The last season of the series...... Worst documentary season 3 (the first 3 shows) season 4 episode 12 season 3 ..the episode before the finale Beautiful film Sooooo boring The title should be "Lesser Sides of Jane" Worth the watch.... although.... Seemed like a Lifetime movie View all posts >


Online school, lol. All I can say is this season totally got on my nerves. It was the Ani show. Every single episode and there she was. I was never a fan of the WhoDunnit story, and the filming from past to future is becoming the rave lately, and a bit distracting. There was great acting this season. Tyler especially. At times, Justin too. Monty held his own. But it got very hokey, very fast at the end.. The last scene was almost a Central Perk coffee reference from Friends, couch and all. The Holiday dinner and themed music just was so forced. I think they need to end the series now. The first season was the best, and if they end now, they would not have jumped the shark. They wont outstay their welcome. Yes The Mayans is nothing compared to SOA. Its really a let down for me, but I will keep watching in the hopes that it gets better. Having Angel and Easy having a brother to brother bonding episode last week seemed forced. I dont find the chemistry at all,,with any of the characters actually. But Sutter is a genius, so I am hoping the NEXT thing he does is a prequel to SOA.. We need to get back to that way of writing. This isnt captivating enough and its too slow of a burn for me. Yes your timeline totally seems right. Yes, I will watch till the end, but was hoping for a different way of filming. Its so disruptive in a way.. The few minutes of Joanie at the end of the show, throwing out Gabrielles things, and her mothers photos..needed to be expanded. I think the writers want us to wonder throughout, but what it really does is disconnect us from the premise of the series..I never really cared for Allisons character, but still would want to see her and Cole mentioned more than they have. I think Joanie will find clues of her mothers death, 30 years later, but I think they will wait until the last episode for that, which is anti climatic. Wow thanks for the timeline.. makes some sense now, but the writers didnt count on someone like you to piece it together, lol! The first three seasons are the best, but if you are going to commit, you must watch it all, lol I also thought Joanie was 25 years in the future, but since Coles tombstone said 1953 that makes it 35b years in the future making Janie almost 40. Its just a strange way to tell the story. Her throwing away Gabrielles things, along with her mothers pictures was so odd as well. lol you are spot on with your insights It was very tepid to say the least Thanks for the reply..That makes sense. View all replies >