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Great Documentary! Walt’s family was ridiculous The ending threw me off. Johnny’s past No one cared about her Victory and Death How did Boba Fett knew to wait in the debris? Shattered The Phantom Apprentice gave me goosebumps SPOILERS* Scorsese should adapt On the Run View all posts >


I think they called it the “the film that must not me named”, lol! SGT Pepper wasn’t really their downfall. It was more of a minor inconvenience. After that they released the “Spirits Having Flown” album which was one of their most successful albums ever. Then they went on their smashingly successful 1979 tour. It was really the “anti-disco backlash” that ended their Golden Era. What can you do when radio stations refuse to play your songs? I disagree with most here. Ashoka would know about Luke by now. Ashoka was a member of the Rebellion before Luke. She knew the top leadership like Senator Organa. While she did disappear after her fight with Vader, I am sure she kept herself in the loop. And we saw that Luke became famous in the sequels. He was in the Battle of Yavin and Endor and brought Vader’s dead body to Endor. As soon a news spread that there was a guy name Luke Skywalker that defeated Vader and the Emperor, I am pretty sure Ashoka did the math seeing how he has Anakin’s last name. The conflict was over. The Forest Spirit died, the boars were wiped out and it seems the animals were no longer intelligent. Iron Town was also destroyed. So, apparently, they didn’t have the machinery to process it. Not much else left to do. The more I think about it, the more I believe that Star Wars best bet is on TV series. People seem to forget how the Dark Horse Comics and other books contributed enormously to Star Wars being as huge as it is. In fact, a lot of the things we saw in the Prequels, Sequels and TV shows came from those comics. I believe that not being limited to 2.5 hours like the movies are allows them to develop characters, concepts and stories much better than in the movies. The TV series could be what the Comics were in the 1990s and the 2000s. And they can give us a much more satisfying experience. Here is what I recommend you watch in this order. 1. The Original Trilogy 2. The Prequel Trilogy 3. The Clone Wars series 4. Star Wars Rebels series If that is too much, then just the first two. Lol, I actually it does. It’s either probable cause or reasonable suspicion. None of this is present here. Just a Trumpian fantasy based on nothing. No intelligent person thinks there was fraud to the point of affecting the outcome. If you know anything about the law, you know people file complaints all the time that are not investigated because investigators deem it without merit. This is one of them. You only investigate when there is probable cause of a crime. There is no probable cause here. 99% of the suits have been dismissed. And this has already cost the tax payers a lot of time and money. It’s not just the Trump organizations paying for it. Trump supporters are just going to have to accept reality. If they can’t, tough shit. No, you are making stuff up. There is no reason to investigate. There is no proof that there were big problems. Not even probable cause. It’s just a fantasy your side has created. Doing more investigations based on nothing is harmful to Democracy as it will prolong the process. Not to mention that it cost money. Just accept you lost and move on. We should only do a recount if the law requires it. Doing a recount just to satisfy the paranoia of a few delusional idiots sets a terrible precedent. If the Georgia hand to hand recount didn’t change anything, recounting the others won’t do it either when Biden won by a larger margin. Liberals are not afraid of the result. We know we won. Want we don’t want is a prolonged and unnecessary process that hurts Democracy But, in the end, there is no proof. Saying that there is voter fraud without evidence is irresponsible and undermines confidence in the system. Public figures need to be careful about making baseless claims like these. View all replies >