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It’s a brilliant show, Carlyle was a force of nature in this, brilliant performance. I think he was more based on Pete Doherty, who is (or at least was as he’s supposedly cleaned up his act now) very annoying Yeah but he wouldn’t have known that until he got outside. Julianne Moore deserved it for Boogie Nights imo, much more impressive performance. I always liked the theory that it was Mr Pink (off screen) who shot Eddie so he could spirit away with the diamonds with everyone else dead or mortally wounded. But it was just a goof. Very powerful film, one of the saddest I’ve seen, especially with it being a true story. For me it’s the finest performance of Daniel Day Lewis’ career. Michael Wincott? He was also in Strange Days with Tom Sizemore. I thought his performance in Mystic River was by far the most impressive yet the other two leads (Penn and Robbins) ended up winning Oscars 🤷🏻‍♂️ I agree, he was amazing in Lord of the Rings, how he wasn’t nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” for Return of the King is beyond me, great performance. He tried but was miscast. Paul Giamatti would have been perfect for that role. View all replies >