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Controlled Opposition. Vote with your wallets. More hoax hate crimes. Tom Brady needs another SB win. Samuel Jackson The REAL first female lead superhero. Insane TDS progressives now murdering pets. BuzzFeed Fake News elevates Trump Derangement Syndrome to biblical levels... So Ralphie has been played by... Ratings hit season low. View all posts >


Sounds like a place I'd like to work! It's been a haaard days night! [url][/url] Tax returns are back yay! Better than Hillary! I'll have my NothingBurger with extra bacon! The supply of racism by white people just doesn't meet the demand. That why we have these hoaxes. The real racists get impatient and attack themselves, and blame the people they hate. So much this^^^ They are opposed because they don't need the extra votes. That's why they want them sent to red states. They are horrible scumbags that don't give 2 fucks about these people...and its perfectly clear now. They just want the votes. That's all its EVER about. The fucking votes. Todays characters are mary sues. Strong women from the past are much better and more realistic. 👌 Him and Manning should be burned together at the stake. View all replies >