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Was watching on Disney + and I swear there’s a scene missing Wedding Shower Pictures Caitlin How long would it take for beginners to actually fight like that? Luke And Laura Rape Song So weird to think i'm the parent's ages now This was the only tv movie in the series.. Sad how quiet his board is these days The episode where Jo wrote the article to get back at her teacher Camp Knowwhere View all posts >


I was up and down with how I felt about the season, but I liked how they ended it. Of course they knew what they were doing with the Mike and the Mechanics song at the end. Gutted me right away. Reminds me of the woman that played Margaret. I swear, her and Richard Ramirez had the same huge mouths, same noses and mannerisms, it was distracting me LOL. When they were sitting on the couch that episode I was like man you guys could be related. I've been watching since the reruns of the original Degrassi Jr High hit the airwaves on Showtime in like 1993. I've managed to find something about each class to enjoy. There's always that mourning period though when cast members leave. It killed me when Joey and Caitlin broke up for the last time, and then suddenly they were phased out and no longer were shown. I kind of had to get used to the fact that the first few seasons they had more storylines because it was kind of gimicky for us people that watched the original, and now Craig was being reduced to a guest star so there wasn't any need for Joey anymore. What was strange, was that Spike seemed to have been phased out to. There was a period of time where I swear she was never around and I didn't see her for like two years or something until Emma and Spinner got married. I might be remembering wrong but the whole thing was weird, because when Connor moved in I don't ever remember seeing Spike, or Jack, who would have been able to start at Degrassi in reality had the netflix series went on. Man that's weird to think! That literally Spike gave birth to him in 2003. It's kind of mind blowing to think how many classes we'e seen roam those halls. I had recently discovered that crazy days and nights (or whatever) website that's been around for MANY years now. I saw quite a few past gossip items about him and his shows alluding to all that was mentioned above. I've been watching reruns of Head Of The Class and it's so weird to think of him in this kind of light. Head Of The Class was close to 30 years ago though so a lot of time has passed since then. Paige was always hot and cold for me. She was cruel from the get go when she could tell that Spinner likes Terri. And that Terri actually had a chance with him. So she convinced Terri to drink. She didn’t pour it down her throat but she manipulated her. But then she would randomly show signs of being nice and it was confusing lol Posting on an insanely old thread again, but I was just thinking about this the other day, and I really wish that Tessa would have eventually told him. He apologized to Caitlin for how he treated her, but he treated Tessa just as bad. She was under the impression he had broken up with Caitlin. I feel like adult Joey would have been deeply sorry and at least expressed so if he was aware he'd gotten her pregnant. The first Sleep Away Camp was amazing. However, I enjoy the other two films and Return to Sleep Away Camp just as much. Never seen the survivor. I kind of consider Return to sleep away camp a direct sequel to Sleep Away Camp and then Unhappy Campers and Teenage Wasteland separate entities. I mean, it's still Angela but it's a lot more campy and cheesy. Not to mention hilarious. That's normally the kind of 80's slasher I like. So I do love them all. I keep going back and forth. I really liked this last episode. I cracked up seeing them killing Limahl. I wonder if he got a kick out of it. I wonder if he knows. Sometimes the endings draw me in. There's two episodes left so we will see. It's not been my favorite, but so far i've finished all the seasons, even if I had to take a break and go back to them. I'm starting to agree. I'll reserve my final decision until the last episode, but so far for me it started out interesting and now i'm leaning more towards it being my least favorite. Some of the twists are interesting but there are so many that i'm like "eh..." BUT we will see. Yep and honestly, they are pretty spot on with the binge eating stuff in the second season. People that don’t have that problem might think it’s over the top or spoofy but honestly I felt like it was pretty accurate for many people. View all replies >