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Mickey Rourke Says Robert De Niro “Refused to Work” with Him on ‘The Irishman’ and Had Him Removed


niro IS an asshole..... mickey is correct


Except that the casting directors + producers involved in the making of the film have said that Rourke was never even considered for a part.

Also, the whole feud started because De Niro said that it would make for better chemistry on the set of "Angel Heart" if the two actors didn't speak. Many, many movies have used this tactic among actors to get that "distance between characters" to seem more real.

Also, fun fact: While Rourke makes it seem like they had animosity and hated eachother, he was the one to contradict the story he was spinning.

"In a behind-the-scenes promo shot on the Angel Heart set in ’87, Rourke had nothing but glowing things to say about De Niro:
“It was the first time I think I ever had to really concentrate in the way I had to concentrate,” Rourke said of working with him. “He’s the most concentrated actor I’ve ever seen.”

“If you lose your concentration with De Niro for, like, four seconds, you’re outta there,” he said. “At the end of the day, I was drained.”

In fact, at a time Rourke was becoming disillusioned with acting, he said De Niro gave him a shot of life. 'Working with him sort of rejuvenated me.'"

Edit: I'm also curious as to what De Niro said or did to you (Tom8) for you to factually call him an asshole? Was it something personal, or do you form your opinions based off conjecture and/or what other people believe?


I'll give you one example of him being an asshole. He highjacked an awards show to rant about Trump and this has nothing to do with my feelings about Trump. Doing that to rant about anyone is just classless and a complete dick move.


So he's the only actor to talk politics during an award show?
Uncalled for and unnecessary, sure, but I don't think that one instance of someone speaking about Trump should qualify someone's entirety being painted as an asshole.

Also, he was called onto the stage through an official introduction: "Ladies and Gentlemen...Robert De Niro!". Which means he didn't really "hijack" anything. He just said a scathing comment during his airtime.

Had he snatched the mic and done the ol' "I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish in a minute..I just wanted to say 'Fuck Trump'", THAT would have been a hijacking.

Also, didn't he receive a standing ovation?
Usually the unpopular opinion is met by resistance, not cheering and applause.

My personal opinion on the matter (Trump) is negligible, tbh. Just stating what happened and the response it got.

Tbh, there are TOO many links to websites listing celebrities bringing politics into award shows, so I just linked the first 3.


What does that have to do with a thread about De Niro? Also, my point was not even about politics. It was about hijacking an awards show. He'd be just as big of an asshole if he hijacked it to rant about traffic or read names from the phone book.


I don't think you actually read my reply. You don't seem to have, anyway.

You singled out De Niro as an asshole for mentioning politics (or anything, I guess, but you used politics as an example and then said it's not about politics and are confused what my reply about De Niro on a thread about De Niro has to do with De Niro)

So I cited examples of other actors/actresses using their "air time" to discuss politics. Which was a rebuttal to what you had brought up.

I also clarified that it wasn't a "hijacking" because he didn't just jump on stage and take the mic. He was announced and then called on stage. Which is an invite. Basically, the opposite of a "highjacking"

So, if I'm understanding this correctly...since you mentioned that he could have talked about traffic or the phone book, you essentially think he's an asshole for speaking when he was called to the mic to speak? It doesn't really matter WHAT he said (your words), it's just the fact that he didn't stand in front of the mic in total silence that makes him an asshole?

I agree completely, though. Had he pulled a Kanye and taken the mic from someone (hijacking) to interrupt the ceremony with unwarranted opinions, he would most certainly be out of line.

What confuses me, is the fact you think that because someone spoke into the mic after being called to speak into the mic is considered "hijacking" an award show?

I'm gonna go ahead and also assume that you didn't actually watch the video, since you seem to both feel very strongly about it AND simultaneously don't know what happened. Other than the fact he said a bad word about someone.


Look, it's very simple. I "singled out" De Niro because it's a thread ABOUT De Niro. Hello? There are threads and topics about the other "entertainers" and their politics. If I go to a thread about Madonna, and discuss Madonna, your logic seems to say that I would be singling her out. So you just go with that. If you think his (unwanted and unscripted) vulgar and profane outburst was appropriate for an awards show where children were present, I don't know what to say.

Your assumption that I didn't watch the video is an incorrect one, by the way.


Well the fact that he got a positive response and applause tells me that what he said wasn't "Unwanted". Not sure why you'd even mention "Unscripted". It's an award show where the person who gets called up on the stage is welcome to share whatever is on his/her mind which is what Mr. De Niro did that night. There are no scripts lol.

De Niro did not "Highjack" anything as Windsaar already proved. You on the other hand are singling him out as if he's the only one to ever mention a political point of view in a setting like that which is why you were called out on it, and now you clearly have no valid response to.

Just another day on the internet.


What he did was an inappropriate, dick move. Imagine if your job had an awards dinner or something to give awards to various employees and one of them gets up in front of everyone (and their kids) to make a speech and says stuff like "fuck Trump" or "fuck Obama" or "fuck Gandi" or "fuck" whoever. Acceptable if people applaud? Sorry but no. If this doesn't make any sense to you, I can't help you.


I don't need any help, you on the other hand could use alot of it.

- Awards Show crowd applauds -


Kiss my ass.


No thanks.


Some people simply cannot be reasoned with.
It is what it is.

At least you understood what I was saying.


No need to clarify that it's a thread about De Niro, that's what I was mentioning in my last post.

The ONLY reason I even mentioned you "singling him out" was because you were confused as to why someone would specifically mention him in a thread dedicated to him.

We aren't discussing Madonna and if we were, it would wholly depend on circumstance whether or not you were singling her out. I don't need to "go with" anything, because I seem to be the only one that can stick to the discussion at hand instead of constantly changing the goalpost.

My logic would not apply in said situation and it's very obvious you didn't even begin to grasp my logic, never mind fully understand it.

I don't think his opinion was unwanted, as I keep saying. I KNOW he was called to speak. (As shown in the video).

If you think the word "fuck" is an affront to the sensibilities of any POSSIBLE children in the audience, I don't know what to say or do for ya. Nothing they don't hear in movies, tv, the classroom, at home, the playground, etc.

I just assumed you hadn't watched the video because you seem to have the entire situation confused.
You're correct that I assumed wrong, though, as now it's just obvious you'll contort, twist and change almost any points or facts presented to seem like you're right.

I was unaware of which personality type you are, based off the first couple posts. You've made it clear now several times, though.


Congrats. You get an A in armchair psychology.


Why thank you.
Nothing in my posts was geared toward psychology, except maybe the last two sentences of my last post (kind of).

Other than that, my posts were replies to your other ones.
All of the points I made were ignored so you could zero in on the last two sentences of an 8 paragraph post lol


Ignored because they don't merit addressing.


Lol. Didn't merit addressing? They were replies to each and every point you made. If they didn't merit being discussed, why did you bring them up in the first place?

Some people just can't have civil discourse. Someone says something that casts doubt on what they say or provides evidence to counter their points, and they just can't handle it.

They move goalposts, argue the straw man, resort to getting in little digs and insults.

It's just how some people are. If they aren't right 100% of the time, they can't handle it.

Anyway, this is all going nowhere, now. It's clear you don't know (or care to) discuss anything that may clash with what you believe is right and true. So there's really no sense in even trying.


Okay dude. First, why am I going to attempt "civil discourse" with someone who tells me I'M confused? I'm not in the least bit confused. I explained myself and gave some examples as to why it was inappropriate. You disagree. Great. There are times and places where "fuck", etc. are inappropriate, IMHO, like professional settings. I doubt if "fuck" is thrown around in a lot of board meetings or other professional gatherings. Awards shows and ceremonies generally have a high level of decorum and respect. I thought De Niro showed neither.


That's why the world is so soft now. "oh my god he said the F word!, that's so unprofessional and ridiculous!" You should just stick to watching PBS.


You just proved that you're a complete moron.


thought Rourke was known to be quite the handful, which is the reason nothing came of the incredible comeback he had with The Wrestler and Iron Man 2


Rourke is always playing the victim, ruined his own career twice. No one to blame but himself.


Rourke is living in a fantasy land nowadays, totally lost touch with reality.