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Season 2 was the best season.... How does a show like: Black lady sketch which nobody watches.... Wotcher.... I dreamed about this film.... Terrible please end this... Season 3 opinions anyone? This show is junk? Better than thor 1 and 2? character motivations. (spoiler alert) Higher metacritic score than Infinity war? View all posts >


ah, so wotcher to you. Wotcha! thx for clarification, this show used a lot of wotcher. I thought it was an alcoholic drink or something. the ending the trailer where everything was getting reversed with the car and shit, man I will never forget that. yeah S2 was kinda crap when I think about it. It was all about killing bryce and for what he did but my hatred was going more for bryce's lawyer, that women was awful and destroyed jessica on the stand, excellent acting, I wish we got to see more of her in S3 but she's out. Alex is fragged. He screwed up. 1 thing that was weird was tony's family, they got deported but there was no police, no message from the court, no arrest, just boom gone. I think they putted in 13 because of the title 13 reasons why. Monty should have been in prison, but what about his friends? don't they also deserve prison sentence's? Kind of ridiculous that they were left out, really sloppy. S2 felt really out of place, it was over the top with clay seeing hanna as a ghost. And no further explanation about it in season 3. what? Watch the documenteries 'the central park five' you'll see how accurate it really is. The Series are very accurate. The only thing I need to tell you is that it's not gonna end well... That makes it predictable. I love Lost, Never sene 13th floor, Massive sci-fi fan, from star trek - battlestar galactica + various sci-fi films. This show is predictable and quite boring. Nothing evolutionary at all. agreed. I liked the stupid wh*re part. Clay couldn't even pull a boner on Skye. That was the reason Skye flipped out. He can only think about hannah. the rating will probably go down to a rating from 9.1 to 8.6-8.7 or something later on. The worst thing is, it could've been a great show but it will probably end up dead to the end of season 2. View all replies >