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Meh. Great actor! Salo is a pretty cool guy... Bob Prince (and others).. Who said protest are supposed to be peaceful? I never knew, kaput... Well made but, Fantastic I really liked it, but... Really good! View all posts >


We'll see about that. So you kan't answer the kwestion, komrade Keelai? She has makeup on in every one of those pictures. Tons of great ones from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, especially Tuco: “When you have to shoot, shoot; don’t talk.” Lots of great stuff from The Outlaw Josie Wales but this one is particularly good: Lone Watie: [realizes Josey has snuck up behind and pulled a gun on him] They said a man could get rich on reward money if he could kill you. Josey Wales: Seems like you was looking to gain some money here. Lone Watie: Actually, I was looking to gain an edge. I thought you might be someone who would sneak up behind me with a gun. Josey Wales: Where’d you ever get an idea like that? Besides it ain’t supposed to be easy to sneak up behind an Indian Lone Watie: I’m an Indian, all right; but here in the nation they call us the “civilized tribe”. They call us “civilized” because we’re easy to sneak up on. White men have been sneaking up on us for years. So giving checks to ILLEGAL immigrants is fine with you? Nice whataboutism (fine when you guys do it) btw. You left out brilliant. Clearly, the years of heavy drug abuse has damaged him. Jeez you're out there. His economy was great compared to Obama's and checks for ILLEGAL immigrants?!?!?! WTF!!!! Killjoy..... View all replies >