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With all that's going on.... Best woman in metal, currently. The Sorjonen family (slight spoilers)... Is she ever.... Saw a great bumper sticker! Coffee Serious plot hole or at least an imposibility (Spoilers) All midsize SUVs look the same!! People didn't speak like that in 1968 As the story unfolds.. View all posts >


His acting skills are going to SERIOUSLY be put to the test. The left is actively doing just that. Negative expectations produce negative outcomes. I think Hellraiser (1987) was rather revolutionary. It did away with all the "vampires", "werewolves", "witches", etc., tropes. Surreal realms and creatures not based on anything we had seen. Clive Barker's worlds are very unique and imaginative. Now now, no common sense allowed! True to the books. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. 😉 That's because they're hypocrites and they're not on our (America) side. But you had no problem with that Gifford thing's Trump beheading, though. [quote]I have an issue with you referring to her as a "guy" and then using he pronouns.[/quote] OMG! Mur-DUR!! I'm SOOOOOOO offfennnnnded!!! View all replies >