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Lee El This movie made me hungry!! Not sure what I think about this one. Another movie that relies on.... Movie summary: The rating.... Yep.... Pretty good. Uh, no. Very good movie! View all posts >


I would call it a sleep aid. I agree. Bor-RING. Went absolutely nowhere. 4/10 for me. Way too ambiguous. Artsy fartsy for artsy fartsy's sake. I agree. Too vague. I like ambiguity but this was just shadows. 4/10 It was hella meh, at best. Pretty bad, actually. That's an insult to rodents! I really liked the movie and I was very happy she got killed off so early. I didn't want to watch that vile bitch for two hours! Even tough he was already on as another character, Simon Pegg would be awesome! Cantaloupe. ;) I see what you did there, despite the total absence of punctuation. View all replies >