the injection Had potential but...... 2.5 hours of pure crap The husband Well done documentary great actors Short and Sweet A must see The last season of the series...... Worst documentary View all posts >


lame I was kinda rooting for those two, they made a good match.. The other fellow, Michael just didnt fit wit her at all. Yes you are on point gch525. I just finished the film and agree with your views. Very intense and disturbing to me.. I wondered why there was such little dialogue between the women wen in captivity. The lead actress was amazing and conveyed so much in just her facial expressions. Just finished the season..It was MEH. She comes and goes from the crime families house with no problem, never found out what the ceiling hole above her bed was ( which would have let the viewer see the stuff she was hiding on the canopy of her bed)... Then they kill the daughter Stacey to leave the baby for Marcella? Oh come on now. I feel like they rushed the last 2 episodes to get a neat conclusion. Meanwhile everyone is dead with basically no justice. What about her kids? Just went off to live her life with the baby? I think they wanted to show that someone was still tracking her at the end, in the scene at the airport,,,but it could just be her imagination like the last 2 episodes were. I heard its the end of the show, no season 4.. Thats ok, we will all survive. Its pretty forgettable... especially since its been a year since your post.. I will forget it in about a week, lol The entire movie was moronic. This was a lame movie, that bordered on being a Lifetime movie. Dennis Quaid was good..The couple were both morons. Especially Annie the wife. I knew about this show because I have Showtime and saw a preview of it.. Hardly any publicity for it. I will try back to life soon. lol yes it almost ruined it,,,and shes such a pretty woman too...but yes that snarl is pretty bad. View all replies >