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Hitman/AssAssin movies.... Time Loop Movies are OK AMI Why Don't Prisons Accept Very Rich People? Drake is a Blacksmith 30 mins of meh Chappie's mom Aziz is letting his racist hate hang out in this one. Another franchise murdered by the crazies in Hollyweird. View all posts >


Could be???? I am the one who pays for it in my family so if they crack down I'll shut everyone off. LOL. It's better for binge watching. 12-15 episodes vs 22-26 episodes. I'd rather have the lower number. I would love to see them live especially if the bring the O part of the band. Jeff Goldblum - MoneyGrabb. My AC is on. I just clicked it off. Now it's OFF. You saved me a penny. Thanks. E. Ex Machina (2014) Happy Birthday you ol' dawg. Those in power, IMO particularly on the left, want to see the minions fighting with each other so the egg us on. Watch TV for proof(the news), if you don't get my point, it went over your head. I arrange by genre and within the genre my favorites go first. Vicente Fox View all replies >