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Best character One of the best, if not the best... Got driven off social media Great actor A thought provoking question. Strange Italian American wording. The truck scene. Leftist insanity in Colorado (you voted for ths stuff) Give us the room. Major implausability in beginning (spoiler) View all posts >


You're an inhuman, evil reprobate. Your obsession is unhealthy. Jeez you're pathetic! You've had numerous chances to deny that you wish he got assassinated and you don't. Why? Because you're an inhuman reprobate that wishes he had been murdered. YOU hate morality. You wish that Trump did get assassinated. I didn't hate it, it just did nothing for me. Ca'mon man! Give him a participation trophy! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Someone just had their CNN enema. Lol! You're pathetic. Nope. Give it up already. Everyone here has your number. Nothing like a ripe Casu martzu. Look it up, preferably when you're not eating... View all replies >