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LOL That is true. Everything I've read says the amount she had in her possession was typically a fine and a couple of weeks in a Russian gulag - then probably deportation. The 9 years is about the importation of drugs, which they've been very consistent about when it comes to time in the pokey. [quote]So empty vape cartridges that contained residue constitutes a significant amount? [/quote] No, I didn't say that (maybe someone else in this thread did but it wasn't me). I think what she had in her possession was not only an insignificant amount, but clearly was for personal use and not for distribution. But here's the thing - the amount she had on her would only be a fine and a few weeks for simple possession in Russia, but what the 9 years is all about is *importation* of the drug, not mere possession. I still think they're making an example out of her but that's a different discussion. What I am saying however is that Russian law is very tough with regards to importation of drugs, and what Griner received for a sentence is not outside the guidelines for the amount she brought into Russia. In other words, agree with their laws or not, it's their house - their rules. Exactly. Their house, their rules. BTW, Singapore is far more strict than Russia. If Griner could't live without the weed, she should have stayed home. Let me fix that for you: [quote]I don't believe that Russia prearranged a special private class of citizens who were allowed to flaunt drug smuggling laws just so they could get women's basketball talent into their country. I heartily disagree with that.[/quote] You could be right, and I'm not saying that this policy is in place necessarily, but there's certainly precedent in all areas of privilege where minor transgressions are "overlooked" in the public and private world. JFK had hookers in the White House for himself and foreign dignitaries, even thought prostitution was illegal in Washington. I'm also not saying that a wink/nod agreement was *necessary* to get foreign basketball players into their country, only that there *might* be a general policy to look the other way when foreign celebrities or foreign government personnel are visiting. Pretty much a "look comrade, it's illegal here, so just keep it out of sight" thing. If they were to "flaunt" the laws, then they should expect no one to look the other way. I did some Googling, there are places in the world as low as 9!!! I think Japan is 13. Absolutely the law would supersede it, but I just wonder if the governments just agreed off the record to let minor peccadilloes go unpunished and Russia decided to go by the book after the U.S. backed Ukraine. And to be clear, this is just my supposition based on the fact that Griner would be so dumb to flout the law if there was no prearranged deal to look the other way with athletes and other celebrities who clearly are not drug dealers. I think the problem with that theory is that the shot that killed Hutchins was a very long odds shot. She was positioned behind the camera and Baldwin (reportedly) did not aim down the barrel to sight the camera (or Hutchins), but shot from the hip so to speak at the general direction of the camera. So if someone wanted Baldwin to kill someone by sneaking in a live round, the odds of him first hitting someone from 10-20 feet away and then killing the is a long shot. I think this was a cluster-F of incompetence from many people, but I believe it was purely a tragic accident. As an American - I agree. Also, I'm fairly certain a Brazilian athlete would be informed that the age of consent in the U.S. both varies state to state but is always much higher than 14 (is it really 14 in Brazil??) That's the thing - anyone who goes to a foreign country representing another country gets an orientation about customs and laws. When I went to Singapore for my company back in the 80s, we were told in no uncertain terms that if we were caught in Singapore with any kind of drugs, we could expect to do a lot of time there and to expect NO help from the company or even the State Department. We were also told not to bring chewing gum to Singapore... Griner certainly was aware of the rules, but what I don't know is if there has always been a wink/nod deal between countries like the U.S. and Russia where otherwise minor transgressions (that technically hurt no citizens like personal consumption of weed) might be overlooked or pleaded down to something minor - and maybe Russia decided to change the rules and go by the book after the U.S's support of Ukraine happened. I mean, how did she manage to get the drug into Russia? I would think those things are checked at the airport if they're so damned hard up about even small amounts of weed. Going against that theory is that I've never heard any other athlete or celebrity say they knew about such a wink/nod arrangement and that they are surprised Russia is being a dick about Griner when they always looked the other way so to speak. View all replies >