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transparent corruption in war torn russia/ukraine? checking out lisa maries funeral This whole fucking site is Al Is he really a messiah? Who the hell is scrambling the news on digital devices They won't let me go to community college to make music Homeless mathematician I'm messed up How does china not have a vaccine yet? View all posts >


I rather penguinz0 and joe rogan volunteer. Hell how about NASA and every person at the Pentagon. well they shut down imdb forums and then the #meetoo movement happened in late 2017!! you do the math. I can play and be an important asshole on stage. always wanted to make something with a magical sound but it doesn't seem to ever turn out that way. Is this funny? you got to be a BOT, I was just looking at that I want to chew on my cerebellum and maybe my dentist can clean it out with the tools. All I have is internet and the stories got scrambled around and didn't make any sense. I got these guys at my job giving me dementia watching my youtube data and they are making me worried and paranoid. My youtube suggestions got all scrambled and there was a thumb with scales on it and it was hard to look away from I wanted to scrape them off like it was my brain or something. I don't want to make an album and die and I knew I would make little money in the venture but it seems like this is what everyone wants to make a profit off of but I don't want that. I am a old rock n roll fan but I feel above all the death crap. Do you think math cures schizophrenia? lol I went homeless. And certain people in town talk down to me now. Certain people on here are playing mind games with me. YouTube is playing mind games with me. I know that retarded penguinz0 guy is getting nsa intel or some bull shot. Something. They fucking screwed my tech newsaddiction to news with a bunch of nonsensical stories in my news feed to make me insecure and stupid. And my YouTube was messed up and there was a thumb with fucking scales or something and my thinking is slowing down since I’m having issues and it was hard to look away from. My fucking brother has my checkbook. And my 8 track , and my bed, and my religion. The job I need the money but the music teachers are getting mad at me because I’m having concentration issues. The semester is over now. Saget was telling the Dad jokes before he died. What's his best joke? Is there like the holy grail of jokes out there? View all replies >