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The Ultimate Shark-Jumper! Trump was right about Puerto Rico Disney Star Wars is terrible. The original Holiday Don't understand the hate. Who is watching this right now? More divisive woke garbage. Boyan Slat > Greta Thunberg QUARK!! Zack Morris is Trash! View all posts >


We should bring back the old voting rights. Land owners, and net tax payers only. It's the only way to be sure those that have a real stake in the country/economy have the most say. I actually agree with Schiff for Brains...our elections are too dangerous for the stupid to be participating. RT is Irrelevant. All they do is change their site to fit their agenda. Johnny Depp playing Zorro is not offensive unless you're a racist. So murdering 100 million people is okay, as long as you're murdering races equally? Bruh. "couldn't follow the story" Lmao. But that is true. Why should people pay money for things they do not want? I believe the evidence. I don't recall them calling for a boycott. They want great movies, with a great, organic story to tell and these movies haven't provided that...and the end results show many others agree. Who called for a boycott? Chris Tucker is annoying AF, but the opera/fight scene is cinematic mastery. View all replies >