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do you hear predictable voices in your head Sequel can't believe... spin off ...and then you were famous frozen white castle see this or... dreaming about giant spiders View all posts >


goo goo dols hits kind of remind me how simple i am, i could go without them No, if you read both you're covered lol yea that what the headlines at google news told me, thanks i'm a lite reader did you see sophie turners nips on conan? wish bernie was 30 years younger I think it's all about the timing, let some of these lawsuits cool off for better and for worse. You think if he did 60 minutes or something, to win back the trust of some and try to put it behind him. what would be a good vehicle for that? ya know, damage control, is it too soon? can be pretty pathetic in here somtimes, that and the trump board wont go away from trending oh I thought this was on the lead character, but i guess it applies with him too View all replies >