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I wouldn’t call it a glorification of prostitution. If anything, this is an unsubtle cautionary tale. The first time he hires a prostitute, he loses $75. The second time, she steals the egg. Then he is followed by a pimp with a gun, who eventually steals his furniture and he loses all of his money to get it back. And let’s not forget about the situation with the car. This was a very risky business, hence the title of the film. Towards the end, it was not worth it since he put himself in so much risk and had little to show for it. As for the women. His girlfriend said she left the house because her stepfather was molesting her. It was made clear that she had psychological issues. Most of them were pretty young too, so they wouldn’t look so worn. As for STD’s. They are teenagers! At that age people don’t really think about consequences. There are actual psychological studies done on this. If any of them were concerned, they would simply not show up. But, in general, teenagers are very horny and would take a chance like this. And white people wonder why black people distrust authorities. The system is rigged. You’re a racist. Duly noted. In 2016, I might agree with you. But I don’t see Minnesota turning red with everything that is going on. Actually, everything I wrote is irrefutably true. This is simple politics and history 101. When people stop feeling represented by the system, violence comes in. It’s the same thing that happened when the American colonists Britain didn’t represent them. It’s as old as human history. Blacks have been brutalized for decades. They tried protesting peacefully (Collin Kaepernick) and nothing happened. In fact they were mocked. Until the states introduce real reform to put an end to this pattern, all violence is justified. He is not laughing at his death. He’s laughing at his stupidity. Check the Keys to the White House. It’s the best model to predict Presidential winners. It even predicted Trump’s election in 2016. One of the 13 keys states that long social unrest hurts the incumbent party. Republicans were not the incumbents in 1968. Aside from that, you can turn that argument around. We had the 1992 Rodney King riots and Republicans lost California and the election to Democrats. Trump ran as the Law and Order candidate in 2016 because of social unrest back then. Now, three and a half years later, social unrest is higher than it’s ever been this Century. Clearly Trump has failed to bring law and order to the U.S. These protest will hurt him. There was a girl that used to go to school with me in Kindergarden. She left my school and in middle school ended in my wife’s school. I saw her again at the wedding of my wife’s friend and we did not recognize each other at all. I added her on facebook and one day she randomly posted pictures from Kindergarden. It finally clicked and confirmed it was her. It was really freaky. So, this isn’t really a plot hole. It’s hard to remember people from long ago, especially without pictures. Musk lost me when he publicly called the rescue guy a Pedophile. I don’t care what the other guy said. Making such a huge accusation, even as an insult, can really cause harm to someone. The problem with Elon Musk is that he lacks empathy. He’s never had real problems in his life and cares little for people. He is willing to put a lot of people’s life and health in danger just so he can get richer. I hope people stop worshipping this guy. View all replies >