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Looks like some of Ford's better acting in years. Harley Quinn is Jack Sparrow Renewed for THREE whole more seasons! Are Gordon's redesigned menus realistic? Is this show being forgotten? I'm a "side sitter". Am I a creep? One complaint: No undead turning The promos that made it look like a hybrid of 24/The Shield.... I liked it, but I didn't like it. Can we get a high 5 for leather wardrobe? View all posts >


I like to eat half a thing of popcorn, then I dump in a bag of peanut M&Ms and give that a good shake, and slowly munch that as desert. Sure. I find his one bit routine pretty entertaining. I actually think he squandered a movie career staying on SNL forever though. I think he could have had a successful run of one-note comedy films just like Sandler did. This movie his a triple header. Jim Carey returning to over the top comedic form, nostalgia for all the old gamers, and of course the kids demo. Project was a good idea. That's why they spent so much money retooling it. Family entertainment will always be big business. Even with ticket and popcorn prices today, it's still one of the more affordable activities for a family to share together. I'm crazy for the kabobs. Meat and veggies on a stick. You cut all that up, let it soak in a marinade for a day or two and fire that up, total crowd pleaser. Fun to eat, delicious, easy to handle on the grill. I like how they keep mentioning him like he's still around doing stuff. First person out was Natalie. Then Amber. Jeebus. 20 mill views? Well that's business then, isn't it. Definitely of flavor of the month. Hire Billie Eilish, get a Billie Eilish song. Sounds like they are going to kill Bond. A lot of Hollywood girls aren't girls. It's an ugly conspiracy hole if you want to delve down it. Evidence is compelling. View all replies >