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is immigration a moral crisis?

are these people fleeing from the crimes america has committed?

refugees should be welcomed from something we created

when i briefly lived in portland I worked with a guy from iraq , but his family was relocating to flordia because they didnt like portland politics but it was portland that gave them sanctuary


Saddam Hussein was US-American?! 😲​


It doesn't matter what the cause.
You have to do computer models and tests to look at over population, number of jobs available, numbers of seats in schools, number of resources and housing.

Normal people look at that before opening the border. Democrats are realizing now why sanctuary cities are a fairy tale. They have no room, schools are packed, and the money is not there...and no one would ever hire one of those people.


1. The world is not America's fault.

2. If you wanted space for "refugees", we should not have exceeded our ability to absorb immigrations, with all the economic immigrations of the last 50 years.

3. We need a generation long shutdown of immigration to TRY to absorb what we have already here.


if it's a moral crisis, then it's a moral issue....

what kind of mental gymnastics are you going to be capable of pulling off to suggest that the peruvians, ecuadorians, cubans, venezuelans or whoever are the victims of american foreign policy?

you would have had to flunk every history class ever to suggest that..

i would argue to some extent that america shouldn't have got involved in regime change in iraq and libya. it would have made more sense to keep saddam and ghadaffi in power there. 100%

most of the immigration into the US comes from latin america. you couldn't argue that colombia is a mess because of american foreign policy, unless you think colombia is near syria...

during the pandemic i spent a long time on language exchange website where i spoke to many latinos, they have a mentality where they believe now that there lives are bad because of america. and that they deserve to move to america and live free for no reason, they've been given that mentality in the education system. and you can see that mentality in countless videos especially in NY.

many people from arab and latin countries are given a very very anti-american attitude. not all, but a lot. the ones thay dont hate america say to me that its what the media and education system does..

so flood america with people who hate us and what will happen? well turn on the news.


That's the worst idea possible. Letting in your adversaries so they can enact the revenge they so desired? Why would you go to a country that destroyed yours other than to subvert it? You already see the Hamas supporters with their jihadi clothing on protesting.


No, the majority are other country's garbage and coming here for the free shit the NGOs promised them, to start drug cartels, and to bring their rape culture.