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Mal Danny Huston carries this fully Too Sympathetic to the pervert Revenge, or a flex? Women are very accepting... Was great in Frantz Has potential, needs polish Solid effort from Herzog Aesthetic... Still being sold? View all posts >


UK government thinks men can become women... lol... clown government... If parents aren't married to one anther, the child is a bastard... Simple as... Yes. He would be a bastard, because his parents are not married to one another. The law doesn't matter. A bastard is a bastard regardless of state edict. That's interesting. I've never seen her in interviews, nor that Thor movie... She has lesbian vibes in her movies... He plays America in every movie... Well, America's idea of what it wants to be, in multiple dimensions, from <i>Risky Business</i>, to <i>born on the 4th of July</i>, to even the mission impossible movies... That's why he is so compelling worldwide and why he is so iconic... It really changes the meaning of Vanilla Sky from the Spanish original, <i>Abre Los Ojos</i>, in an interesting way. I'm not even American, but it's clear that woke is the state religion... It's even exported abroad as foreign policy... It's an odd thing to say to a stranger, but because people have preconceived notions of celebs and a preconceived idea of intimacy that isn't shared by said celeb, you end up with such situations... I think it's more of an intimacy/closeness thing than anything to do with actual shortness. Like being overly familiar with someone you don't actually know at all. Everything is woke now.. It is America's dominant religion... Ridley Scott has never made a misstep with regards to the Alien movies... Should be fun A - Women and children are weak. That is their nature, nothing to do with victim blaming. There is only one answer, vigilance and having strong men to protect them... This story is as old as time. Always has been. B - It's just a movie... Don't be upset View all replies >