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Brainwashing propaganda. Enjoy it. SFB Shit For Brains YOU The myth continues. A L L Hollyweird movies have propaganda. ALL A L L You're wrong. BLM is a terrorist organization because they fit the textbook/dictionary definition absolutely perfectly. They nailed it perfectly. Funny part is that terrorist money is funneled to the DNC for the 2020 election cycle. Good Times, America. Good Times. So whether I hate them or love them or don't give one little flying fuck is not relevant, they are a terrorist organization. Period. Now go scream your lungs out at me. She's a shape shifter. That takes talent. I've seen it and the only thing that I remembered was it has Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton in it. I'm beginning to thing that if Trump doesn't show up to the "debate" he will still beat Biden. This is getting sad. You are completely insane. IF you're a BOSTON(70/80s rock band) fan, this is amazing. Boston - Foreplay/Longtime (Cover) Feat. Gabbie Rae at Soundcheck Live / Lucky Strike Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vPPHskCf3w View all replies >