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Will Wheaton has hit peak TDS. "Covid Relief" $600 for you, $50,000 per citizen of Israel No Stimulus for you!!! Two Generations... The left is insane. "DARK WINTER" How many simultaneous wars will we be fighting by Dec 2021? Black support for Trump surpasses 30% Uh-Oh, Kamala is now part of the Biden Scandal! View all posts >


Trump supporters aren't smart enough to plan and succeed an actual insurrection. I'll ignore the whataboutism. There was no insurrection. Just take the women, and the problem will solve itself. "Activist in the streets, colonizer in the sheets!" There was no insurrection. Not an insurrection. Their religion is 'woke'. The woke message will be spoken, profit be damned! The picture is pretty cringing. Skin color certainly has nothing to do with it, but the actual racists see it differently that's for sure. No, it just means humans like to be with their own, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm a direct care worker so I've been going all through this thing. I consider myself lucky, so I donated it to the homeless sheltering programs in my county. They need it way more than I do, and I can recoup some of it in the form of a tax write off next year. View all replies >