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<blockquote>Breaking through a barrier isn’t a threat on anyone’s life, again you’re making leaps in logic and assumptions.</blockquote> The logical conclusion anyone would draw is that when breaking through a barrier, you are going to do something that the erectors of the barrier wouldn't want. The barriers were there to protect Congress. Tell me, if that's an unreasonable stretch of logic, what is your best guess as to what Babbit had in mind if she managed to get through? <blockquote>I know it very well, you aren’t fooling anyone, had Babbit been BLM your stance would be completely different.</blockquote> I posted evidence from two full years ago when I said categorically that the police should have shot every Antifa and BLM rioter and looter. What don't you understand? The irony is that the link I posted was a discussion where someone assumed I would somehow defend Babbit's actions *because* I was attacking the actions of Antifa and BLM. Maybe look at that link. You don't understand your own hypocrisy. Rioting is fine for you when it's committed by someone you like, but not when it's someone you don't. I've been very unambiguous when I attacked BLM and Antifa's actions and attacked Babbit's actions. Rioting, looting, and attacking Congress is not how a Republic works. And for the 8th time at least, you have ignored my question, so I'll post it again: <b>If Antifa or BLM had stormed the Capitol after the 2016 election when Trump won, and an Antifa or BLM member was shot breaking through that barrier to get to Republican Congressmen, would you have called their deaths murder or an execution?</b> Maybe someday it will occur to you why you *can't* answer that question. [b][i]Violence is WRONG no matter who perpetrates it.[/i][/b] <blockquote> Babbit was just in a building, you don’t get to shoot someone for that.</blockquote> Well, if she was "just in a building", she wouldn't have gotten shot. She was breaking down then going through a barrier to get to the Congressional members. She was the only one going through the hole they created and the only one shot. Does any of that seem coincidental? If you have any insight to what her plan was besides getting to Congressional members if she got through the barrier please let us know. <blockquote>She never attacked a congressman..</blockquote> Right, because she was shot before she could hurt/kill any of them. My point is that as sick as Jenny's father's fantasy about Jenny might have been, it's infinitely better than what he ultimately did - put those sick fantasies into practice. Jenny's childhood and life would have been fine if her old man only had sick fantasies but kept them to himself. Regarding parents watching over the kids, I can say from experience that I know many families where there were many siblings, and all of them were great except one kid who went bad for reasons we don't really understand. I agree that a child's home environment has an enormous influence on the child's adulthood, but sometimes kids go wrong and it's just the way they're wired. Jenny's dad was fictional, but there were and are many people like him. Unfortunately. Jenny's dad may have been abused as a child but it's no less likely that he's just wired that way. Many people have come from abusive and violent homes and are great adults. Maybe someday we'll have the technology to look inside people's skulls and fix whatever it is that haunts them. Agree, but I was referring to the story telling more than the look and feel. I suppose the story could be rewritten for a TZ where the Clanton characters are not characters we know well. You're a better man than I Gunga Din. I do understand to some small degree at least the demons that possess some people. Some may have rape fantasies, or murder fantasies, or child molestation/rape fantasies, but where I lose my understanding is when someone takes it from a fantasy and brings it to reality. If Jenny's father wanted to rub one out thinking about her, I wouldn't care less. I have a feeling well over 99% of those who harbor latent sick fantasies of one sort or another keep it in their skull (which is a good thing). But when a man places his sick wants over the innocence of a child (something children get but one chance at), that's when I lose my humanity and understanding. To answer your question, yes - I would indeed have the same bravado if one of my brothers or one of my close friends raped a child. Eff them. But it's fun to think about that POS being the host to an ass party at the prison dance.. Agree. Some people are just terrible drivers even at a young age. My mom was a terrible driver with lousy intuition. Amazingly she avoided accidents pretty well, but I hated riding with her. I think that anyone over 75 should be required to take an on-road test (and that's only 9 years away for me). And again, you ignored the question - so here it is again: [b]If Antifa or BLM had stormed the Capitol after the 2016 election when Trump won, and an Antifa or BLM member was shot breaking through that barrier to get to Republican Congressmen, would you have called their deaths murder or an execution?[/b] You can't answer the question honestly, because you can't reconcile the answer. Maybe you should stop "rooting" for your team and root for honesty instead. We all know the answer even if you won't say it: if Antifa had stormed the Capitol after Trump's 2016 win and someone got shot trying to get to Republican Senators, you would have NOT defended Antifa nor should you or anyone have. The only ones who would defend Antifa and BLM are those who are trying to destroy the U.S and our enviable system of checks and balances. Babbit may have been let in by the bumbling Capitol police, but she and that small group of wingnuts went over the line when their protesting became violent and they smashed through that barrier. They may have been invited inside the Capitol, but they were not invited to smash down barriers. <blockquote>We’ve all shot a kid for breaking a window??? Ummm I sure as hell haven’t nor has anyone I know.</blockquote> Reread what I said. I said we've all broken a window, not shot a kid.... <blockquote>How do you know that she intended to do anyone harm? </blockquote> Well, she broke through a barrier to get to Congressmen. Tell me, what do you think her plan was when she broker through a barrier? Was she mad at the barrier? Did she have some latent issues with locked doors? <blockquote>And I think you’re full of shit. If Antifa or BLM had tried to storm the White House and try to murder President Trump you’d either A) Ignore it or B) Celebrate them for trying to kill him. How do I know that?</blockquote> Well, you *don't* know that. Again, you're wrong. I voted for Trump, but even if I hated him, I would say shoot every son of a bitch who tries to overthrow a legitimately elected government. But I'm sure you don't believe that, so here is a link of me blasting the BLM rioters two years ago. [i]Oh, OK. While we're at it let's ignore the stand down orders when BLM and Antifa are burning down neighborhoods, businesses, and destroying government and police cars. They should have shot every one of those rioting looting sons of bitches.[/i] So you see, I am *consistent* when it comes to looting and rioting, you are not. Rioting is only bad when the rioters are people with whom you have political differences. If the rioters are on your side, no foul. If Babbit is your martyr and you try to defend her actions, you impeach everything you say about anything. You can't win an argument with insults. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you actually understood my point and chose to ignore it because your position is so weak. But here it is again: Police can't tell how dangerous someone is, but someone who is violently breaking through a barrier to get at U.S. government elected officials is very high on the probability list of being a danger, perhaps deadly. Suppose the cop didn't shoot those breaking through the barrier and let them get into the chambers where they attacked a Congressperson. The police couldn't wait until the mob got to the Congressmen and hurt or killed them before deciding to stop them. I don't understand your hatred for police. Maybe you should be one before calling one a murderer. View all replies >