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Whites secede from black city Protest arrests/beatdowns 1950s, Golden Age America Why Trump? They should have done a sequel Trump reality check: Race Trump reality check. Anti-war not pro-putin. I do want higher wages for the working class. Do we want higher wages for middle class? WI: it was proven that 1/6 was entrapment op. View all posts >


That's all I have relevant to this subject. China is the worst trading partner, no doubt there. BUT, the EU are a bunch of assholes too, and only look not so bad, because CHINA is utter poison. And they know it. Which is why they were taking steps to deal with a stronger trade policy from US. We have been WAY too generous for WAY to long, to people that are not evolved enough to understand the concert of gratitude. Time to stop being the world's bitch. You know, the practice of going after ex-leaders with criminal charges, was one of the major motives that led to teh end of hte Roman Republic. I don't know about new factories opening, but I heard from people I personally knew in manufacturing, of multiple contacts from European companies looking to possibly invest in American factories to start production in American to dodge possible tariff barriers. Unfortunately, imo, Trump was far more restrained than feared, and those work arounds, that would have led to large numbers of new US jobs, were not needed. So, if no judge is prefect than why did you insist that if Trump's rights were being violated then the judge would have already dismissed the case? Such an assertion only makes sense if any type of mistake or misconduct is impossible for some reason. What's with the attitude fag boi? i suggested time for a reboot. What do you care? You are talking in shit circles now. We covered all of that. You are ignoring sht we talked about for weeks. That bit where you assume that you know what he knows and thinks? Yeah, that's called "pulling shit from your ass". Do you always read the newspaper you see people carrying in comics or cartoons? And take the hidden messages you see there to be deep and important messages telling you about reality? "plot" is fairly specific word. Which I did not use. You state that if his rights were violated, that the judge would have dismissed the case. You asserted it as a given. Tell me, are you convinced that all Judges are perfect, or just Judge Cannon? And you have nothing to say about the selective enforcement being a vioaltion of his rights? Is that becasue you do not support human rights for your political enemies? View all replies >