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Sadly, Linda has passed away from pneumonia and lung cancer. She was 58. It was certainly a potent ending to a very good, sometimes great film. Julio’s screaming face will haunt you afterwards. I owe thus another watch, I haven’t seen it for well over twenty years... it’s very good, not one of my favourite 30s comedies but the bar was very high in that era. Both leads are great here. I thought the second season was a considerable improvement over the first. The third is okay but not as good as the season 2 peak. It's a likeable show. I’ve only seen about ten of his films. I like them all a lot, the exceptions being Veronika Voss - which looked beautiful and had its moments but didn’t engage me overall - and Whity, which I loathed. He was clearly a unique and fascinating filmmaker and I am keen to see as much of his work as possible. You’re welcome - enjoy! Definitely watch Fear Eats the Soul - that’s a brilliant film. I also really liked The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, The Marriage of Maria Braun and In a Year of 13 Moons. I’ve been meaning to watch Querelle - one of the many I haven’t seen yet, Glenne Headly was a good actress but undeniably miscast here as a British mother. Charlotte Burke was fine, I thought, and Elliot Spiers wonderful as Mark. I’d have nominated him in lead for Lone Star and Breach. I wasn’t particularly impressed with him in either American Beauty or Adaptation, View all replies >