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Movies influenced by Terrence Malick? Comic books like Preacher and Transmetropolitan? Some good horror movies made in the last 20 years? Worst character names? Howard's dumb jokes about his mother Movies about enlightenment? The sisters brothers What's the movie you have seen most in the last 5 years? Directors who gave future stars their big break? Cool sayings from movies? View all posts >


I only like the long goodbye, have seen it many times. I think he's not offered any projects that are better than that. Season 2 is a lot better, no scenes with his girlfriend. This^^ Such a strange thing to think that that's where Leo uttered those famous words. You remind me of an old member of imdb who likes to read poetry by candle light. There are plenty of films for narcissists. A goofy movie I lost a lot of respect for pta when we was pissed at fincher for the cancer jokes in fight club. 1. Killing them softly 2. The big Lebowski 3. Natural born killers 4. Fight club 5. Hard eight These are the 5 movies I enjoyed the most and probably have seen the most. View all replies >