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Drunk R.I.P. Nikita Pearl Waligwa, aged 15 Rank his films 3/3 Superb in The Killing Brilliant ending... (Spoilers) Raphael Coleman, Nanny McPhee Star, dead at 25 Second Oscar Oscars Hoping this pulls off the win View all posts >


8 Love Streams A Woman Under the Influence 7 Gloria A Child is Waiting 6 Opening Night 5 Minnie and Moskowitz 4 Faces Sadly I agree - all the more obvious with the rest of the cast firing on all cylinders. His films cover multiple genres. This one, as already mentioned, is action-suspense. What his films do mostly have in common is a very distinctive style - quite ragged visually, seemingly improvised performances, actors appearing to be drunk during filming. I once read a comment on another board suggesting that most people’s favourite Cassavetes films are whichever they saw first, before his style became wearing or repetitive. I kind of agree with this - I have much happier memories of the first few I watched (Love Streams/Gloria/A Child is Waiting/A Woman Under the Influence) than those I saw more recently. He wasn’t very good but the character as written is an annoying little shit and I actually found him more bearable than a lot of more cutesy child actors. Both Linney and Burstyn were great although my overall pick for the year would have been Gillian Anderson for her devastating performance in The House of Mirth. Ruffalo would have been my Best Actor winner for the year. I think he is superb, his best performance to date in fact. You Can Count on Me The House of Mirth Kinsey The Squid and the Whale The Savages It would be the coolest place to hang out and with so little else to do, and presumably trapped in Casablanca, I would no doubt help to drink the bar dry. Hmm... scotch and soda, a large one. ah, I see -- I haven't seen any of those. The majority of my favourite films are from before 1975 so it’s tough to choose just one, but... It’s a Wonderful Life Yes - and did the world need yet another version of this story? Overlong, plodding and featuring mostly forgettable music. ‘Shallow’ is an undeniable show-stopper and I did enjoy Sam Elliott. View all replies >