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Very true.. Wish this film was shot in a more serious and realistic tone..then it would have been excellent. The film lacked in realism for sure..It was too unbelievable for me, as I prefer a film depicting a true segment of peoples lives. There were so many moments where I rolled my eyes which isnt a good sign. I mean the son got bashed in the head not once but twice with a heavy rock and survived. The family hiding under the table undetected. The morse code... I could go on and on. LOL agree with you on the freaking steps! Had this film been made more realistically perhaps it would have wowed me. It was too incredulous. The settings were top notch, but the story was told with a comedic flare and that was what lost me. There are similar films that depict economic differences, with more realism and if this film did that I would rank it much higher. It wont be memorable in a year or so. Unlike some films like Buitiful or Fish Tank, that are more realistic, and many Indie films that are top notch. I liked the film, but I didnt love it. Had it been more credible, and more realistic I would have loved it..For example , the film Buitiful depicted social and economic differences in a realistic way. That film still haunts me. Yet this film will not, and I wouldnt rewatch it in a few years. LOL I guess she does this all day long, and is desensitized already..She was soooo strange He definitely did not age well Agreed! It was just ok, but didnt knock me over at all. Fish Tank was amazing... I loved it. just watched on amazon. Great film,,,especially because it was based on Shias life. View all replies >