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Can I watch it in the morning? Why the rating is low? If anyone is interested, I created a list of all '80s-'90s sitcoms/comedy "20-minute" TV shows. Which episode do you pretend to be the last episode? The “I’m always gonna love you” scene. 2013 was a great year when.. Was this fun to see how much bad is it? I found it an okay film at first, but I just rewatched now and.. Why isn't Mick a rapist? When did you start watching this show? View all posts >


No, I love watching these shows in the morning, that's a great mood haha. Thanks anyway! I enjoyed the first episode. Spin-off episodes were the worst. Wow, it looks actually amazing. It will be great if it lands R rating for sure. The original was scary too. I find the atmosphere of both movies the same, but just different and worse writing and direction for Halloween II. I agree the hospital setting was creepy, but it is possible that the hospital is too quite, huh? I think 2018 film was scarier imo. She was excellent in The Craft. 6 hours and 34 mins. One of the best TR games. I think I've seen only Double Indemnity. She was excellent in it. No View all replies >