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Seems to be fading away Days of Future Past? Might as well be called Jazmin Arya Spin off This film feels so relatable I haven’t rolled my eyes in a movie so much in years I think the Seven Kingdoms are going to split. Cynical Disney World Promotion Fake Red told the son SPOILERS Really want a sequel. View all posts >


You should also consider the DNA evidence. The DNA evidence could not connect any of the central park five. But it did connect Matias Reyes. The statements were made without adult supervision and without an attorney present. That made those statements unreliable. While it doesn’t prove innocence, it does not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Even without Reyes’s confessions, they never should have been found guilty. It’s not Netflix’s fault that Trump has consistently being on the wrong side of history and has been constantly screwing up when it comes to race relations. Now he is President and is subject to this kind of scrutiny. It’s fair game. There is also a time issue. Max probably didn’t become an important public figure until decades later. If he was the Secretary of Commerce in 1968, he probably didn’t become a public figure until 1961, at the earliest. That’s almost 30 years after Max’s fake death. Noodles memory of Max was probably blurry (it is unlikely he had any pictures of him as well). Plus, Max had changed his hair style and started using glasses. He even spoke differently; lower voice and slower delivery. And, of course, Noodles thought Max was dead. He would consciously, or subconsciously, rule out the possibility that Max and Baley are the same person. Another possibility is that the events do take place in the 1960s, but Noodles imagined a lot of the things that happened because he is still using dope. He was the best part of this problematic movie. I liked it. Jon is free now and can live life as he chooses. I think he enjoys the fact that he can get away from all the bs in the seven kingdoms. The Iron Throne was made by the Targaryens. I took it as a symbolic end of the Targaryen rule. They will never rule Westeros again. This film started out front loaded. That is why it made so much money. But I just don’t see much rewatchability. Don’t get me wrong, it was great. But I just can’t see myself watching it many times over. It is just a conclusion to several movies. In contrast, I saw Avatar five times in the theater and bought the blue ray. I enjoy it more because it is a complete film. Not much of a choice. They will probably try to take down The Table. Lol! Genius! View all replies >