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Has the book mentioned anything about Malana? Legend has it that some of Alexander the Great’s army took shelter in this isolated village in 326BC after they were wounded in a battle against Porus, a ruler in India’s Punjab region. These soldiers are often said to be the ancestors of the Malani people. Artifacts from that period have been found in the village, such as a sword that reportedly rests inside the temple. However, genetic ties to the soldiers have not been studied or established. In fact, many of the locals I spoke to had no idea where this myth originated. How is the Double Black different from the Black Label? I'm not much of a scotch drinker, but I still usually have a small amount on hand. Today I figured I should just wait until all of the Mandalorian episodes come out and then get Disney+, so I only have to pay for one month. When 19, I simply ignored my Jury Summons until they threatened to prosecute me lol. I showed up, but ended up dismissing us all. I now have a health condition, so I'll just get a Doctors note if called again. Fair enough. I'll subscribe long enough to watch the show and then probably cancel it. Unlike other streaming services, they aren't releasing the whole series at once - it will be one episode per week. Glad to hear you like Peaky Blinders and I agree it's a masterpiece! I also think they nailed the soundtrack, especially with the Nick Cave music. If things go as planned, there will be two more new seasons. Do you not plan on watching The Mandalorian? Beer, but for spirits, I like Gin. I usually have a few different brands on hand. My favorite right now is Tom Cat Gin. Yup. Someone had a nice night at an NYC hotel on me a few years back. Bank refunded my money, but I was still pissed. As for buying things online. I still think its overall pretty safe. There's probably more risk with card skimmers at gas pumps or ATM machines. Its coming back for Season 2. I wonder if Kevin Bacon will return. Master and Commander is fuckin' sweet! I'm actually rereading the book series right now. Also, if you enjoyed Mystic River, check out the show "City on a Hill." I'm not a fan of Cyrus in any way and frankly, I think she's annoying as hell, but what drugs are you talking about? Hey! Chimpanzees are an extremely intelligent animal! One of my favorite movies and one of the few where I would recommend the theatrical cut over extended. If you don't mind commercials, its streaming for free on Vudu. Ya, he seems like a smart, down to earth person. Probably because he used to be a teacher. I don't watch all of his videos, usually just ones that catch my eye, but I can definitely recommend this new one: US Military Handguns Since 1776 Does this count? I wear it often. Sure. Good, easy to make comfort food. I found what I thought was a misplaced piece of hash i my living, but when I picked it up, it didn't seem right. I threw it away and didn't think much of it. Later that night, a wild rabbit hops into my living room. I then realized I handled a rabbit turd earlier in the day. He must have been in the house for a couple days because I found those little pellets everywhere. A had a lab/shepherd/hound mix in my twenties. Amazing dog who brought me much joy. And I had 2 cats growing up as a kid. I probably won't get another one as long as I live around here because of the coyotes. Perfect pet for apartment living, though. I think it was a hail mary pass for a failing campaign.