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Do you think this will be better than Infinity War? Uma Thurman James McAvoy's performance has got to be one of the best performances eve The birds.. (SPOILER) What made Marlon Brando a great actor? The dogs scene. Lin Shaye Do you think Luisa ruined their..? (SPOILER) I found this show so unrealistic because no one character is getting too old. Holy fuck, Jennifer Lawrence was amazing! View all posts >


This was awesome game and made me want to play more 1990s games. Some of Tom and Jerry cartoons. Lmao, hahaha. It is as fun as Happy Death Day? That lizard man deserved revenge for raping her. That fat guy kinda deserved revenge for not helping her and looking for her to kill. That bastard absolutely deserved revenge for everything. Okay, I admit I didn't like before she was blonde and she was guilty for being with that cheater, but she showed us she became braver (even than lizard man) considering she's a girl and she got better on the end. I wasn't rooting for anyone, but I just wanted that those guys to die and it was done, since I couldn't care if she dies or not (kinda glad she survived). Only good thing that those guys are dead now. Because she was raped and no one girl really deserves to be raped. They even tried to kill her. She got what she deserved. Elshie Fisher was incredible and knows what acting is. She will get a better life, I know that. It sucks it happens to too many teenagers when they are still immature, it’s just a waste time. It shows us that teenagers needs to be friendly, be nice, not trying to be cool. It also annoyed me when she falls a few times lol. I agree with xtomatex pretty much what he/she said, I don't think they were gay. They never see each other after that coffee because they had uncomfortable situations together, dirty moments and both were ashamed what they have done as teenagers. It seems that both would do cheat their girlfiriends and Julio was jealous she took him first. They weren't aware kissing also. They both wanted to do better things, so I think that's why they stopped seeing each other. Sad ending though. Yeah, I know! Well, she does have now like Daenerys's hair, so white hair doesn't make you to look old. I personally think they've should age her, she still doesn't have a wrinkles. View all replies >