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The Waltons farm would be a noisy place to visiit Midnight Meat Train! It was awesome. Like being a kid again. The nuke Boba drops on them tie fighters must have been expensive as hell. Bill Burr is literally just Joey Pants from the Matrix. I par'd the back side with a seven iron. TandyMan is watching Tin Cup I came for Milla, I stayed for Sarha Polley I was tricked! This isn't the JCVD movie. View all posts >


KITH is certainly a more universal appeal. You have to research British history to understand half of what Monty Python is on about. Makes it very dated and insular. There's pics of it being passed around twitter. It's all over the place. Of all Biden's campaign speak was straight out of the Obama years. It's definitely just gonna be more of that. Picking right up where Obama left off. He's gonna have to waste a year erasing everything Trump did. Yeah, I watched a couple these new movies he's making and I think he stumbled across the magic formula of most pay for least work. I mean his legendary status is already locked. He don't need to keep making iconic movies. So he's getting paid and on top of that, he's totally boosting his portfolio and one day they're gonna be like, "starred in over 200 movies." That fun stuff aside, Bruce's involvement with these low budget films almost certainly gets some of these projects greenlit that otherwise never would have come to fruition, and certainly brings attention to them. Which is great for all cast and crew involved to get a foot in the door. He's doing a good thing. You can make carrots into a pretty delicious pie if you're hell bent on eating carrots. JCVD is still a pretty big star, internationally. Not sure why his films went out of style in places like America and what not. Dems get to rewrite the rulebook now. I'm sure Arnie will be President in no time. This movie is so good that until this post, I didn't even know it was a Carpenter film. We're gonna have a blast forming a new party under Trump and further making a mockery of this government. View all replies >