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What one thing would you present to a hostile alien race to prevent Earth's destruction? I literally hate every word that stumbles out of Sara's mouth. I do declare. The strengths outweigh the cons in this show. Pretty good movie. spooilers Where the hell is the miltary? There's a lot of eating in this movie. Danny can't even have a cat!! Cancelled! I can't believe they're still re-building that deck. View all posts >


Yes. Movie goers have finally stopped supporting bad movies simply because it's the latest addition to a beloved fandom. Lots of new movies are under-performing cause the people have had enough. There's only one James Bond film I don't own, and its name is Skyfall. As she's ramping up promotion for her new release, i've noticed she's definitely showing her years, and that pushing this bubble gum teen pop sensation image is starting to get stretched pretty thin. I think this will be the last hurrah for all of that. Doubtful. But we might see a demonic ghost version of him. I think Netflix is gonna get boxed out and as forgotten as MySpace. Disney is launching their mega service, and AT&T/Time Warner are ramping up their mega service, and whoever else. Netflix is soon to be small potatoes and all the original content in the world they generate isn't gonna compete with the catalogs and licenses the big boys possess. It's gonna take 20 years to happen but I don't think the kids will be uttering "netflix and chill" in the future. Eventually, one of the new premiere super streamers will buy them out, probably Disney, and that'll be the end of that. They'll be kept around a while in name only, and then used as an expansion/combo package, and then dropped all together. We want young women with good birthing hips, ample milk bobs, and excellent bone structure. Pretty sure that's why he's always cast as the weasily asshole. Wanting to punch him is his appeal. I believe they are definitely scrapping the service, which I said they would do before they even started. It was never a viable idea. I like to optimistically think that they've maybe decided to develop a Swamp Thing movie so they wanted this dead. Drama aside, I find the show terribly dull and boring. While the trailers look great, the clips they've shown to promote this aren't good at all. The Hemsworth curse is strong. This one is definitely going to settle down with a nice man one day just like Anne Heche did. View all replies >