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$0 Disney's next woke flop... How is everyone preparing for the incoming Covid19 pandemic? The future is female!! Hey! If the Corona Virus mutates, get ready... The Ultimate Shark-Jumper! Trump was right about Puerto Rico Disney Star Wars is terrible. The original Holiday View all posts >


It's probably happened! Who cares, no one can go to a concert now. It's aerosolized, not requires micro droplets to survive in the air, it cannot survive in the air alone. It it was airborne like measles, we have so many more infections than we currently do. What is stopping you from running? The virus is not airborne. Lol, sportsball fanaticism is toxic AF, and I'm glad its gone for now. People need to cultivate real hobbies. Hobbies that can turn into a surprise life skill that could end up being a fall back when non-essential jobs dry up during pandemics. It's probably the double mass with 2 collection plates that's kinda egregious. Nope, and that's best part of being agnostic... I don't have to think nor worry about until it happens, if it ever happens while I'm alive. I'm not preaching, just stating a fact. Nothing more. Kids are fed a lot of bullshit that isn't true. ;) No where in the Bible does it state that god loves unconditionally. It would depend on the situation...and we wont know until it happens. View all replies >