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ordered some plates from pottery barn how are liberals gonna protest if trump is relected? What do you think about his layoffs because of coronavirus? liked the first two seasons Without getting too political is USA getting a second stimulus check? whats it like being famous? little annoyed by local bike shop Finally going to tv View all posts >


some are intrusive, especially online. I notice I was looking for a job on in 2017 at the library,went home and put on the tv and seen a commercial and I was like what year is it? I didn't think anyone uses monster anymore. i'm pretty bald and middle aged, ill probably delete this post if i can't sleep tonight lol did a bit of acting in college, just barely I get frustrated entertaining the idea but not earning any money to rectify it I change my mind a lot, if i could leave now and guaranteed some work id do it ... i'm curious who my competition will be lol or I don't even know if I can act lol i'm a poor sac of shit never had a decent paying job over 30k before think i might drive trucks one day if tech bootcamp or mailman or hollywood actor doesnt work out] right now im trying to pinch together for a move to hollywood, if i don't change my mind, i know i need money but don't have much of it and like to eat good food so it's hard to save money too me he just strung together a bunch of cameos and casted comedian fred armisen in it also. i sped through it and didn't even follow the story. why was fred in it? I wanted to enjoy it but I just wrote it off as hollywood bullcrap. I wasn't aware of his daughter. R Stevie Moore biopic, jack black could play him disagree with chicken, that breaded crap in the grocery store that is stored cold after being cooked needs to be heated up, tastes like crap cold Michael Shannon? I faced that delemia actually. We are on good terms though. not sure but they sure do seem to have all the right answers to everything. have it all figured out. whats wrong with not knowing? i'm talking everyday people, not politicians View all replies >