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Finally got one of the jokes, and a couple of others

When Ted and Elaine are on the beach, and Ted is telling her what his mission is, he basically gives out all of the "classified" details right there and then, and only says WHEN he's coming back is classified. I think that went over many people's heads.

When the Autopilot deflates, Elaine basically gives it a blow-job. When the Autopilot jerks around when it's blown up, it's obviously "ejaculating" into her mouth and that's why they both smoke cigarettes afterwards like they've just had sex.

HOWEVER, I still don't get the significance of the horse in bed, as hilarious as it is. Why is a horse in her bed? Is it her lover?


The horse is her lover, yes. And he likes juice.


LOL probally a Godfather ref.


There was no ejaculation joke in this movie. Movies were not that crass back then, not even in the early 90s. I remember when the "hair gel" scene in There's Something About Mary caused such a big deal precisely because it was the first time a movie dared to directly reference it. The closest we ever got to ejaculation jokes was maybe Dr. Strangelove but that movie was very coy about it to where it could've been referencing anything.


I got the Automatic Pilot joke as "cumming" after sex. It's not literal ejaculation, but why else would they be smoking afterwards?


It's just a cheap gag in which the punchline was that Elaine blowing him up was so sexually arousing to them that it was *like* they had sex. That was the joke. You were supposed to laugh at the silliness/craziness of a human female and a fake auto-pilot having a cigarette as if they had had sex. This is what's known as "absurdist" humor, like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Trust me that that's all that it was. I was alive during the whole sex farce movie craze (that started with Animal House) and not even at their raunchiest (Bachelor Party) were the sex jokes in movies ever that graphic.


>Movies were not that crass back then

Airplane had a skit where a women with large boobs ran in front of the camera, back and forth. It did have the joke where Elaine and the dummy pilot were both smoking as if they finished sex and lit up in bed together.

>and not even at their raunchiest (Bachelor Party)

You should really watch more movies if this is the pinnacle of 80's raunchiness.

>Movies were not that crass back then

80's sex comedies. (count boobage, 80's beat 90's and beyond)
80's slashers/horrors. (count boobage, crass lewd scenes, 80's beats 90's teen horrors and beond)
80's teen comedies (80's beat 90's with boobage and gratuitous sex jokes)
The Carry On franchise 70's onwards.
Emmanuelle series starting the 70's
Confessions of a Window Cleaner series. 1974
"A young window cleaner discovers that his lady customers often require a little extra polishing. "

Add many many others examples.

Sex comedies where always a thing with growing intensity since the inception of film.

You say not even in the early 90's, but a prime example is the film Skin Deep from 1989.

The poster shows a harem of women holding up a short ass bearded John Ritter. The model looking women he is playing. The DVD cover shows John Ritter walking between a womans cleavage on a bra strap. Sets the tone.

The main "action" scene, biggest joke of the whole film that everybody remembers over anything else......

John Ritter is going to have sex with a woman in her room, she has glow in the dark condoms. He puts one on then her boyfriend walks into the flat. Ritter hides in the cupboard, the boyfriend wants to have sex with her and puts his glow in the dark condom on. Anyway, Ritter is discovered then they have a fight in the dark with the only visualisation being two erect penises running around the frame only showing because glow in the dark condoms.

There's Something About Mary hair gel is kinda tame compared to erect penis fight scenes or Porkys glory hole scene, or porkys Kim Katrall screaming scene. etc etc etc

Way way way before the 90's. Crass is not a new invention.

You tried to legitimise your point by referencing an old movie with some sexual comedy in it but your depth of film knowledge is very lacking when you miss 80's films like Revenge of the Nerds, Screwballs, Re-Animator (a zombified head rips the clothes off a passed out woman and puts his head between her legs to perform.....) etc etc etc

Especially when the crude, sex, crass films really kicked in with the 70's with low budget sexploitation films



Reads post talking specifically about ejaculation, goes on irrelevant rant about boobs and condoms, then posts and links to movies I either saw or about gags I'm well aware of, and all because he has no idea what the word, "crass" means. *smh*

By the way, you seem rather proud of having seen movies we all saw 20 years before you were born. Why is that?


>Reads post talking specifically about ejaculation

No, you said....

>I was alive during the whole sex farce movie craze (that started with Animal House) and not even at their raunchiest (Bachelor Party) were the sex jokes in movies ever that graphic.

So it's completely relevant.

Like I said, Bachelor Party was not the raunchiest movie of the 80's and crass didnt happen until the 90's and gave a detailed answer to why you were wrong with a long list of reasons, titles and genres.

>the whole sex farce movie craze (that started with Animal House) It did not start with Animal House. I explained and listed films that came before Animal House. Sexploitation happened before Animal House. Animal House started the teen high school/college gross out comedy, Not the sex farce comedy.
Animal House was the evoltuion from American Graffiti combined with the trend of sex comedies already well established by the early 70's.

Your only comeback was ad hominem insults and proclaiming everybody has seen the movies I listed.

No substance.

And you responding comment will have no substance. Logical fallacy insults, shaming and proclaiming I'm too young, you've seen more films than i dare too imagine or whatever. We have spoken before and you tried the same thing, none of it had any substance that time.

>movies we all saw 20 years before you were born.

We all saw? How many millennials you know have seen the "confessions" series of films? The Carry on series? Which were sex farce comedies.

>he has no idea what the word, "crass" means.

Maybe you should look it up. CRASS: without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity; gross; obtuse; stupid

Not one mention of cumshots only in there. (not that there was a cumshot in There's something about Mary. As much of a cumshot as knives pierced skin in Psycho)

>Movies were not that crass back then

The epitome of crass sexual comedy before the 90's is the scene I mentioned from Skin Deep. Two men have a fight with erect penises showing on screen.

The epitome of crass gross out sexual comedy is a dismembered zombie head performing cunnilingus on a passed out women in 1985.

Along with many other examples of crass sexual comedy before the 90's and way worse than anything in Bachelor Party.

You have never seen these films no matter how much you pretend to after I pointed them out.

If you had seen these films you wouldn't proclaim that Tom Hank's Bachelor Party was the most Raunchy film of the sex comedies and thought the 90's invented crass when an actor pretended to jerk off.

Zombie head cunnilingus beats an actor pretending to jerk off. An actor pretending to jerk off for laughs has happened before the 90's. An actor pretending to ejaculate happened before the 90's. Can you believe actors simulated sex before the 90's and pretended to ejaculate?

In Revenge of the NErds a girl literally got raped by someone with a mask on she thought was her boyfriend, the joke was the nerd F'd her so good he put her head straight. The nerds also put cameras up in the girls house and they all sat watching them walk around naked. Thats pretty gross out and crass sexual comedy.

Your lack of film knowledge shows with your lack of a decent response. AT least try to point out WHY you think im wrong rather than heading straight to your copy, past insult defaults.


Every Joke from ‘Airplane!’ Ranked

I seriously doubt that page has every joke but it's a fun read.


Being that Otto the autopilot is inflatable, I don't know if he ejaculated or not, but the joke is that his spasms indicate he did reach orgasm for Elaine's efforts..