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Probably, yeah. I can't say for certain, but I assume it's to signify that they found it funny. "There was a hilarious scene...etc, etc, lol". This implies that the writer still finds the scene amusing, even as they reminisce and type out their comment. It means "Laugh out loud", for those of us who don't know what it means or for those of us who would question why someone would include it in their message. Maybe JohnCocks should try a movie they would like, instead? Pretty simple solution to a complete non-issue lol. Like, not even a little bit cool. I agree completely. Nah. Virtue signaling or "signaling theory" was touched on by Darwin in "The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex" (1871). A solid 130 years before "Ocean's 11". Not sure how the scene would be considered "self serving" for the fictional characters portrayed therein. Some people will try to find anything they can be bothered or offended by, though. So I kind of understand where you're coming from, I guess. Doesn't really feel like it, bud. I answered one question and that was about it. Unless you meant that for someone who came back repeatedly to engage the troll. I wouldn't necessarily consider a "one-and-done" reply in a thread I've seen one time to "have gotten trolled" lol I suppose so, yes. With a little less action than the first though, I believe. Seven years later and everyone (except for two) involved are out of prison and living thier lives With so many women "being thrown at you", why would you even consider settling? I'm confused. You suggest that someone is acting irrationally or crazy and therefore is genetically defective and "shouldn't" reproduce because Eminem is notorious for getting people to talk about him by saying offensive things? He does and always has said shit that gets him clout with the media or causes a ruckus on social media though, so I'm trying to figure out where your disbelief and comment came from. From this particular instance, to 9/11, to getting in trouble for "threatening the president", to rapping about raping his own mother, or killing his baby mama...I don't even know how many times he's "apologized" for his lyrical content. His rhymes don't bother me in the least. I was merely pointing out that being offensive and brash has been his thing since the 90's. Why would someone not "be for real" and not reproduce because they know that a particular musician says dumb shit all the time? I'm actually trying super hard to see the correlation and how you would come to that conclusion lol. It was my 5th comment. "Oh dear" is a difficult thing to reply to, as it adds nothing to the conversation and is basically impossible to tell what was meant by it. View all replies >