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I just re-watched it now as an adult. Disappointing! To those people who prefer this movie over the first film. Why? Why does this movie have only less than 500k votes on IMDb? It was so bad. Why do people on the Internet have to claim if it's a Christmas movie or not? I just pretend it's a spin-off of Die Hard. It's been 32 years since Carl.. What are y'all watching on Saturday tonight? Hilarious! I need another one. View all posts >


I agree. The bitch deserved to die. Should be called "Nothing and the City" if Kim Cattrall will not be returning. It might help! Thanks. I agree he's still attractive and adorable man. I was only surprised when I found how he looks like now after seeing few episodes of The Wonder Years. He looks so different than when he was a kid, like a father of little Fred lol. I noticed it too. Pretty huge hands. (S)he had a sexy legs tho. I watched it in 4K on TV. Had an amazing experience. "Zoey Deutch - Lorraine Baine" Yes!!! You're probably right. View all replies >