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The show struggles without Melanie Okay, I'll say it. Excellent MC bio! Which character least deserved their TZ fate? Snooze fest Here's something I don't get Sponsored by.. The ending. I like Cocoa Puffs.. What the hell is this about? View all posts >


Don't worry, us old guys are dying out and will be gone eventually, but for now, what's wrong with seeing naked women? In 30 more years, the Coming 2 America 3 will feature transgender bathers.. That's an excellent analogy. It did indeed feel like a two hour skit. I thought her and Snipes were the only two bright spots in this abomination. [quote]It was the fictional "Doyona International" company that was going to blacklist them, which, in the context of the show, is the primary exporter (not manufacturer) of Japanese cars.[/quote] That's correct, which surprised me. I thought each manufacturer had it's own sales arm and dealt with car dealers through their own network. According to this series, Doyona International seems to be a exporter/distributor for all Japanese marques. If this is how it works, it's something I didn't know. When Doyona Intl. pulled the plug on Daniel-san, I assumed he went to Japan to appeal to Toyota (Lexus) and Nissan (Infinity) directly. You're being too tough on him. He was stepped over and they said there was something in it for him. [quote]Khan has only himself to blame.[/quote] That's it in a nutshell. Further, it's not like the planets are a couple of hundred feet from each other. No way they would have mixed up the planets of any solar system. [quote]Why was he all wrathy?[/quote] Best question on MC in months... Like EB says, bullies like to target the weak and vunerable. [quote] After reading some great replies the OP is still dissatisfied with the answers. WTF? [/quote] WTF indeed.. OP actually wasn't looking for an answer (despite being titled as a "question"), he was looking to denigrate any adult who would have the audacity to watch this show. The answer he received from several chatters was that it's a feel good nostalgia thing from watching it as kids. That's an honest answer, but it wasn't enough. He wanted to either convince folks not to watch or or just insult them for doing so. View all replies >