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Actually, no. It was very good! Grasping. At. Straws. Of course you're not. You centipedes turn a blind eye to the rats in your own hen house. Sure. Nothing to see here. Hey Doggiedaddy, I'm still waiting for those lies you accuse me of (and then slink off under the little doggy porch). I have YOUR lies ready to discuss, if you decide to have a speck of honor, and try to defend them. Ooooooo! mur-DUR!!! I'm sure this will get T-rump the electric chair!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! You centipedes are so hateful you won't and haven't, in previous opportunities, deny that you want T-rump dead. And as usual, when called out, Doggiedaddy has skulked back under her porch. If assholeness was a crime, you'd be drawn and quartered. Okay, so a double standard on your part. I see. You can mention Trump in a thread about Hilary but no one can mention anyone else. Got it. View all replies >