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Wow. They really did this right. Millennials don't know how awesome the 90s were. Stupid movie made me cry. Powerful film, but I didn't like it. Could Gordon pull off blackface? 4th episode wraps things up pretty well. Another flippin' origin film?! I think Ed Skrein would be a great Batman. Zach McGowan for the Highlander reboot. Yea or nay? Renewed for season 2! View all posts >


Right? I'd be best friends with this guy but i'd never hire him. Man. What do you do with people like this? LSD isn't popular anymore. Everybody wants crack and meth. But acid was wonderful. You didn't murder your girlfriend and kids or anything. Yeah. You had to know how to use maps. And you had to read books. Knowledge and capability mattered. Seriously. I think Charlie is ugly as all hell and I don't understand why they keep pushing him as a leading man and his biker show was godawful. Well that's because she was murdered and replaced by her clone in an Illuminati blood sacrifice. That's just Hollywood. Hitler did not kill himself. Nor was Bin Laden killed bye Seal Team Six. Nor was Saddam found in a spider hole. It's all bullshit. Unholy Hitler I agree. I saw a recent interview where she said she's come to appreciate her role in the movies, but that implied she was definitely not thrilled about them after making them. Love or hate the movies, she was an awesome Leia's mom. lmao i love pineapple pizza View all replies >