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Good old school low budget action flick. Would this have been a hit show without 9/11? New thoughts on Max's car, or lack therof in the film. Do you suppose Morticia has one big chair or a bunch of them? Issue with Max's name drop in intro: small gripe Could easily be edited into a 30 minute show. Whole show is about your buddies getting you into trouble Needs a Game of Thrones style reboot? I need a movie or two that features Outback Steakhouse back in the day. Did they retire the mayor character? View all posts >


If it's really gonna be one huge movie split into two movies, they should definitely fill the first half with all Rock action. Blow that up. Then they can leave him out of the second one so Vin can have his core family go out in style like it all started, but everybody will still show up just to see how it ends. That's how you play that. I actually think the Sith and the Rule of 2 are way dumber additions to the lore than midi-chlorians. Infinite space, a galaxy of imagination, endless alien races, no holds barred. How many bad guys can we have? -Two. Two???????? 7 was bad and 8 was so ridiculous it may as well have been a Transformers movie. And I don't know what they're doing, but the previews for this look terrible and the previews for the same movie pre-pandemic looked awesome. It's being marketed like total ass. They went from over-the-top radical straight into cartoon country. It's interesting that the foreign markets are saying it stinks cause they're the ones usually pushing these movies into the billion dollar range. If THEY don't like, it's a real turkey. The numbers stateside will be disappointing and it will get written off as because of the slow theater market post pandemic. But despite Vin's grumbling, Rock is definitely gonna have a big part in the final installment. Cause Rock brings the money. ha. I didn't even think about all the time we wasted on this maybe something whatever between Liz and Ressler. I don't think they knew what to do with her after they killed off Tom. Trump is pretty tame compared to some of them lunatics we had in the 1800s. History is full of blowhard asshole presidents. Just cause we had a string of well mannered men in suits in recent times, don't be fooled about the nature of the man and the job. You don't get to the top of the heap without being a real piece of shit. I think that's certainly going to be the agenda with the new movie. As for this film, it's a brilliant piece of art and can be interpreted however one pleases. I wouldn't disown it cause some folks aren't loving it the right way. And almost all brilliant works of art are later ruined by their aging creators. Well they hated a bunch of their other Batman movies. So sure, why not. Even a dumpster fire Batman movie is gonna make a boat load of cash. right? View all replies >