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I got kicked out of the Introverts Meet Up group. Was it just me or nothing happens? Poster reminds me of a 60's film. ***Baker's Dozen: Movies where the title is mentioned in the film*** Movies you felt went for too long/had scenes that were too long? People of no colour who wash their whites and coloured's together. Clint Eastwood? No black people called Smith in this movie. Always has that arrogant self righteous look on her face. Van Halen - David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar? If this is meant to be set in 1968 Video explains why this and other Woke films flop. Time for a laugh. Gen Z tattoos themselves with Nazi symbol! Diplomatic blunder. What Depp didn't want you to know about the Comanche's. Marguilies looks very harsh and old by season 4. Reference point needed from Americans. Would Shelley have gotten her own spin off if she had stayed? Do you ever wonder how some actors get roles/make it big? Hitler was a non drinking vegetarian. Discuss.