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Why are serial killers fascinating? Lock stock and two smoking barrels or snatch? Ordell Robbie was the only interesting thing about this film Why did Frank do what he did? Best character study films of the last 5 years? Which director directed most of your favourite films? Do you play movies on the background? Tom was so fat Movies you loved as a kid and as an adult? Why Regina King? View all posts >


Because you can identify with it. We will never get a divorce. Rourke is always playing the victim, ruined his own career twice. No one to blame but himself. You sure post a lot of links. The man who wasn't there Fargo A simple plan The ice harvest Pushing tin You answered your own question. Abstract is truth. That there are other factors why they are interesting other then a brain alien to us like high iq and charisma. And I just wonder why they are often charismatic and intelligent. But a lot of them also are intelligent and charismatic. Ouch, probably the worst career out of the 4 main guys. View all replies >