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george lucas would have done it better justice seen this lady i went to college with briefly seen conan interview gosh darnit I keep seeing this clickbait about weightloss Just getting into the new season 40 today smells like old people View all posts >


what about martin short? if there's a snot or a booger i have no problem, bad breath im more afraid to say something to be offensive yeah , like you're watching to much curb your enthusiasm and you channel larry david in your soul, I don't watch him that much anymore but had my moments be sure to turn on the bell and comment and subscribe kid a i wouldnt mind knockin up a country gal could have been auto erotic asphyxiation????? probably a Christmas story, a every family guy and south park episode i like the simpsons i just didnt keep up lucky that car was there love how the cop reports shots fired over the radio but not actually what is going on, a small frickin dog running at him, thats how tamir rice got killed, miss communication on what is actually happening, dispatch miscommunicating a kid with PROBABLY a fake gun to a cop, to "kid with a gun" is what the cop heard a cop hears just "shots fired", you get 5 more cops with guns, fricken rediculous and the mass shooting just put all the cops on high alert, and the trigger happies are popping up View all replies >