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Where did Grady get the shotgun? Wanna Rock Out For 2 Minutes? How do you feel about topless sunbathing? If you liked The Witch...... When a song you dig randomly shows up in a movie Jack Black Sings Game of Thrones A Quick List of Foreign Movies I Made for a Friend Have you ever felt awkward using a gift certificate? Stanley Kubrick's 'Napoleon', the Greatest Movie Never Made View all posts >


Completely forgot about that. Guess I need to brush up on my Roman history. That's what I've always thought. And the helmet reminds me of WWI Germany. Haha awesome. I'm not familiar with them either, but I heard them on a new radio station. Here's another good tune. Spoon - No Bullets Spent Will the movie involve surfers? Did you see this on Reddit yesterday? I enjoyed reading all of the responses. Someone said the LSD 100 Meter Dash would be fun lol. But its literally in the first sentence, that anyone born in the US is a citizen. I'm staunchly opposed to illegal immigration and the abuse of our asylum system, but birthright citizenship is something I will stand behind. I don't think Trump have the power to do this. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this would require a Constitutional Amendment? Getting 2/3 of both the House and Senate is never going to happen. This whole thing could be about China. They've had their eyes on Greenland for a long time now as part of their Arctic Policy, concerning resource extraction and infrastructure. Ugh. Take this nonsense over the the Politics Board and stop infecting the General Discussion area. View all replies >