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They didn't seem to be mad at charlie Why are they speaking english in Schindler's list? Directors who's first film was their best film? Is the entire female cast of friends on botox? The text to the Mexican twins from Gus Is the entire female cast of "friends" on botox now? Do you prefer to rewatch your favourite films? Is Woody Allen really a film director? Why are surfers such @holes? I really love the first 5 episodes View all posts >


Because you think you're a moviebuff but you're not. The departed was the remake. I doubt you have seen i saw the devil and memories of murder. I went to a judo class once, not for me. I was at the Kumbh Mela, there were 250 million people. You can do it, behind the computer or with audio tapes. Yeah, he tried to make another american beauty with revolutionary road and that film with the guy from the office but failed. Don't wait too long, you never know what happens. Okay, bye. Project much? Someone who is fine speaking only one language, and thinks he misses something on screen while reading subtitles is the petty one. You probably ate some spiders in your sleep as well. View all replies >