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Penn Badgley should be nominated for an Emmy. I can't believe the most annoying dumb blonde was last person to die. (SPOILER): I can see that Dan really loves Blair more than Serena. Only.. 7.8 rating? Is this actual sequel? 4.8 is too low rating. Blake Lively A.D.? Can I watch it if I haven't seen the first two movies? View all posts >


But blondes are meant to die first lol. I just watched it today, this was dumb, but good movie. I don't that wouldn't work. Imagine if you found out the guy who adopted you killed your sister. Dexter, better character and performance. Thank, it could be true! I enjoyed the first two films, I'm still looking forward for the rest. Oh wow, this was useful to read. Thanks! She's absolutely hot in this movie. Scream Queens AHS Adult World Palo Alto Scream 4 I agree. I find it more way fun than Wolfenstein 3D. 3 1 2 4 6 5 Gossip Girl ruined by last two seasons thanks to writers. I haven't seen it in two years, but I barely remember two segments I rated lower. A Drop of Water is pretty memorable. View all replies >