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Do we really make our own choices? Only god forgives > Drive Bryan Cranston didn't even really shave his head for this! The scenes with Evans and Statham were great ... Favourite film from each year the last 10 years He's so inarticulate How can you have a long discussion without the posts getting so damn small Isn't the real goal of life enlightenment? These people feel so much better than everyone else! View all posts >


I am a people person. Sports Close friends Meditation I made some money with investments, if that runs out we'll see what happens. A fear of working. Palmetto is a title people don't talk about very often, have seen it many times as well. There are about a 110 films that I can watch every 6 months. Alright, I will report back in 5 years. I wanna see him play the piano. Perhaps some have it more than others? Like some elephants are guided by birds. What's the point then? View all replies >