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If the point of a competition is to determine the best competitor, then why watch if the actual competition is not what's being voted on? I mean, why don't we make the Super Bowl or World Series a call-in vote winner? I wonder if others will finally have enough should Sean Spicer actually win... Simple: Swift made a deal with the devil. There can be no other explanation. She is the most wholly untalented "singer" and "songwriter" of her generation. Her vocals are so processed they sound mechanical. Go to any high school talent show and you'll find superior talent there. [quote]I also think it's ridiculous to expect people to vote based on performances. People have always voted for whoever they like and nothing's going to change that.[/quote] That's true, but the weighting of the audience vote must be changed, or they're really going to shoot themselves in the foot. My wife's a big fan. How big? She's seen every traveling tour the Dances company makes except one, and she and her friends get the VIP package for a meet and greet and a bag of (worthless) swag. She's had it. This is not the first time a truly clumsy "dancer" has stayed and one of the top three in skill gets booted off with another 8 dancers still left. I mean, why watch at all? [quote]He didn't expect Charlie to return the gobstopper.....[/quote] Well, he did say to Charlie: "I KNEW you would!!! Not to be insulting, but in 1939 pretty much [b]anyone[/b] could have smashed that.. Rose wasn't fat; Jack was scrawny .. [quote]Why would George Wilbur know minutia about 1964 Buick Skylarks and 1963 Pontiac Tempests? It was never said that he was a car expert; he was an expert in rubber analysis, or at least he knew how to operate a gas chromatograph machine. [/quote] Lots of gear heads know/knew about the Tempest. It's not a stretch to say that George Wilbur couldn't have been a gear head before he decided to become a special automotive instructor of forensic studies for the F.B.I. Even if he didn't know about the posi not being an option in the Buick (I didn't know that), I'm sure he and everyone else missed the level burnout over the curb which would indicate an independent rear end, something quite rare other than Vettes and Jags of the era. My dad used to love that scene. He'd call my mom and say "watch this part". He loved the snow falling that night with the radio playing. Dad was one of the most sentimental humans I ever met. He would never admit it, but he was. It wasn't just Charlie's departure; the writing in general got progressively worse in the later years. Considerably. I still watch the later Kutcher reruns, and even the scenes with just Berta and Alan or Alan and Evelyn demonstrate the writing is just less funny than earlier years. Also, I don't know if it's the actor's fault or the writing/direction, but Alan got [b]really [i]weird[/i][/b] in later shows. Almost autistic in mannerisms and an almost hyperactivity about him. In early years Alan was hysterical yet more calm and collected. That's true. There are several Munchkins still alive as I recall, but I believe all the little people are gone now. View all replies >