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<blockquote>OnanTheBarbarian (4658) an hour ago Well thanks for the dumbest argument I've ever had here with anybody. I just don't think you realize you went up against the two most notorious trolls from IMDb - Gameboy and uh "Hellfire". Bye Bye TaraDeS. 🤣 </blockquote> Yep, that's my username at Filmboards, somebody else <i>'outed'</i> me here much earlier...a funny guy. ☺ Unlike that funny guy you're condescending, permanently insulting and often fight your own straw men. You aren't the <i>"dumbest"</i> but too self-absorbed to have a clue with whom you deal right now. So, go ahead you <i>"most notorious trolls"< (plural). ☺ Cheerio! 🍒 <blockquote> OnanTheBarbarian (4657) 12 hours ago Because graduating from college is the equivalent of being Chinese royalty. Hahaha. White trash much? </blockquote> You said you graduated from UCLA, what's usually <i>The University of California</i> Now you've something to read. ☺ Again. 😉 Bye Bye! <blockquote> OnanTheBarbarian (4649) an hour ago I graduated from UCLA, fool. You got to be pretty stupid to think even most Americans don't know that the English word "Hell" was derived from the Norse word "Hel". Du uh wuh! Now which filmboards insult troll are you?</blockquote> Yah, and I'm the Queen of China. ☺ Ok, You're <i>"butthurt"</i> now. I didn't talk about <i>"Americans"</i>. I talked about <i>You</i>. Onan, Adman...pluralis majestatis. 👑 Have a good <i>ONE</i> ! 👋​ <blockquote> OnanTheBarbarian (4645) 2 hours ago Ooh. Somebody's butthurt. This thread where everybody shat on filmboards got to you. Hahaha.</blockquote> <i>"Butthurt"</i> because I'm happy you (plural) eventually have read up and didn't only submit your ignorance based on bad Viking movies?!☺ You suffer from perception disorder? Or multiple personality? ☺🕵☺🕵☺🕵☺🕵☺🕵️‍♂️️‍ <blockquote> OnanTheBarbarian (4644) 5 hours ago Nah, I remember Hel from Nordic mythology. But "See you in Hell" is almost as good as "See you in Valhalla". None of us are good boys. [–] OnanTheBarbarian (4644) 5 hours ago And everyone knows I'm the former Admin on filmboards. But do you have any idea who Adman is? He's IMDb's most infamous troll. That's who! We've joined forces.</blockquote> Congrats! You've read up on Hel and Valhall by now. And certainly <i>everyone</i> knows you're a former Admin, cause you indulge in your past glory at every opportunity. Onan = Gameboy Adman = Hellbound Ingenious usernames for real Royals! ☺ Somewhat you sound the same...real blood brothers. Happy Hump Day for You! 👑 (pluralis majestatis) <blockquote> OnanTheBarbarian (4637) 31 minutes ago Yes Grasshopper, I know Hell is different than Hel. Okay, sorry I called you a jerkwad. You make a good point. But Adman and I are message board warriors!</blockquote> No, you didn't know the difference HeL /HeLL. <i>NOW</i> you know it. Kowalski is already trembling in fear of <i>Onan</i> and <i>Adman</i> 🤣 I do too. ☺ But that won't bring you both wannabe-heroes to Valhall. <blockquote>OnanTheBarbarian (4636) 3 hours ago Both are Anglicized version of Old Norse "Valholl". Valhalla sounds better than Val's Hole. OnanTheBarbarian (4636) 3 hours ago Nah. Neither of us will be dead anytime soon. We thought our final farewell was February 2017 on the IMDb Soapbox. And we're all still here. Who is this TimeTunnel jerkwad? Interesting concept though. Maybe Valhalla is Hell?</blockquote> Hahahaha, you've no clue, but lots of it. ☺☺☺ As said, mind the spelling. It's HeL (not HeLL)...even <i>"anglicized"</i>. ☺️ <blockquote>Adman (49) 24 minutes ago Yes yes Valhalla only belongs to people like you /s</blockquote> Nope, we'll meet in Hel. 😉 (mind the spelling ☺) <blockquote>OnanTheBarbarian (4632) 57 minutes ago Fuck that guy. Paranoid, vindictive, egotistical - and a cunt who betrays those who tried to help him the most. See you in Valhalla, "Adman"!</blockquote> Neither <i>Adman</i> nor <i>Onan</i> will enter Valhall. The Valkyries only lead good warriors to Valhall. BTW "Valhall" is the better term (not "ValhallA"). ⚔️ You see, even the women love Joe! ♥ And now really...see you later, Agitator! 🐊​ Oops, that was supposed to be <i>"Alligator"</i>, my <i>dear</i>. ☺ View all replies >