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Oh my God... is that.. Satire - funny stuff here. Anyone read Gianni Russo's book? Alien was the first theatrical movie I saw .. Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed sentenced Why? Sorry, but the poster makes this look like a gay film. Nothing says.. Movie poster reminds me of .. Advice on a stubborn Boston Terrier View all posts >


That's the problem with most sequels - the happy ending often has to be undone for the sequel to work. I am reminded of an old Star Trek script (City on the Edge of Forever), where Kirk wondered if he and Spock, when traveling back in time, would end up at the same place in the past on old Earth as McCoy who would be arriving from the future from a different time point. Spock said there were theories that time might be fluid, with eddies and backwash that might put them together again. This doesn't explain your question specifically, but only to say that rules of time travel (impossible in the real world) depend on the screenwriter, and maybe in this script there is a portion of life's travels that are pre-ordained, and maybe only a percentage of life's goings on can be changed. When he said he was 12 and a half, I thought he was being clinical.. (and an exaggerator). I prefer the more biologically accurate term.. vertically retarded. I don't think actual AI will ever be achieved, at least not in our lifetimes. "Dwarves" Sho? I heard that's politically correct even if accurate. After seeing Wicked on Broadway (original cast first time), I was really looking forward to this. This looks terrible. First, Ariana Grande? She can't act and is a distraction, and what's with the ugly Elphaba? How about a smart ass caddy comment? [b]Golfer: "Can you see any obvious problems . . .?” Caddy: "There's a piece of s**t on the end of your club.” Golfer: Picks his club up and cleans the club face. Caddy: " . . . the other end."[/b] I remember my buddies and I running scenarios by each other as to how they would finish the series - Al winning the lottery was a big one as I recall. It was very unfortunate they didn't give the show the send-off it deserved after so many seasons. Bender reacted differently to everybody there. View all replies >