Knish (1576)


The fire scene confused me I usually enjoy a film more the second time I watch it. What do they actually learn from these serial killers? He looks like Ben McKenzie The best movies are movies without women in a leading role. I can't stand protesters Anyone wished Tarantino kept making movies like reservoir dogs and pulp fiction? View all posts >


Gene Hackman I guess you're old. The new world (malick) That's an oxymoron. Pain & gain was pretty good. I had that with the hateful eight, didn't like it that much first time I watched it, but it got a little better everytime time I saw it. Rent, only musical on the list. Then you would only spend on food, water, clothes and a home. It can help feeling a little more relaxed and opening up but I don't overdo it. Things aren't that simple, what about depression, social anxiety and other disorders. And it might be difficult to understand for someone like you but a lot of people don't care that much about getting rich. View all replies >