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Where do you want to travel right this second? We Need More Revolutionary War Movies How did Fitzgerald get into the payroll safe at the end? Do you know anyone who doesn't watch movies? What was the last documentary you watched? When you break quarantine.... 'Masters of the Air' from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks lands at Apple Good Low Budget Films Who's your favorite supporting character on "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia"? View all posts >


Found a hornets nest in my grill so we won't be using that today! Once in high school and a couple times at festivals in my 20's. Fun, but not something you want to do regularly. MDMA is actually it in Phase 3 clinical trials for drug assisted psychotherapy. It could be a game changer for severe PTSD. Yes, definently. Plots are totally different. 7 Years in Tibet. Its pretty bad, but I always watch it when its on. If anyone is interested in the actual story, I suggest checking out the book instead. The Brawny paper towel guy? TOXIC MASCULINITY!! He needs to go lol. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Two great scenes. The Nazi scum lost both times. I guess its an extrovert vs introvert type of thing. I fall in the middle, so I think I'd enjoy it, but the novelty would wear off fast. I guess it also depends on climate and if this tiny home is on a large property...That would make it much more tolerable concerning company. No way in hell could I live in one surrounded by other tiny homes. Its a garbage website. Do you seriously get your news from there? Perhaps you can point us to another fact checking source that you approve of? The Unz Review is an alt-right website which describes itself as an alternative to the mainstream media.[2] It contains articles and content that promote white nationalism, the international Jewish conspiracy, Holocaust denial, the white genocide conspiracy theory, racialism pseudoscience and eugenics. Many of its most frequently featured commentators actively promote violence and genocide against Jews, African Americans and other "non-white" groups. "None of these things can happen today. Especially kids playing outside and being active." I think this is a common misconception with older people. Yes, kids love technology and rightly so, but they still play outdoors. I'm constantly seeing the neighborhood kids running amuck, riding their bikes around everywhere. Yesterday they had a street hockey game and were all having a blast. If the screaming means anything, especially with the nice weather recently, kids still like to be active. Glory Air Force One Logan's Run 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea A Cry in the Wild View all replies >