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I’d like to know when new episodes are released as well. I think it’s a mistake to not release them all at once It shows they actually knew his songs and how excited they were about him performing. But I also assumed maybe you could hear it in the original recording. And they probably recorded the whole thing, but cut it for whatever reason She’s one of those actresses that every time I find out she’s in something, I just react like “ugh...” and then I watch whatever it is and always feel like she did really well. I’m not really sure why I still react that way EVERY time. I like her so far in The Morning Show! The last good musical I've seen that I can think of is The Producers. I guess I did enjoy the new Aladdin. I guess he wasn't turtle-y enough for the Turtle Club I don't like soft-ass shit Body language is also visual. Works well in a visual medium. How about The Outsiders remake? Duuuude! Ahh okay View all replies >