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Yup, Paltrow’s attorney has effectively impeached the Plaintiff with the deposition and his own out of court statements. Best case scenario, the guy’s memory is so bad that you can’t trust what he says. Personally, I remain unconvinced. The only eye witness in the Plaintiff’s favor admitted to not saying Paltrow crashed into him 7 years ago. Now he is saying she did. Then the Plaintiff contradicted things from the deposition. He even said: “I mispeak a lot.” There is also a statement from him saying that it is cool he had a collison with a celebrity. On top of that, there is a text from Paltrow back then saying someone crashed into her. All of this makes Paltrow more credible. With what I’ve seen so far, if I was a juror, I would find her not liable. No mature adult defends her. Actors in “A fish called Wanda” acted their age? All comedy has a juvenile element. If you want a actors acting their age, watch a drama. To me, this film just didn’t land. It could be that it hasn’t aged well. I still laugh, to this day, with “Trains, Plains and Automobiles”. But I didn’t find this film to be funny. The biggest thing for me is that the characters were unlikable. There is not one of them I was rooting for. I am 37. So, the show started before my time, but ended when I was young. I am enjoying it, nonetheless. Sure, it has a few cliche’s here and there, but the chemistry between the leads is great. There is good action and pacing, as well. To me, it just feels fun. Too many shows these days are dark and depressing. I am only on Season one, and I am loving the soundtrack. I was talking about natives, not black slaves. Yes, there is a lot of racism in Latin America. I wasn’t disputing that. I’ve been waiting for a while for Chris to address the Oscar slap and he didn’t disappoint. He said a lot of the things I felt about the incident. Mainly that Will is a bitch for slapping him. He went after him because he is a skinny guy who couldn’t defend himself. I am glad Chris also unloaded on Jada and all that bullshit about entanglements and the red table talk. She needed to be told off. Chris has every right to not forgive Will. The apology wasn’t sincere, anyway. Yes, Spanish speaking former colonies also bash Spain. The key difference is that Spain and Portugal weren’t obsessed with race like Britain and their anglo-saxon cousins in the U.S. were. One example is how British colonists simply wanted to exterminate Native Americans, while Spanish colonists wanted to turned them into Christians. Nothing. View all replies >