New season premire SIGH Worth the watch. Just a good guy all around 3rd suspect? Im in the minority..the film had potential but...... One of the best Ive seen during Quarantine. the injection Had potential but...... 2.5 hours of pure crap View all posts >


I would have liked to see her reunite with her real parents..But at least she made reference that her child had both sets of grandparents to see... I like loose ends tied up, lol Great catch! Yes I want to see those too... You seem to have filled that slot already so........ The film sucked Thats your contribution to this discussion? How pitiful. Season 8 was off the charts! I binged it all in 2 nights. The era was captured so well, and should win an award for the settings, outfits etc... Another series that did this well was The Deuce on HBO with James Franco. They depicted the gritty early 70s in NYC perfectly. My only complaints are she should have kept in touch with the janitor and paid him the promised 10 bucks! I mean after all, it was he that taught her everything including the Queens Gambit. I think u are spot on View all replies >