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I hated this movie. He'd be a good replacement for Pat Sajak Alan Ritchson was great in this. Did Sam Niel create Andrew with kindness? Something I don't understand about these cooking shows. When does Max make the decision to leave? Pretty good send off prime time special. I forgot this turned into a sitcom for a while. Pretty good replay value. Best canceled show ever. View all posts >


Love Trump. Love truth. But he's gonna fracture the Republican nomination and cement Obama's agenda. This is a right proper mess. Honestly, 80s Bruce might respect this. lmao I don't know if was budget or ego or what. But they made such a big deal about Snipes. Both in film, story wise, "we need this guy". And in film making. "Blade's back, baby!" And then they did nothing with him. I don't get that. Banderas was unexpected but clearly just wanted to have a blast with a larger than life character which he nailed. Since he made 13th Warrior, I suspect he just likes this kind of movie making. This was actually told to me once. Somebody, who worked in the buiss but wasn't actually somebody, just a nerd in the grist there, actually told me women's hips were magical God's Business (his words) that could do great things more than just making babies. He believed this shit. Now maybe, when you see stunt women (exceptional people) doing this kind of thing day in and day out, you start to believe it. But these guys are going home to their shitty apartments to eat Chinese takeout. They're arguing with their fat mums. They don't know what real people are like. And they live in this reality perpetually. For all their careers. That's what Hollywood is. It's a disconnect. ahem. King Ovok is real. She's heavily Satanic, right? This is obviously a whole big thing. I'm very against this sort of stuff, but I also defend it. It's no different than being whatever. We mold our children, always have. On one end of the spectrum, you get this. On the other you get Starship Troopers or Kurt Russel's Solider. Or an absolute lunatic like Conan the Barbarian. IDK. Things get covered up all the time. It's a pretty wild story for sure. Full reboot, integrated with video games, novels, comics, tv shows, card games, you name it. All rebuilt from the ground up. Only way to do it. You have to reset the continuity and leave out the ending. He's no longer the man for the job cause that's a full time commitment for life and he's doing Avatar instead. Deeply bummed we didn't get any Dirk Pitt sequels with McConaughey and Zahn,. They had the rights to bang out a trilogy but it all went pear shaped. Just ended up with the enjoyable but flawed Sahara. I've only had roommates and just getting them to pay their rent was a nightmare. My cousins own a bunch of slummy rentals in a college town and it's basically made their life a living hell. Clients aside, I guess all zoning for that sort of stuff is just an endless shifting quagmire. They've lost their shirt a few times. They keeping doing it though so it must make some money. View all replies >