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gorgeous actress Yeah. Sometimes you just have to use your imagination. I would think she would have found out some how. I mean it was a historic moment finding that treasure so the story would have likely been posted in a magazine, book etc. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Stanley would have wrote a book about it that very well could be turned into a movie in that universe ha. He was definitely more talented than all of them. The final play pretty much proves it. Showing him read what the other team was about to do before he stole the ball, jetted down and slammed it in. That's most definitely NBA level talent in that movie universe if you ask me. It's just too bad he didn't use that talent to actually try to get into the NBA. Stupid ending imo. I don't think the movie would have been any less powerful if they didn't kill that kid off, and had instead had him go on to live his life to do better as best as he could with his brother helping him. I don't see the problem. The name of the movie is Chef. Not Food Truck Chef. The truck had eventually served it's purpose in getting the main character all the confidence and followers to get him to the point that he could be back in a bigger establishment. I thought the ending was fantastic. It's on Tubi Agreed. The whole cast played their parts well. To be fair he wasn't exactly cast as a knight character. He was portraying regular guy with his usual comedy shtick who pretended to be a knight. Didn't even know how to ride a horse let alone swing a sword until he picked up on things later. Good plot of a silly comedy if you ask me. Well comedy is subjective so that's fine if you don't think his work is funny. Obviously his brand of comedy over the years doesn't appeal to you but it did to many others who loved his 90's sitcom as well as the movies he did before, during and after said sitcoms existence. Which is how he was able to have the long career he's had. I like Click alot. Sandler did really good at it, and the film in general had a good mix of drama and comedy. View all replies >