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The Simpsons predicted the Solo "boycott" Why do people think Luis is funny? Can we put the conspiracy theories to rest, finally? Not without its problems, but overall excellent. Chauvinist post: Your Top 10 Sexiest Women of the MCU Excellent! Isn't including a Hotel Transylvania short just adding insult to injury? Who should direct The Crooked Man? How do you rate the Conjuring series so far? This year's Ouija 2. View all posts >


The Empire Strikes Back A New Hope The Last Jedi Return of the Jedi Rogue One The Force Awakens Solo Revenge of the Sith The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones "exceptionally easy to please Star Wars fan base" haha what You really didn't read what he said at all, did you? He's not taking issue with people who dislike or even hate the film. That's their opinion and they're entitled to it. What he IS taking issue with is people who hate the film and toss insults at anyone who doesn't (and vice versa), as if their opinion is fact and anyone who disagrees is either an idiot or a shill. It's textbook narcissism, and the fact that this attitude is so prevalent on the internet is scary. I laugh every time the stormtrooper hits his head on the door in A New Hope too. So every film needs to be absolute perfection, or it sucks? I honestly don't care what anyone thinks of any movie one way or the other. Like it? Cool. Don't like it? Also cool. I hate the prequel trilogy with a fiery passion but many of my fellow Star Wars geek friends love it. We agree to disagree and leave it at that (though the debates sometimes get hilariously heated). There are plenty of people who hate The Last Jedi but don't resort to insulting those who like it. I have no problem whatsoever with these people, even if I wildly disagree with much of what they say (and yes I do acknowledge the movie's many glaring faults, I just don't think any of them break the film - just that it could have been better but overall I enjoy it). But when you actually attack or insult someone for liking something you didn't, or vice versa, or even pull the "U ARE NOT A TR00 FAN!" card, you're exposing yourself as a smug turd at best, or a mentally weak narcissist at worst. I think it's about correcting the PT's mistakes. The marketing for Episode I hyped up Darth Maul to a ridiculous degree, only to have him say two lines, do some silly acrobatics, then die. The Clone Wars wisely brought him back to placate that frustration, and it looks like - starting with this film - we'll finally get to see him actually be a proper villain on the big screen soon. Though him igniting his lightsaber for no real reason other than a Star Wars film has to have a lightsaber in it somewhere was a little on the nose for my taste. The reveal of his face was enough. Maul didn't die in Episode I. You didn't notice his robot legs? It's the participation trophy generation. These kids have been so coddled that even a simple difference in opinion is somehow a threat to their fragile psyches, and it causes them to lash out. They're basically the incels of movie fandom (and I'm willing to bet there's significant overlap there as well). Hopefully it either ignores or just straight-up retcons his bullshit backstory from Attack of the Clones. View all replies >