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What would you diagnose Andy with? How do Democrats defend the release of a killer? Trump told you so.... Democrat militia style group attacks police training camp App or website??? The farting toy at the beginning... How many years would you give the killers? Answer these questions before you vote... Biden releasing more emergency oil.... Venezuela emptying prisons, sending their criminals to the u.s. View all posts >


Make a law so anyone caught with an illegal gun does 10 years. Make it so people are afraid to carry an illegal gun. But thanks to the pro crime Democrats. When a criminal is caught with an illegal gun, Democrat prosecutors work as defense attorneys and reduce charges. Stop being the only group to act that way in future of 2023... Sounds horrible. Looks very childish...very girly.. Welcome to the Hollywoods new generic formula Having been able to watch these on HBO back in the day as a kid was awesome. This then dream on were a nice back to back combo You cannot blame others for the personal responsibility of those who choose to obtain an illegal gun People with child abuse charges who were running around assaulting people and burning property were attempting to disarm someone who got in their way... Ha ha ha ha ha The people who rittenhouse shot and vile priors. Taking a good look at all the BLM rioters, they all have criminal histories. No when people with prior records are going through streets assaulting people and burning property. The riot police should be able to Capture and arrest. The Democrat policy or stand down and low riots to occur for days is retarded Democrats went from soft on crime to pro crime. They set up savings funds to bail out people doing this. Democrat prosecutors came out and said we will not charge people for resting arrest The people he shot had priors like child endangerment, child abuse... There were groups of criminals consisting of child predators and violent people going around assaulting people and burning property. Democrats came up with the stand down policy which allows riots to occur View all replies >