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Those phone calls between the wife and Cage Funktastic :) My god, their music sucked The title of that jcvd film? How did Vincent know Lenny was fat? Dougie is the most boring character ever John Krasinski looks like popeye Such a lame dated film That opening scene of the director's cut What a snoozefest View all posts >


Such a stupid reason to do a film, I thought he was a serious actor. You seem lonely Edison (2005) I would agree that the conclusion is the weakest part of the story, that's true for a lot of films and series. It's easier to set things up than to tie everything together. But true detective for me is all about the mood and atmosphere so I can forgive the conclusion. I am confused, did you like it or not? Both are made in the same year. Too bad it lasted about 20 minutes. The future will never happen, it’s always now. Reindeer games! Josh Trank View all replies >