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Who will reject the election results more? Anything else like police academy? Simon Pegg and his girlfriend... I enjoy this show Obama defunded the military... This guy goes to some great places... I like the way he say laboratory. Funny guy View all posts >


That's funny.... Sweet and to the point, end of story Next Bond, then starts to bang Greta thunberg Just a fun movie....some real good characters. Some funny lines. DNA, science and chromosomes determine gender....not feelings. This poor lady first of all is in the most messed up industry...this industry eats up and spits out mental health. What actors must see and endure to be part of their click must be horrendous. Especially children. Any here mind and body are at conflict. She is not well. Her brain is telling her boy and her body given to here is s female. You can change your way of thinking you cannot change your chromosomes. Have you heard what he wants to do with capital gains tax. You would think all those tax exemptions would effect the middle and lower class most...and they flock to Biden? But people were so anti trump it didint Matter. High gas prices under Biden...we don't care. High taxes under Biden...we dont care Defund the police and military under Biden, we dont care. Less safety from Islamic terrorism, nope we don't care. Aoc, hunter, Omar, Talib beto, Not budging. Democrats are backed by a majority of the media...huge advantage for Biden. Dems are backed by a majority of silicon valley. Huge advantage with algorithms used to surpress Republicans. Dems are backed by a majority of hollyweird. Lots of money, power and influence from that industry. Dems control a majority of college academia. Taught here to hate America Dems control the FBI, lots of dedicated agents who would never let trump win. Dems have started to pack the courts, throwing out election fraud claims, refusing to prosecute rioters, blm, and LGBTQ. The general dumb public has no idea the disaster Biden and KAMALA will bring. Did people enjoy 4 years of quiet and safety from Islamic terrorism? Or did they take that for granted, because the enemy were nervous what a trump retaliation would be. Too much at stake. Wait trumps time out and test old joe. Sucks People done even realize how old and out of touch with reality old joe is. Americas enemies are drooling to attack and negotiate with this guy. It should be like taking candy from a baby. And if hunter is in charge of foreign affairs. The enemy knows a little crack hit and have a lot of influence. And joe the grandfather of a illegitimate child hunter had with a hooker? Yeesh That's a huge credential for dem voters. Crack baby, illegitimate kids, hookers, hey that's like us. 2 parents what's that? Personal hygiene what's that? A job? Leaders need to be transgender, check Dark skin. Check From a single parent family, check People dont even realize what a Biden and KAMALA presidncy will be. Joe is gone, he has trouble reading and hearing. He is an empty suit and the people holding him up have radical plans. They are ready to gamble with the us conservation , they will go all out. And if they fail, if their is a recession. They actually believe the ameifan citizens deserve to suffer once and awhile. Voter remorse will be abundant the next 4 years. . Such a scary mentality a Biden voter has. China should be facing more ramifications for unleashing this virus. I want NATO lead courts investigating if the virus is man made, how it got out and how it spread so fast? China needs to start writing checks to every country. Also very frustrating that everything is made in China Its such a classic.. View all replies >