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I can't believe they're still re-building that deck. Patrick Duffy looking like a boss. Brie has weird eyeballs. Don't Marvel screenings/reviews usually come out weeks in advance? They need to diversify the games. He actually looks like the Gunslinger now. Will on Seth Meyers talking about the potential ending of the series. I think Dembe likes being a feared international super assassin. View all posts >


Seriously. And the collateral damage death toll from their antics is crazy. These aren't heroes. The new trailer showed me far more than I wanted to see. A lot of of this would have been a mind blowing surprise in the theater. Looks bloody amazing though. After years of flirting with cigars I finally started smoking pipes and it's simply wonderful. Never got hooked on ciggs though i've had them from time to time. They're just nasty. And expensive. Not even a little. What's the best they can do? Serve up some nostalgia with even slicker visuals? There's no new ground to explore with these films. Any new ideas they come up with can either be so stupid they wern't bothered with before, or so out of the Terminator story mold, it's just a generic scifi tale. It's a no win situation. They already made great versions of these movies. There's no water left in the well. I only buy CDs from bands that i've already got huge CD collections for cause i've followed them my whole life. Gotta be complete. Aside from the occasional bluray box set for a tv show I love, I don't buy nothing no more. All my dvds are in binders and boxes somewhere, I never even pull them out anymore. I still display my VHS tapes cause the boxes look dope. But there isn't a VCR in the house. I predict that kid and that concept is never seen in the franchise again. lol I remember a movie did that few years back. So bad it never got a bootleg at all. I have heard good things from Hellboy comic fans so i'm still looking forward to it. But even they admit the film itself is a spaghetti pile of incompetence. But there's supposed to be lots of great moments ripped right off the page. So I think i'll enjoy it a little bit. Yup. This is definitely the plan. And I mean, I bet they sat around having meetings literally mapping this out. It was always their intention from the beginning to remove the toxic male fans from the fanbase. I still have no idea why Disney bought a property where the main fan base and merch purchasers was grown men. There is no redemption for murdering the most beloved character in Star Wars. Have they used Kristanna Loken yet? She's been in lots of action stuff, she still looks amazing, and I bet she works pretty cheap. View all replies >