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Both were pretty good imo. you could have just fast forwarded through the song part but whatever. I enjoyed the movie. Agreed. and I liked Alan's relationship with Gretchen Martin too. This show dropped quite a bit of storylines just because it seemed. Well I'd recommend you to atleast watch clips on Youtube if you're not interested in sitting through the full movies. Just so you can have a brief understanding of the characters. Bill Murray Chris Tucker Adam Sandler Ben Stiller Vince Vaughn Wayne Knight Sinbad Damon Wayans Tommy Davidson Deceased Actors I would have liked to seen on the show: Richard Pryor Robin Williams George Carlin Bernie Mack John Candy Robert Guillaume Just checked it out on Netflix. I liked it. Well I think it added to the story just fine. The first two movies brought up the fact that Apollo was getting older and that he would eventually need to think about retiring but he was always stubborn about that. Then in Rocky IV the early part of that movie put even more spotlight on it by showing that Apollo really couldn't deal with walking away from the sport because he loved it so much. Boxing was his life. Sure he could have became a trainer and helped some younger guys similarly to how he helped lift Rocky back to reaching that eye of the tiger in III but instead he just wanted to fight. Probably one more time and it caused him when that fight he took was against someone who was hungry to make an impact by any means necessary (Ivan Drago) with a team of people screaming for him to make that impact. Then of course Rocky had to get payback for his friend. I think it worked well. Especially the part where he wins over the foreign crowd in the middle of the fight. I think the movie had great messages. Every highly accomplished person in the world has someone out there doubting their ability. it's just the way it is. Agreed. I'd like to see her do more and I'm sure she eventually will. Can't blame her for milking the great situation she's in right now though. She's getting paid a lot of money and most likely really enjoying the films. I think there might have been some interest there but there's also a chance that he might have just wanted to start a friendship with her. Maybe he eventually asks her out on a real date after getting to know her better at that party (especially if Morgan wasn't there), or maybe not, but either way he would have eventually met Morgan. She was living with Leslie after all so if Scotts friendship with Leslie develops it's bound for those two characters to cross paths. Then it comes down to Scotts view on Leslie in this alternate situation. Does he truly like Leslie in a romantic way or will he eventually fall for Morgan in another scenario that leads to them hooking up. Even if him and Leslie did decide to date sooner there's a chance that it might not last long. Especially if he never gets hurt which is what really led to the two truly falling in love with one another. View all replies >