Knish (1694)


" a salute to women directors " the first 20 minutes were really good A director can never see his/her own movie. why did Walt and Jesse even think Tuco wanted to kill them? It's so cold outside! Who was the old guy at the end? the opening theme music is all wrong Crime movies are the best and my favourite kind of film Directors who get worse with age? Alison Brie View all posts >


Body heat is in my top 100. Le samourai Badlands Killing them softly He's so lame. Fck him The flashbacks ruin that film It does look silly Odd tinkering that kid that was in the shining Banshee!? Talk about a predictable dime a dozen series. And why in the fck would you watch it with commercials. What are you looking for here? We don't care if you don't watch any more of it. Do you have thoughts of your own or are you just going to quote others? View all replies >