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I'm not the one who asked you the question. But I think you should answer it to the best of your knowledge as you're the one who started this thread. The US Navy has already admitted that these are unidentified crafts and that the jet's tracking system locked on them. While pilots were mid-flight, their aircraft cameras and radar detected seemingly impossible objects flying at hypersonic speeds at altitudes up to 30,00 feet (9,144 meters); these mysterious objects did so with no visible means of propulsion. Furthermore, the US Army just recently confirmed that it has signed a cooperative research deal with the group responsible for the release of the videos - Stars Academy for Arts and Sciences. The group has a minimally redacted copy of the agreement that clearly says that the Army wants to attempt to verify TTSA's claims about reported metamaterials and associated "technology innovations." If they actually check out, the service thinks they could be immensely valuable to the U.S. military as a whole. I went out to dinner for a relatives birthday tonight and that's what my mom always orders, except asks for the milk on the side and only puts a dash in. I absolutely despise Kahlua!! Mine would probably be Bacardi O when I was also college age. My friend and I used to get wasted on that stuff constantly. NormaAndNorman asked you a very good question, which went unanswered. I'll copy and paste it, in case you missed it. "To what extent is it acceptable until?" A holiday favorite! Good question! I look forward to his response. You know its going to be a good episode when the McPoyle's make an appearance! The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre was hilarious lol. They were used under the Obama Administration as well. "THE FACTS: The photos, taken by The Associated Press, were from 2014, during the Obama administration, but were presented by liberal activists as if they showed the effects of Trump’s immigration policy now. Villaraigosa, Favreau and some others deleted their tweets when the mistake was pointed out." Also: Although I'm very against illegal immigration and the abuse of our asylum system, I have always been against the cages and separation of families, however, its important to point out that Obama created them in the first place, yet the blame seems to fall on Trump. If the Government indeed does have this kind of aviation technology, which seems to defy the laws of physics, that's a story in itself! View all replies >