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Books that should be movies (or series'). Listed as a comedy. I hope it's better than the first one! Attempted murder. Is she a smoker? Glad to see Cusack's career tanking. The Beetle. Something different.... Can you imagine.... (Spoilers) Sonnie's Edge... View all posts >


The parents are responsible for what happens to their kids. Period. W3rD! Yes. Saves a lot of rewinding. T-Rump! T-Rump, T-Rump!! Orange! Cheeto! Waaaaaahhh! I'm 12 and I believe using schoolyard names will win people over to my way of non-thinking!! Where are my children.... I mean dogs?!?! In My Time of Dying - Led Zeppelin. In my many years of being with girls or being single, I have found I'm generally happier when I'm single, so now I really don't give a shit about romancing anyone. Lol. You don't even know what you're talking about. 9. We're not a bank, Jerry. 10. Unguent is greatly coveted by Nordic psychos. 11. Fargo-ans have a different standard for beautiful days. 12. Tru-cote can really piss people off. 13. Carl's.... I don't know. Just funny lookin'. I think making excuses for your messiah is weak. T-rump has said some stupid things. I can admit it. He's not perfect but he's doing great things. Can you say the same of the Democrats, or are you a typical, lock step liberal? By the way, if I didn't sleep for a week, I'd still know how many states there are. Sock him in the ear. View all replies >