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If you like him, watch Daredevil the Netflix. T.V. Series. It’s probably his best performance. No probable cause and no search warrant could be obtained with just a guy sitting there with an ice cream truck. That was the best scene! I even skipped back to watch it again. It was almost perfect! I just saw the film for the first time tonight. That part is bugging me at well. They were parked in a huge parking lot and left with no witnesses. Apparently, there are no security cameras. They saw the rapist leave with a woman that no one knows and then he ends up dead. I can’t see how they would’ve identified her license plate, let a lone connect her to the crime. The movie does not say that all women are gullible waifs. Just the ones the crashers targeted. Jeremy and John carefully chose the women they wanted to hit on. At one point Jeremy looks at one girl and says: “Tattoo on the back. Might as well be a bullseye”. Then at Claire’s sister’s wedding, John says: “Be careful with girls with hats. They tend to be very proper.” As guys get older, they learn how to read women better. If you have lots of experience like Jeremy and John, you get really good at it. They know which women would go along with them and which one’s wouldn’t. As for Claire. It is way too common for nice and smart girls to be with total douchebags. In Claire’s case she was very insecure. You can tell when she talks about the wedding joke and with her insecurities about Zack. More importantly, she faced pressure from her family. She comes from a very wealthy family and Zack came from another one. He father really wanted their families to join. That is why Zack even talks asks him when Claire says she can’t marry him. So, not a sexist movie. Just a comedy that touches on issues that happen on real life. The Hangover sequels are horrible and an example of why Wedding Crashers should not get one. Movies like these are a one trick pony. Just rewatch the original one and enjoy it. I am pretty sure it is getting cancelled. Unlike, Daredevil, Jones and Iron Fist, I feel they wrote this season to be the last. There were no cliffhangers. I didn’t feel there was much of a cliffhanger for Luke Cage either. But I don’t think that was intentional. Punisher was probably the only season written with a cancellation in mind. Of course liberals are allowed to fight back. But you do that arguing the facts. All the liberal stated was that the movie had the facts and didn’t explain which parts were factual. Then he started screaming at the conservative and referred to Trump as an orange cheeto. It shows that while liberals are correct on the issues, they are wrong in the way they try to communicate them. And I remember that era well. Bush was seen as the lovable buffon who was way un over his head, while Cheney was the power behind the throne. He was the de facto President. Biden himself criticize that self-appointment of power in the 2008 debate. For starters, they really screwed up the concept of hearsay. The dude that had his family killed was testifying about things he saw. That’s not hearsay. View all replies >