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Michael explained it pretty well himself. Below is the explanation. The fact that Stanley’s most unlikable moment was his “Did I stutter?” moment should mean he’s one of the most likable there. That was a totally useless meeting, like 90% of Michael’s meetings. Plus, Michael was practically harassing him to participate in a pointless activity. [quote]Mr. Park worked for his lot in life. He is the product of a strong work ethic and ambition.[/quote] You are making a lot of assumptions here. The film hints that Mr. Park was born into wealth. The same thing with his wife. Their inability to stand the smells, their disgust with the Metro and extreme condescension to the Kims point to that. And let’s not forget about their naiveté and inability to do basic household chores or even cooking. And this is the main message of the film. There is a huge problem of social inequality where it is hard, if not impossible, to climb out of poverty. The son had to keep postponing going to school to support his family. The place were they lived was horrible. Without internet connection, they were limited in earning options. A rain could wash away the few things they had, pushing them back. Obviously, they were wrong in hurting the Park’s employees and and in many of the other things they did. But when you have a very unequal society where the rich have everything and the poor have little to no hope, class resentment takes place with unfortunate consequences like the ones we saw in the film. Or you can be an adult and accept that people have different opinions. I’ll give you one (I am not going to go into it all). Kylo Ren tricking and killing Snokes was different. He became the Supreme Leader. That is something that Vader could not do. It was a nice twist and consolidated him as a villain. That is just my theory. Yes, even after he died, he could do that. However, the catch was that it had to be a mindless body like a baby or a clone. In Empire’s End, he tried to occupy Leia’s youngest baby. But then an old Jedi got in the way and took his spirit. By doing so, he took Palpatine to the netherworld of the Force and made sure he stayed there. In the EU Palpatine can transfer his spirit to new Clone bodies. [quote]7) Force ghosts in this movie can hold light saber and lift aircraft, so I don't know why all the Jedi force ghosts did not gang up on Palpatine and did nothing to the first order.[/quote] I think that Force Ghosts could only do that in the planet Rey was on. That planet has an ancient Jedi Temple and unusually strong in the Force. The film was meant to portray characters that way. They were wrong. That scene of Allen confronting his friend at the college perfectly illustrates it. He comes to the realization of how horrible they are. View all replies >