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Movie's got no OOMPH. I don't like this show but I always watch it. Did I miss the ep where Cheech joins the force? Where the 24 movies at??? Best edited movie i've ever seen. Perfect Successor Alex is Dirk Pitt. Dirk Pitt Should he be doing streaming shows? Covid eps are a trainwreck, but... View all posts >


Whedon is just a typical asshole director. They're a dime a dozen in Hollyweird. People are just upset cause they thought he was some kind of saint cause he makes awesome entertainment. 2018 is probably the best time to release it. Safely before all the protests, riots and covid pandemic. golly, that's something. I kinda like it. needs a couple chandeliers mounted up front. In the 80s they lost all their unique styling, but they were still huge rectangles of steel barreling down the road. In the 90s is when they got really ugly. Now they just look like every other car on the road. They've been coasting on their name and reputation for decades now. I still hope to own an old school restored Caddy one day. Them early days were something else. You get used to it. You don't have to live in society. Go join a biker gang and run drugs and shoot people. But there's a whole new set of rules to follow over there. There's rules to all things, no matter where you go. I probably won't be to the movies till the next Fast film comes out. And i'll probably sit there in a mask the whole time. I want to see Craig's final woke disaster of a Bond film, but i'm not risking my family's health on that bullshit. A loaded question throws open closet doors and exposes the skeletons within. To answer one honestly is usually to one's detriment. I'm a poor american idiot. I have never figured out the knack for how to get ahead in life. I don't have a hustling mindset, i've never grasped how to flip things for profits, move ahead in life and climb that ladder. I have no social skills, don't create connections with people, and never have the resources to seize opportunity even when it presents itself. I never figured out how to trade favors for favors and keep the turtle shell moving. I suck at life. I have a buddy who got out of jail with nothing and within three years he was running his own company. Cause the dude is charismatic as hell and people just liked dealing with him. Good smile and a good story will take you anywhere in life. Look at that Mr. Pillow asshole. Certainly not the best ending for the story, but that "god damn..." jaw drop I had the first time I saw this movie was priceless. And that's definitely what the filmmakers were shooting for. View all replies >