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Samuel Jackson The REAL first female lead superhero. Insane TDS progressives now murdering pets. BuzzFeed Fake News elevates Trump Derangement Syndrome to biblical levels... So Ralphie has been played by... Ratings hit season low. PC Check: Bumblebee SJW Edition 30 minute or 60 minute version? Confused? ABC President that greenlit Conners OUT View all posts >


Civics, how do they work! "The goal of socialism is communism." - Vladimir Lenin He's been indicted on a felony charge. The FBI has been involved from the start. Like with a cloth? Their opinions are still valid. You guys sound like Scooby Doo villans... "The movie would have made billions, if not for those meddling net trolls!" Hilarious. They desperately need this narrative to be much in fact they WANT hate crimes to happen in hopes it fits the narrative What a fucking time to be alive. They need to keep driving the lie that men are bad mmkay, and white men are really bad mmkay....until it actually comes true. So this will be forever. Helen Slater as SuperGirl is hella sexy mmkay. 16 year old girls that don't subscribe to the warrior-ing of social justice, tend to be very attractive at top fertile age. Imagine that. They think they've been promised a seat at the table. If they actually read history, they'd know the first ones removed after the revolution will be them, the useful idiots that helped complete it. The irony is that they'll be right next to the rest of us in the gulag telling is how racist we are and they aren't, and their death is different somehow. If you have to add the connotation "credible" to something, its probably the complete opposite. View all replies >