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Dark Fate is superior to Salvation, by a lot. Just the fact that it actually had terminators, makes it superior. Btw, there are a lot of complaints about the new leader being a Mexican girl without mentioning John Connor. You just haven’t been paying attention. That’s irrelevant. The only complaint should be that Connor was killed. Emphasizing that the substitute is a Mexican girl is bigotry and sexism no matter how you try to spin it. Not to forget that the numerous people saying that the film is too woke are also engaging in the same sexism and bigotry. If by SJW agenda, you mean protecting usually vulnerable groups that have been subject to oppression and are now being given a voice, no, it is not an American only thing. We see it a lot in Latin America with women and native groups. At the same time, the U.S. has a particular post-slavery history. All these Jim Crow and red lining laws left huge wounds in large segments of the population. And it was much more intense than in many other countries after their own respective slaveries were abolished. Complaining that they killed the main character: valid complaint, worthy of debate. Complaining that the new leader is Mexican and a girl: meritless complaint and totally irrational. The later complaint is something only a bigot and a sexist would complain about. Anyone with common sense would agree. A film either works or it doesn’t. You can try to break formula, but it has to work. At the end, you go to these movies to be entertained. Salvation was boring. Heck, it was one of the safest post apocalyptic worlds I had seen. Plus, none of the characters were interesting. Dark Fate had it’s issues and lacked originality. But it was actioned packed and had likable characters. As different as Salvation was, it was still inferior in quality to Dark Fate. Their POV is based on a prejudice. There is no rational thought. They don’t have an argument at all. So, whether I engage in ad-hominems or not is irrelevant since their non-argument is meritless and self-defeating. Since you alleging it is based on biology, could you provide any evidence to support your statement? There is nothing to elaborate. Being against a person being a leader because of their ethnicity and gender is bigoted and sexist. It is a prejudice. It is not based on any rational thought. It is as simple and obvious as 1 + 1 =2. View all replies >