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What does the title means? Jennifer Lawrence.. How would you rank all those characters? Your top 5 characters! Remember back in 2013 when people thought Margot Robbie is lying about her age.. Zac Efron. Worst decision ever. Rank those characters! "Why are you doing this?!" I was surprised how Zac Efron and Lily Collins both were amazing in it. View all posts >


^This. If the release is cancelled, it does mean that we will never see this movie or? I'm a huge fan of this actor. Top 5 performances: 1. The Place Beyond the Pines (my top 5 male performances of all time) 2. The Nice Guys 3. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (my favorite Gosling's character) 4. The Believer 5. The Notebook More like only in Season 7, but she showed us how she is actually a good person in the last season. Love how and what she did for Bree. One who didn't allow them to burn. Worst decision ever! Bump. Lol. No, I was just surprised. Don't be so rude, dammit. I'm in shock now. So sad! RIP. Because why not? I’m just curious. April Ludgate - hands down, the best person on this world. Leslie Knope Andy Dwyer Ron Swanson Chris Traeger Ben Wyatt Ann Perkins Jerry Gergich Tom Haverford Donna Meagle View all replies >