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Why Don't Prisons Accept Very Rich People? Drake is a Blacksmith 30 mins of meh Chappie's mom Aziz is letting his racist hate hang out in this one. Another franchise murdered by the crazies in Hollyweird. Where are all of the Apology Threads ??? Cory Booker View all posts >


Because that's where the CGI put them. B prime. I won't say terrible CGI but it is most of the movie. F*******K, just make a cartoon and move on. LOL. CGI to the max. I enjoyed the rooftop fight/chase scene very much but the rest of the whole CGI extravaganza wasn't that impressive. I'm just tired of overdone CGI. Maybe it was a good movie but just not for me. IDK. LOL. Nazis You people are psychopathic. LOL . Nazis NO. I doubt there will be enough evidence released to proved that he is actually dead. Trump/Russia.... now that is a conspiracy theory. I knew who he was... I was very aware of his "reputation". He faked his death and moved to Israel. View all replies >