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And purportedly the only man ever who knew what it was like to rape Natalie Wood.. And this is why this forum needs a "like" button... Clark doesn't look anything like Supes. Supes wears tights and a cape, and Clark wears glasses. I understand your point, but I simply disagree with it. [quote]..he (Tony) was legitimately concerned for her. He made her confront the reality of her past and in the end he helped her.[/quote] She was crying and clearly upset, yet he offered no comfort; just accusations. Tony was chock full of male insecurities, and he unloaded with both barrels on Stephanie. You think he was concerned for Stephanie's choices and that's fine, but I just see that differently. What I see is a guy who was upset that the girl he wanted had slept with a guy who was older than Tony, smarter than Tony, more successful than Tony, more articulate than Tony - and he saw himself coming up short by comparison. He probably also wasn't thrilled the way Stephanie looked at Jay as he passed by her. IMO, Tony was insanely jealous of Jay. I honestly think that if Tony was more concerned about Stephanie's choices, he would have worded his tirade differently. Well, I've said my piece and feel I've made my thoughts clear enough. [quote]It’s very possible that Stephanie did seek Jays help and when she went to him Jay was like “sure I’ll help you.... for a price”[/quote] No one said that didn't happen. I'm just leaving open the possibility that it was either a mutual arrangement or that it was [i]Stephanie's plan[/i] to get ahead - either of which would explain her guilt. [quote]It was very cut and dry that Stephanie was ashamed of her relationship with Jay[/quote] We agree on this. She clearly was ambivalent about it and yes, perhaps ashamed. You believe Jay was a Weinstein type scumbag who preyed on Stephanie's need for help. All I'm saying is that it could have been Stephanie who sought out Jay and used her feminine wiles to get what she wanted from Jay. [quote]Sure Jay wasn't a rapist or anything but he was still a scumbag. The point is trading help at work for sex shouldn't have even been an option, it should have been "I see you are new at this, let me help you so we can set you up for success" and it should have ended there[/quote] You're drawing conclusions of things that are not in evidence. We don't know the dynamic Jay had with Stephanie (and are you sure he was married? I don't remember that). All we know as facts from what we saw are that: They worked together. They lived together. He helped her (more than just getting in and out of the sack). He was very solicitous to her. She was in love with him. The relationship ended. She was troubled by the relationship. That's it, the rest of what happened between them is pure supposition. [quote]Also notice how when Tony says "he likes to have you around for quick piece whenever he feels like it" Stephanie doesn't deny it, instead she tries to rationalize it.[/quote] Which doesn't mean in any way that it wasn't actually Stephanie who approached Jay and latched onto his life in order to improve hers. If there was a quid pro quo, there is no indicator in the movie who wanted what. Her "what I supposed to do man?" line could have meant it was she who initiated the relationship to "climb the ladder" because she saw no other way to advance. The business world is certainly rife with female sharks who have intentionally slept their way to the top quite with no compunction. Jay was not written (or directed) to show any predatory traits whatsoever. I mean, I liked the guy... Maybe she was having a crisis of conscience and [b]her[/b] choices were getting the best of her - which is why she was crying to Tony. There's no doubt Bobby C was under intense societal pressure to marry his pregnant girlfriend which was a very common solution in the 1970s. These days, there would be less chance his girlfriend would object to an abortion (he wanted the Pope's Okiedokey to do so!). Even if she decided to keep the baby, in today's world there would be very little societal or family pressure to marry, so Bobby's problem was kind of a problem of the times. He didn't want to get married, didn't want a family, but also didn't know any way out. [quote]....but the fact still remains that he extorted sex out of her. [/quote] We don't know that, and it's my opinion he didn't. Jay was never shown being anything but solicitous towards Stephanie. If the writer or director wanted Jay to be a dick, they would have shown him far more snarky or distant in that one scene with him. Honestly, one could argue that perhaps it was Stephanie who used Jay. He was friendly, upbeat, greeted Tony warmly, gave Stephanie the furniture, gave her advice, wished her well. Looked like the end of a normal, healthy, maybe even loving relationship that ran its course. I think Jay's scene was specifically written that way to show that it was Tony who had the problem with the relationship. Tony showed all the earmarks of male insecurity when it comes to a woman and her past. That's how I see it anyway. View all replies >