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Can you believe Michael Mann directed blackhat? Actors who chose not to be stars? Best crime films? The women in this film were not good looking A real man makes his own luck Why does that woman sound like that? Fargo logic: men are idiots, women are smart Such an annoying film Why couldn't the dad go back to work? Those phone calls between the wife and Cage View all posts >


Jared Leto was good but other then that very mediocre compared to other Fincher films What reputation does she have? Called the ambulance, funny thing was he was a doctor but he was so shocked that he didn't really knew what to do. I was hit by a car when I was eleven and broke my leg. It was my own fault, I was daydreaming and didn't pay attention. I honestly dont have one. There are movies that are considered bad but I like them and they are entertaining to me because there are things in it that I think is good. Like road house. Yeah, I always felt black rain is underrated. So you don't believe in god or are you mad at god? Nice list, the big sleep and payback are great, the big hit was such a weird movie though :). Ah the alec baldwin one is fun! Because he didn't want to do the roles hollywood wanted him to do. Why do you think he hasn't done anything decent in 10 years. View all replies >