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Must have taken it down. K2SO is the best droid to come out of Star Wars. The movie wasn't a love story disguised as something else. I'd say it's a war movie first, Star Wars second. Maybe having been to war makes it more relatable to me. It was a movie about sacrifice. These people knew they were paying the ultimate price for something they believed in. We even see them going from first not believing to believing (character development). There wasn't some story book Disney ending--everyone died. I don't watch trailers for movies I know I'm going to see. I'd have been pissed if I knew Vader was going to be in it. Rogue One is a great war movie in my opinion. Not really lol. He wasn't a ghost. That would have made more sense. No one knew that Vader would be in Rogue One for those few seconds. Rogue One is just a fantastic movie. It belongs in a museum! Where can i see it that’s not in theater? I went to it today but I fell asleep before the end :/ I think a lot of the songs actually work as standalone songs without the context of the movie. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack a lot after watching the movie. My favorites are All is Found, Lost in the Woods, and Into the Unknown. I also kinda like When I Am Older, even though I didn’t like it much during the movie. Sounds like you don’t need it explained. You’ve got it The originals are great, but I’m obsessed with the movie versions—especially It Ain’t Me Babe and of course Walk the Line. View all replies >