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Known for ‘The Good Life’ (additional crew) How would you rank her films? Edith Pretty R.I.P. aged 89 Is Christopher Plummer’s role a cameo? R.I.P. R.I.P. aged 89 Can’t believe this was 22 years ago R.I.P. aged 79 My Left Foot View all posts >


I just read that he is 100 days short of his hundredth birthday. Maybe he’s hanging on for that, but with his recent hospitalisation and having looked every day of his age for quite some time, it’s touch and go. One of the biggest box office stars of the 1920s was the German shepherd Rin Tin Tin, and there is a rumour that he actually received the most votes for Best Actor at the inaugural Academy Awards. The Academy, determined to be taken seriously off the bat, declared him ineligible, and the award went to future Nazi Party member Emil Jannings. It seems like she will. Having swept the critics awards she has now taken the first big test of the televised prizes with the Golden Globe and the DGA is likely to follow. I haven’t seen Nomadland yet - looking forward to it - although I didn’t much care for The Rider, but I am very happy for her. I haven’t seen it yet - it’s out here in a couple of weeks - but I’m looking forward to it and as it most likely blocked the rather condescending Trial of the Chicago 7 - which seemed like Globes catnip - I’m happy for it. I hadn’t heard of her until a few months ago when buzz started building on the Billie Holliday film. I’m sure she’s very good although these music bios became tired long ago. I think 6 is about right. It’s a reasonably effective, nicely-mounted film but nothing outstanding. On my scale 5/10 is okay/worth a look, 7/10 is approaching excellence, and anything j rate 8 onwards would be a favourite to some degree. I don’t give 10s easily. I guess I have about 40-50 of them, and none from the last few years. I found otherwise, but haven’t seen the film in over 20 years... I hadn’t heard that Plummer was offered Gandalf. While he’s one of my favourite actors, and while he’d have been a better choice than the once-tipped Sean Connery, it’s hard to see anyone outclassing McKellen in the role. Yes. Possibly Connery’s finest hour, and close to the top for Caine and Plummer too. It’s hard to choose between them but I do think Plummer makes a wonderful impression as Kipling with his limited screen time. Ratcatcher and We Need to Talk About Kevin are my favourites but I do like this one a lot, too. I agree that the last act is the weakest part but I thoroughly enjoyed the film. You Were Never Really Here is my least favourite of Ramsay’s films but even that has its virtues, including a great performance by Phoenix. View all replies >