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Federation and the Universe have become dystopian. Well this was surprisingly good. Knew they kill that person off. 8pm? Too early! Terrible time slot. Every time the show gets lazier, Jeff praises it as the show evolving If the show is gonna go in this couple who house-flips story direction Screen size gripe. No direct cliffhanger, but no resolved bigger story either. Got a feeling Joker's late show appearance is gonna be a total bloodbath. Utter Brutality! SPOILER View all posts >


Columbo won't translate to 2020 so well. Even the later eps lost their charm as technology came to play more and more of a roll in the cases. They sure did. Makes me wonder if there isn't a Packers narrative being set up this season. Our school was poor. We had precious few field trips. We didn't even get the senior field trip to the amusement park that usually happened cause everybody voted to spend the money on the stupid dinner dance. Still don't know why they didn't release Hellboy around Halloween this year. Would have given them a few more months to re-edit the damn thing too. He definitely does. And he definitely is. Who cares. Who should be the new producers or nothing will change. Suffer extreme backlash for omitting key historical moments from the show? Maybe. I bailed part way through the second episode. Smulders' down and dumpy acting in this really puts me off. Never realized how much I don't like her voice. Wish they'd find a great show for Michael Ealy. His talents and super good looks are constantly wasted. I was just saying this to the tv the other night. Said it about Lauren Cohen when she had that new show coming out last year. They finally give her her own show now? She's not the looker she was when TWD started. And I was saying it about Smulders in this. Dude, my stupid cat does the same crap! Makes me nuts. View all replies >