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Prove God Doesn't Exist Where is Puppet Movie Part II Good B Movie UK a pushover...? Image Search on Bing or Google 600 POUND Tiger? Cool Quote Spoiler.... question Amazon has this movie labeled Q: The Winged Serpent Some parallels with another recent flick. View all posts >


You nailed him with that one. Er Mer Gerd. R A C I S T S S S S S S $ $ $ $ I agree, it's definitely a B movie although there were some investors Still a B though. I give it a 6/10. Kinda fun to watch. Hollyweird lied to me. Hmm. That's never happened before. Just kidding. Racist racist racist. LOL. Squirrel runs across the road. RACIST. Car has a flat tire. RACIST. The idiotic shit goes on forever. I hope you are right. Bigot. HEY HEY damnit. No excuses! I have never and will NEVER have guilt for something that I did NOT do. Asking a person to feel guilty for a crime that he/she/zhee/it didn't commit is demented, insane. Nucking Futs. If you the OP of 13 years ago or anyone now wants to actually help real people in slavery TODAY. It still exists. If you actually want to help people, go do it. Research it. Help people. There are plenty of slaves in the world. GO HELP THEM. Stop shitting your pants over what happened a couple hundred years ago. That isn't helping anyone. GO HELP THEM. View all replies >