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I just saw it! Rank MCU TV shows! Felt a bit unrealistic? This series is already released. The title. Are Alexander Skarsgård and Nicole Kidman the first actors to play... If it got cancelled after the first season… Jennifer Aniston Razzie noms. The most toxic couple in movie history? View all posts >


I meant original show 'The Wonder Years'. I saw it! It was unexpected twist, but good one. She was excellent from A Star Is Born, her finest performance to date. It will be released in 2024. Good atmosphere, but it's been made few times like this one and kinda predictable twists too. Teresa Palmer was good in her role and deserved better than this movie. Seen and I kinda cringed because it was supposed to be private, so I skipped. I felt bad for Pam. :( Nope. I watched it for myself. I'm a 25 year old guy and I thought it was fun watch. It felt a bit cartoon-ish that reminded me of Miraculous though, but in a good way. Cool review, thank you! I'm curious how Julia Butters was in it, did she have a big parts? Loved her performance from Once Upon Time... Hollywood. View all replies >