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Jack Ryan continually apes cinematography from Bourne: No favors The returning cast members sure makes me miss Phil. This show involves more reading than the books! Are capes on motorcycles realistic? This movie was horrible. This is the guy that should be Doc Savage. What's different about the beginning now? Feature length special coming next year! Are there any Halloween movies that simply celebrate the holiday? Federation and the Universe have become dystopian. View all posts >


I think he definitely came in with a lot of ideas, which then they immediately threw right out. What ideas is George gonna have? All he can offer is conclusions to his stories, they don't want that. They're all about these new kids. They definitely don't. They're cooking up a huge pot of rice three times a day on the show now. There's never any feuding over people taking too many scoops. When they're offered big meals as rewards they don't even really care, that's why we get all the fake over the top responses now. Baby Yoda torpedo'd this movie. I guess it doesn't bother me cause the show was already so bad by this point it's like whatever. Mind you I love the whole show. But the quality really does nose dive later on. My cuck radar is pretty good. I don't see a problem here. These feels in vein with the universe. I don't feel attacked. I think they're pretty different. But Matrix was certainly inspired by Invisibles, no doubt. Shes' a double O and we're upset she's a mad trash talker? The douche bag who killed his dad, the immortal icon Han Solo, because daddy issues will forever be shit to me. I drowned my kids after release cause I named them Luke and Leia. They fought me pretty hard but it's done. Now i'm taking care of their cats. What a pain in the ass. Star Wars is destroyed! View all replies >