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Bargains... Pre-911 Imagery Bug? Crime Stinks: The Smell of Penetration Pistol packin' mama! Progressives desperately trying to paint white people as racist over this. Damnit Jim!! Captain's Log, Stardate 5252019.3... Peak Hollywood insanity... In Clown World, women don't get to be sexy. View all posts >


Continuing Salvation was the only logical direction to go......Stupid Bale losing his shit ruined the movie. <blockquote>What was the truck full of, illegal immigrants or something?</blockquote> Considering the woke level of the movie, probably. She's a dude. In what ways? Explain yourself...your buzzwords mean nothing to me. Lol, Ripley doesn't come close to doing anything like the Mary Sue's of our generation. Maybe the one punch on the prisoner in 3, maybe. Clone Ripley in 4 was an Alien hybrid, she wasn't human in that movie. Nice try. If we went to mexico illegally, they would lock us up and deport us back. The Rock's dad is Rocky Johnson [url][/url] And his mother is the daughter of High Chief Peter Maivia. [url][/url] That was icing on the shit cake that was Gynesis. Both movies are garbage. The racists on the left will tell you he's not the "right kind of black"...or some other fucked up reason you're wrong. She wasn't woke, don't you get it! Strong women of the patriarchy MUST be eliminated! They were moms...MOMS BAD. View all replies >