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2000 stimulus go Browns hit songs after Party in the USA coronavirus the movie best episodes of season 4? why buy the cow? I'm sliding into the new year Jesus Christ View all posts >


didn't know those rails could electrocute you well it's stupid to listen to the doctor when all they ever want to do is increase the dose. understand the drug, listen to your body and mind, understand your problems : ( my team lost that's the guy that went undercover , being sneaky and try to capture the mayhem of the opposing side seems kinda low definitely not the next greta thunberg hehe sucks people died, so that's how I feel my politics are like a 12 year old kid trying to be the voice of reason doesn't mean i'm weak, I just feel safe in that atmosphere I do think there's a lot of missed potential the way the system is rigged i'm in ohio, I am not in line with AOC I guess woman shouldn't vote either, get that stick out of your arse there's a pandemic man, it's not per month hospitals are overwhelmed in some areas yeah really, is that why tesla had such a good year in the stock market? because of the welfare? i'm sure it helped View all replies >