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I'm amazed to learn that... Worth watching it in 4DX 3D? Amanda. Why do some people call it a rom-com movie? 65 reasons to go and see this movie. Kim Kardashian joining AHS12! Was it supposed to be random for her to go from playing the role of Suits to being married to Prince Harry? The Invisible Man's grandson? Disrespectful of the deaf community. Better face reveals: Scream (2022) or Scream VI? View all posts >


I think they're currently working on the reboot TV. They just announced it last spring. It officially jumped the shark after Caroline's final episode in Season 8. It officially died right after the last episode of Season 10. Season 11 is the only season that it's almost unwatchable. I agree, I wish the community hadn't died. It's a fun series whatever to discuss about. Lol, they shouldn't make the reunion film until maybe 2007 or 2009, but with a bigger budget. This one was overall rushed and too cheesy. "Also Taylor Walsh? Didn't she leave? And why didn't she go to the wedding?" That was too odd, too. I hated that. He originally survived, but they decided to reshoot it after he announced that he was leaving Baywatch, which is why they made this movie to clear all up the things and close the history if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. I was born fully deaf, and I was so surprised to learn that there are people who hardly read the subtitles and avoid foreign movies. I'm always fine reading the subtitles and seeing the actors' faces at the same time on screen, but I guess that's how I got used to it. I don't see the issue here. If you're finding it hard to read subtitles, think about deaf people. Is her movie good? I mean, I can see why people rated it higher. It's well done in general, however, it's not my personal taste. View all replies >