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Pistol packin' mama! Progressives desperately trying to paint white people as racist over this. Damnit Jim!! Captain's Log, Stardate 5252019.3... Peak Hollywood insanity... In Clown World, women don't get to be sexy. Catholic Church explosions on Easter Sunday. 200+ Dead Controlled Opposition. Vote with your wallets. More hoax hate crimes. View all posts >


You can only do the line/map gag so many times... Nah, she'd be a perfect Foxy Brown! UNTIL ONE DAY... You're an idiot. White people have never been a majority. This is completely false. White people are 8% of the global population. White people have never even been the majority of the the entire West. Did the people with the most power have white skin? yes. Do those particular people represent the entire white race? Fuck no, get outta here with that bullshit. Elites are elites no matter who they are, and they just use bullshit like racism to keep themselves rich and united, and the rest of us poor and divided. FFS. Oh yeah, and saying "white male" is Othering and racist. Because until Biff steals the time machine, the plan succeeds and they return to the past to grow up to become future Marty and Jennifer. Ever notice once old Biff gets back, and both Jennifer's pass out, all the activity in the neighborhood disappears and there's seemingly no commotion over old Jennifer encountering a home intruder, nor do police come, nothing. That's the moment everything changes around Marty and Doc. This is the mindset us "peasants" need to get back to. Ties in great with the RLM time travel prediction. It's because they have no clue how to create their own characters, so they appropiate the popular ones. It's sad, pathetic, and it will fail hard. Hollywoke has decided that Tokenism is their new business model. I'm out for good. View all replies >