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The birds.. (SPOILER) What made Marlon Brando a great actor? The dogs scene. Lin Shaye Do you think Luisa ruined their..? (SPOILER) I found this show so unrealistic because no one character is getting too old. Holy fuck, Jennifer Lawrence was amazing! So, this basically ignored every movie since the original? I would like to they make another Halloween movie in 2038. I thought Michelle Rodriquez was terrible in it. View all posts >


It also annoyed me when she falls a few times lol. I agree with xtomatex pretty much what he/she said, I don't think they were gay. They never see each other after that coffee because they had uncomfortable situations together, dirty moments and both were ashamed what they have done as teenagers. It seems that both would do cheat their girlfiriends and Julio was jealous she took him first. They weren't aware kissing also. They both wanted to do better things, so I think that's why they stopped seeing each other. Sad ending though. Yeah, I know! Well, she does have now like Daenerys's hair, so white hair doesn't make you to look old. I personally think they've should age her, she still doesn't have a wrinkles. I remember those episodes that many also treated her like shit. However, she was incredibly amazing in Season 2, average in next season. I'm currently on Season 4 where she made a fake pregnancy, what was in her mind? She absolutely looks stunning with that cheerleader outfit. Glad she got big parts there too. I agree. She knows about love better than both. She just want to be fun with him, but Anna was upset that he dated her if she also cheated him while they were both on "break". No, I didn't hate her. She knows about love better than Jacob and Anna. Anna was completely upset that he dated another girl while they were only on break. Sam probably wanted non-serious relationship with him and fully understand that he still loves her. Even after break-up, he wanted to try again with Sam. Sam ruined the love because he didn't go to London if he truly loved her, he simply should have. She refused to answer and seemed uspet - obviously. I think you're right, but I don't think they will broke up because of that. They both realized that they had happier moments at the beginning. "I think he just wanted to kill people." I don't think so.. Killing people for no reason? He killed some people to find Laurie Storde. He killed own sister, but there is left one sister, Laurie Strode, so he wanted to kill another sister, that's it. He's a mentally sick. And yes, he did care. View all replies >