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Decent movie despite... (spoilers) Decent series.... Fairy tales. LOL. Sociailly inept people.. Names Words or phrases you would never EVER utter. Despite it's flaws.. Spoilers Lee El This movie made me hungry!! Not sure what I think about this one. View all posts >


Lord Of The Rings. ........he thinks he's helping his cause..... lol. I try to eat healthy but sometimes ya gotta live it up: Slow smoked, baby back ribs, saffron rice, corn on the cob and garlic sauteed spinach. Now you'll get called names. Be very afraid. Notice the non-response? Surprised? I'm not. That's some mighty fine projecting by her. Totally out there, but entertaining, none the less. You guys are so out there. No one but other wackos take you serious. I thought the scene with the baboon getting harassed by the (actual) fly, buzzing around him was hysterical!! I don't know how many times I replayed it!! Myopia is strong in this one. Not for me. It's the party that you can't leave. I like do do my own thing, on my own time and "canned fun" sickens me. View all replies >