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Ideas that I think would have made this movie better. Shaq starring in it, etc... The Final Battle should have been Karone vs Trakeena I recommend this This is on youtube for free No Sandler and Wayans? No thanks Just caught this on netflix Very Enjoyable Decent movie Great in Patch Adams Just finished Season 2 View all posts >


Well she's not perfect. She was having a really great time with Johnny then they had a moment. It happens in real life more than you may think. Sometimes it works out for people in that situation, and sometimes they regret it later. yea no. This show is just fine as it is. You're right that life is tough and all, but as far as Kreese goes he only watches out for someone as long as they do what he tells them to do. So I'm not buying that he actually gives a damn about Tory or any of the Cobra Kai students. Just look what happened with Johnny. He did everything he had to do to earn Johnny's trust, then everything changed when Johnny stopped believing in his BS. I believe the same thing will eventually happen when Tory, Robbie and some of the others see for themselves what he's all about. I hope so anyways, but with Tory it's gonna be pretty tricky as she's in pretty deep. With that being said...Damnit I can't wait for season 4. Thats why it's acting. it's a nice escape from being your usual self. thats why many actors loved playing villain's or just asshole types in movies. Heck, Angelina Joelie would also be a great choice as Harley Quinn in 1995 imo. Her role in "Girl, Interrupted" from 1999 is pretty much what she'd have been like as that character and I dig it. Jolie's been in more Summer blockbusters so she's the bigger star but Bullock is definitely the better actress between the two. She would instantly make any role that Jolie has played over the years that much better imo except maybe Girl, Interrupted. That movie in particular was perfect for Angelina. Meh. I like either Fairuza Balk, Marisa Tomei or maybe Jennifer Tilly, but she'd be a better choice if the character were in the 1989 movie instead. Same with Madonna. Drew Barrymore would be better as Poison Ivy imo. I could just imagine her looking amazing with the plants all around her in that characters outfit. 7 from me. It's not supposed to be taken serious. It's a Sandler comedy, and I think they delivered on everything it was released to the public to be. I've watched this many times over the years since its release, and have gotten good much needed laughs from it when I need a laugh. wow. to think this used to be a site for movies. not this bs. Eh I thought the kids and the two main cops were pretty good in the movie. Good enough for what the movie is supposed to be anyways which is enough for me. I just watched it again and I loved it. Now on to the sequel. View all replies >