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if Bran told Theon he didn't have to die, that would change the course of history and cause all mankind to die off. it's called culture difference. People in general liked fast paced action movies when watching foreign films with subtitles in theater. he probably felt his whole life was a lie. Kinda echoing Deckard's feeling at the end of first blade runner. yes, it's about 2 to 3 ft higher to a dwarf than a non-dwarf. I have 1st hand experience in this, so u can trust me. it's like a virus: infest the host, takes over its cell, multiply itself and takes over more cells. until the host is gone. nay, i think his ultimate goal is to become the finger in the bum. House Targaryen has always practiced incest. I say it is in their blood to commit incest. So for Jon to fuck his aunt is only nature calls. a finger in the bum or a tongue in the pink? Arya should have killed Sansa and took her face. Jon should also have died. In fact, that suicide squad should have all died there. This isn't game of thrones any more. This is some high school twilight drama. it can if it has NK by its side. View all replies >