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Your first name is odd, Oh. But the last name is a first name, Jason. Confusing. Not a fan of this song. I do like some of the Purple One's music though. Good one. lol LOL Rich Commies want everyone but themselves to be poor. Sick disease. If this bothers you then just wait... The Commies have plenty more up their sleeves. ENJOY I'm ready whenever they get it done. Fish are imaginary. On IMDb he has 148 acting credits from 1952-1994. I recognized his face immediately. It's a shame that this is his first thread on here. Fk Zuckerberg's shit toy. Twitter, the only large site once run by an actual terrorist, Jack Dorsey. I've been thrown off Twitter for arguing with the nutty left and the nutty right. hmmm It really is cancer. View all replies >