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Ages of his kids R.I.P. aged 88 Trivia question about Frank Serpico/the Oscars… Interesting fact… Mirren's grandmother Mason and accents R.I.P. Lawrence Goodman (last surviving dam buster) Chris Parker Great performance by Bridges, mediocre film Alfre Woodard as Mistress Shaw View all posts >


Yes! I'm watching it next Tuesday. My first time watching a movie in IMAX in nine years, I think. Here in Singapore it’s a massive hit. Marvel movies usually are, of course, but this has the setting and Tony Leung as added incentives to get people into the cinema. Even the local art house theatre is screening it - the last marvel movie they played was Thor Ragnarok, that one because of Taika Waititi. Generally I’d go with dark almost every time. I love Kipling’s stories which are, of course, a long way from Disney. I do like both Disney Jungle Books, though, although my favourite film of the stories is the 1942 Alexander Korda attempt. Serkis’ film deserves credit for attempting to capture the spirit of Kipling but unfortunately I found it a disappointing bore. I agree about the lead, who has charisma and energy. Otherwise, I thought this was mostly dreadful… largely poor effects and, in trying to adapt the book reasonably faithfully, lacking the charm and imagination that this story needs. Yikes… 78? Impressive, I guess… The Thin Red Line is brilliant, and he is memorable in it. 48 Hours is fun. I wasn’t a big fan of Affliction but he was very good. I haven’t seen the others… I did start U-Turn many years ago but don’t think I finished it! I would wholeheartedly agree with them. I think The Thin Red Line is a magnificent movie. I think it has to be. He also noted that previously the record-holder was, I believe, The Iceman Cometh, which featured 1932 winner Fredric March and 2009 winner Jeff Bridges. I meant this years ceremony for films from 2020, so Anthony Hopkins. She always seemed like such a warm and sweet person. I used to enjoy her on ‘Give Us a Clue’ when I was a kid, and am happy that she had such a popular late-in-life role as Mrs. Hudson in ‘Sherlock’. R.I.P. View all replies >