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Isn’t it funny? I have to echo what a lot of people here said but there are people I couldn’t stand back in the day, and now I miss them. I haven’t seen every single season, but I’ve seen a lot of them. I don’t think I saw the first challenge in 1998 but I saw the second or third. I lived in Maine at the time and I know that they stopped by Fun Town in Saco and Boothbay Harbor for a few challenges. I think that season was a traveling one, like they were on a tour bus or two tour buses. Something like that. You almost forget at this point that it used to just be Real world against Road Rules. Then I remember a battle of the sexes in 2004 and Amaya from Hawaii and Melissa and Julie from New Orleans was on it. I just remember at the time in the early to mid 2000s thinking oh my god I can’t stand Veronica. Oh my god why is Coral on every single challenge?? Why are Mark and Beth still on these challenges??That Yes guy is so annoying! Omg Paula, you and Johnny Banannas are so annoying! There are so many old school people I still can’t even remember their names. Now I’d love to see these old farts back on the challenges. It’s funny how popular CT is, I remember him being kind of annoying on the Paris season and I couldn’t stand Adam either. Now I’d kill to see anyone BUT CT and Johnny Bananas. I used to consider a rookie until they’ve done like two or three challenges. Now it’s like after ONE your a vet. It’s also hard to believe that at one point someone other than TJ was hosting. It’s kind of like how Jackie was a serious character the first bunch of seasons. Then when she cut her hair shorter and started dating Fred and had the baby, she just acted insane half the time. Totally cuckoo off the wall Yes!!! And I thought it was very disturbing how Alex’s dad knew Alex was the one who pushed Bryce into the water, and knew these kids were lying and keeping secrets and just let them all suffer. Through the drills and the extra security and all the madness. He didn’t even step in to diffuse situations any. I know he was protecting his son and I guess maybe a parent would fiercely do that, but it just goes to show the imbalance of justice there is. I thought it was pretty good. Did I miss them saying why his wife was in prison or is that part of the charm, that we don’t know yet? I remember her being visible upset about the big move and then it jumping ahead. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it. Yes at this point I’m kind of just watching to make fun of it, and that’s the entertainment I’m getting from it. Them not guessing the super obvious ones (especially when most of the judges are celebrities and are in a similar crowd) and then pulling someone super vague out of their pockets last minute really seems super fake. What really gets me are the guesses that Robin Makes sometimes. Ken’s are clearly jokes but Robin guessing weird Al, when it’s someone that has a really good voice is just ugh Also,we know they film the entire show in advance, except for these social distancing after shows they’ve been doing. I’m wondering how many they film in a row, because the judges have the same outfits on in a few episodes. I’m confused about the chic thing as well! I binge watched season 3 on Netflix then immediately binged season 4, and even with bingeing it seems like it’s been so long since they showed that scene that I keep forgetting it. I also had to crack up over the hate for Mr Honey. I have to remind myself it’s a show and that these are people in their 20s playing teens. With all the sexualized stuff and kids getting away with things left and right. I had to remind myself that the first season they were only supposed to be like 15 or 16 and Sophomores. All the sex and people running businesses and such makes me forget that they are not adults. I realize teens have sex, but it’s a whole totally different level on this show 🤣 I keep trying to find ANY sort of reliable information on release date, and all I can find is scammy articles that make it seem like they wrote it the same day your googling information. Acting like it’s recent but it’s really just clickbait. They have no real info. One of them said the they heard it’s been delayed until fall. I hope that’s not true. It sounded a lot to me like a mix of cigarette smoking and having dentures. Omg LOL it’s like they read this post and that’s why we had to see Alpha take a crap and then Negan fall in it haha I was up and down with how I felt about the season, but I liked how they ended it. Of course they knew what they were doing with the Mike and the Mechanics song at the end. Gutted me right away. View all replies >