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yeah but then a girl could just answer your question with a question that basically helps her reject you. lol. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. Decent flick. To each their own. I can still enjoy movies now in my 30s just as i did in my 20s and teens. There's a reason why MJ and Pippen are one of the best duos in NBA history. Pippen is number 2, and my second favorite from that team. Kukoc being third. Stuff like that only works if Friends was a movie. I thought it was a nice sized house for a movie. It didn't need to be a super huge mansion. It's a kids movie. 100% agree with you sleepingtiger. Sadly many of all races still think this way actually calling the ones that like other races the racist against their own people. It's really sad. Especially that they teach their kids this when they reach a certain age. In my neighborhood it's mostly Hispanics. Many who think this way and I know that because of what my nieces have had to deal with when trying to make friends as they've gotten older over the years. Kids that were good friends with them for a while no longer being able to play with them just because they're not Hispanic. All because the parents don't want their boys to even consider thinking about dating them. I'd buy a whole set of Honey I shrunk the Kids Action figures along with the Shrink/Enlarger Laser. I'd buy 2 of the Lasers that way when I put them in there I'd have Wayne enlarge one of them. Have Wayne instruct me on how to enlarge him and his family to their real sizes. Then I'd make a deal with him to go into business with me. My magical cupboard and his laser invention would make us all rich. We'd hire some of the most gifted toy makers in the world. Present the two machines to them and have them start making all sorts of cool toys to bring to life. Some of the stuff to be enlarged, others to be left small. We'd create a team of doctors and give them a back story of being highly educated, caring professionals that are the inventors of cures for Covid 19, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc. Bring them to life and enlarge them to human size so that they can start traveling around to save the world. I'd bring in some of the best home designers out there and get into real estate. Having toy versions of houses be created on the inside and out so that they can go into the cupboard to be made real then carefully placed on top of a purchased land so we can enlarge it to real size. People around the world could start calling in to have their dream homes made a reality without having to worry about time being wasted on construction crews putting it together. Businesses could also pay us to have office buildings and all sorts of other buildings be created for them. Ships, Malls, Cars, childhood home re-creations, castles, etc. The possibilities would be endless. We'd make so much money that it would only make sense to give back to help the whole world even more. but uh yeah. As the temptations song goes..that's just my imagination, running away with me. haha. Lol No problem pal. 100% Agreed about Shredder from that animated movie. I've seen that a few times and yeah. I absolutely would not put that version of Shredder in there without atleast having the ninja turtles there to stop him from succeeding just like in the movie. Krang from Ninja Turtles inside of his human looking machine. I imagine he'd be able to make that thing jump to the size of a human atleast being that he's the size of a toy coming out of the cupboard. Then he'd just wreck havoc. View all replies >