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Of course liberals are allowed to fight back. But you do that arguing the facts. All the liberal stated was that the movie had the facts and didn’t explain which parts were factual. Then he started screaming at the conservative and referred to Trump as an orange cheeto. It shows that while liberals are correct on the issues, they are wrong in the way they try to communicate them. And I remember that era well. Bush was seen as the lovable buffon who was way un over his head, while Cheney was the power behind the throne. He was the de facto President. Biden himself criticize that self-appointment of power in the 2008 debate. For starters, they really screwed up the concept of hearsay. The dude that had his family killed was testifying about things he saw. That’s not hearsay. Maybe some of the gifts he almost didn’t deliver were helping people with the things I mentioned. He helped the officer get in touch with his wife, for instance. SPOILERS! I think you need to look into other elements of the movie that you missed. The idea of material presents was just for the kids. But you also saw that Christmas for the older people was something deeper. The police officer wanted for Christmas to be reconciled with his ex-wife. The mother wanted her kids to get a long. Finally, the son wanted to to see his father one last time. The movie had a powerful message of love and family. I felt the same way. It felt like a return to the 1990s in it’s style. Plus, Russell’s take on Santa was pretty cool. I think this might become one of the seasonal Christmas movies. Vanellope wasn’t leaving them without a solution. They got the control and saved Sugar Rush. They got their home back and she changed careers. It is a win-win situation. That was the overall message of the movie. Sometimes you have to let friends go and support their career changes. It is what a true friend does. That’s what Ralph had to learn. Yup! I caught it! It was really exciting. I think he filmed more cameos for a few more movies. I felt it was a huge build up for such an average outcome. It has a lot of the Ghibli style, but not the soul. I don’t think Finn is a weak actor. He was really cool in the Luke Cage cameo. This show simply had bad writing. View all replies >