Artisan's Replies

Yep, just like all Muslims will be seen as terror threats. Or a man with tattoos is seen as a thug etc. It crosses all social groups. I didn't know about the hostility towards whites in Asia. It makes sense though Woke is just another form of cultural Imperialism. "You must change your ways to suit us, or else!" It's become crazy and what is worse acceptable for women to just see men that way. Not to mention accusations alone are enough to damn a man for the rest of his life even if he is proven innocent. A lot of young men in particular have committed suicide over that kind of thing. I used to but stopped when Ragnar was killed. I didn't find his sons at all interesting to keep bothering with it. The PC nuttery was getting a bit silly too. I've seen similar happen down here. A woman accused a man who stopped to help her with her tyre of sexual assault when in fact he didn't do anything like that at all. Then women wonder why men don't give a fuck anymore. And yes there is a hierarchy of victimhood, race first always. Well you have to be the right race, but you know what I mean. Could you imagine the uproar if a man had a relationship with a female who was like Shaun? I just don't see him as socially capable or emotionally intelligent/aware enough to cope with the shit that comes from being in a relationship. He is like a love sick puppy being thrown into a den of wolves. Same thing with the previous woman he tried being with. House was a mess in other ways but at least I never saw him as a victim or childlike. They would most likely call in the military and set up combat style hospitals in tents etc in parks and open spaces. It has been done already. Reminds me of that stupid bitch earlier this year who called the cops because the (black) man in the park told her to put her dog on a leash. It was reported as a racial thing but really that was just an added bonus for her, she was playing the damsel in distress card even though she was at fault. And people wonder why more and more men don't want anything to do with women. Standby for news reports of Argentine cab drivers refusing to take female passengers. Those old cars were built to last. Besides just because it looks like shit it does't mean the engine is crap. I felt like they wasted a lot of time on stupid filler eps then rushed to the end. I guess I have always seen the term as a euphemism for trial by media and also public opinion in general. We see it all the time, you can have two crimes of a similar type, one is a big deal while the other goes unnoticed. Usually because the victim in one crime has some kind of emotional (ie PC) attribute and the other doesn't. It is usually about what cause is trendy at the time. There are no absolutes and in some cases "public opinion" counts for example an election. In the case of the scenario you mentioned, I would say public opinion was about having sympathy for the woman and wanting to make her a hero of sorts. We saw the same with #metoo. Some of the women no doubt had genuine claims but how many traded sex for roles or were even just making their stories up? Emotion and Politics over riding logic. The court of public opinion is based on emotions and perception. So rarely correct. Looks like 4 pennies to me but old English currency does my head in. My dad worked for Channel 7 down here when I was a kid. I met heaps of celebs. Hey ma'am you're sounding a little squeaky, just let me apply some of this here gender fluid to ya... Pansexual hey? I've heard of some weird shit in my time but being turned on by frying pans? You are right though the ones who go on about not liking labels or gender/race etc being social constructs are the first to label themselves and others. I don't see that as condescending though like "Let me educate you" which implies the person thinks you are an idiot. I'm thankful to be in Oz as well. The lockdowns were harsh and in Victoria, long too. But from what I have seen in other countries if you don't get it under control early enough it becomes hopeless. Within America presumably? I was thinking about overseas more. Although down here in Australia we had states close borders to get it under control which has worked. In my state people couldn't even travel outside the metro areas for a while. Where are American's travelling to? Where are they allowed to travel?