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Approaching this with caution… it sounds like it could be insufferably twee, and Spielberg hasn’t exactly been on a creative high recently. A great and hugely significant filmmaker. So many people making movies today owe him a lot. R.I.P. Pierrot le fou is my favourite, and along with Breathless perhaps the easiest to ‘ease in’ to Godard. I’d also highly recommend Weekend and Alohaville. Looking at the nominees list for that year I don’t think there was much competition. The Genies are strictly for Canadian productions only so I guess they select from whatever is available. The Best Film winner for that year was a horror movie, The Changeling. R.I.P. I LOVE Bali. Beautiful, friendly place… the traffic can be frustrating, though, although I don’t know whether post-pandemic it’s as bad as it was. It’s probably on your list but I would strongly recommend the fire dance at Uluwatu. Stunning. For a few years in the late 80s/early 90s, Landau was arguably THE American character actor. It was quite the career renaissance for an actor whose long-ago heyday seemed to have been a supporting heavy in a Hitchcock movie and couple of TV shows in the sixties. His performances in Crimes & Misdemeanours and Ed Wood are among the greatest of that era. A wonderful actor. I agree wholeheartedly - although The Lost World from 1925 still has some enormously effective sequences too, notably the stampede scene. Yes, 14. Although he looks a lot older - the two actors appear to have a much greater than two-year age difference, although of course children develop at different rates from one another. Yup. I don’t think Cassavetes wanted to make it easy for us to like him. A bold choice, but one that paid off. View all replies >