hokey, very fast at the end.. The last scene was almost a Central Perk coffee reference from Friends, couch and all. The Holiday dinner and themed music just was so forced.
I think they need to end the series now. The first season was the best, and if they end now, they would not have jumped the shark. They wont outstay their welcome.


It was pretty bad. I think the biggest issue here is that they are trying to squeeze blood out of stone.

The show has a very limited premise. It’s about a girl that committed suicide, what lead up to it and what are the consequences.

There is not much they could do with it. I could see a second season being justified since the lawsuit was still pending and Bryce wasn’t brought to justice.

But adding the school shooter angle, Bryce’s attempt at redemption and a murder mystery is just pushing it.

I really don’t see why they want to make more episodes. This story is finished.