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Skin-on small child. Da hell is that weird little freaky person in the new trailer? Please explain to me the insanity of mechanical bull riding scores? Daphne Oz looks SO good this year! Literally the new Hitler my problem with the film. really wish they just shot the "fake movie" I love Rockwell BUT... The man. Joe and the Watchers and the show evolution. View all posts >


The review I read yesterday summed up my feelings from the trailer. Pretty good movie brought down a few notches by the hammy uncommitted performance of Hemsworth. It also presented as a negative that the movie wastes too much time on world building and the saga of the warlords but that's actually exactly what i'm looking for so I think i'll be pretty pleased. I agree the format of these debates will not favor Trump and the confidence from the Biden camp about it is off putting. They up to something! Biden will win again, don't worry about that. They openly fixed it last election for the whole world to see, they'll do it again and again and again. The illusion of democracy has been swept away. Probably. These are not box office stars. If they made this same movie back in the day with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts it would have been a bell ringer. I can't even think of any contemporary stars to fill those slots. Big Star Hollywood ain't really a thing anymore. That definitely didn't look like normal obesity. He had that inflated look to him. The Outback Steakhouse next door is just as bad. And don't even get me started on the Applebees or Chilis. The only chain restaurant with any standards left in this town is Cracker Barrel. They've been dropping like flies too. Had a dozen shut down the last few years, including the Golden Coral which was also horrible. I suspect those mentioned aren't long for this world. Since I moved here I said the main problem with this town is it isn't anywhere near an interstate. Just doesn't get the thru-traffic necessary to support a strip of chain restaurants. It's absolutely nuts. There's a bunch of obvious demons in the background too when the picture is mirrored against itself. Eaten at Red Lobster many times over 30 plus years. I find it interesting that the chain hit the wall the minute they pulled down all the fun nautical themed decor. Went just recently on my last birthday, mostly for nostalgia, and was not disappointed by one of the worst dining experiences of my life. My food was great but everything else was a disaster. I swear our server was a cook or dish person. There was only 4 tables seated and somehow there was still a 40 minute wait. We got our biscuits which were never refilled. Everybody else's orders got messed up. The manager took over at one point but that didn't help anything, she was incompetent too. And when the check came everything was rang up wrong as well. But the worst thing about the whole deal was not a single table had been bussed the entire day. Nor was our table bussed while eating. We were sitting in just an absolute chamber of filth. The atmosphere was simply revolting. And that lobster tank you see when walking in the front door hasn't been cleaned in about ten years. They can't shut that hell hole down fast enough. It's funny, they just spent a ton of money remodeling the outside to make it look inviting, but they didn't invest a single dollar on the staff. The lobsters and other portions were much smaller than what used to be, and the price very much higher. Oh, and the best dish they have, the Bar Harbor Bake, has been ass for a few years now too. I swear they're just microwaving that shit now. The butter isn't even butter anymore. i think this is the actual answer. George Miller has nothing more to say with the character. i'd rather have whatever this is then a soulless cash grab cashing in on an IP. I know he he says he has Max's story mapped out too. But George Lucas said all sorts of silly things like that too. 80? Well shit, no wonder he sold it. Happy Birthday, big George! Max is paid to take a dive in a kangaroo boxing match. Instead he ends up beating the kangaroo to death. He keeps ranting about watches and pie, it's really weird. View all replies >