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I love clicking the MC ticket to take me back to the home page. Did not care for the extended version. OK Hellboy movie. Great Dresden Files film. Contemporary rock soundtrack is gonna age this movie terribly. It's more interseting for Bond to confront his younger self Jon just can't pull the drama out of the players like Jeff can Loved the characters, hated the story. New haircut is a big upgrade. What one thing would you present to a hostile alien race to prevent Earth's destruction? I literally hate every word that stumbles out of Sara's mouth. View all posts >


I didn't care for it. They pay off in the villain department was pretty disappointing. It seemed like just a bunch of random chaotic stuff going on. I like how they actually acknowledged that with a joke in one of the final episodes. I don't think so. Not sure why everybody's been assuming they'd be rebooting. Maybe he'll scalp a guy with long hair and tie it to his head in the end. Probably not. At least not in the circles she's in. Rich to you and me, maybe. Real rich people don't pay for anything, it's all given to them. Only once in a blue moon do voice actors get endorsement deals. I'd like to see a deal where Sony makes whatever the hell Spider-Man movies they want to, but Spidey still gets to show up in the big Avengers movies. The freshly assembled Browns super team will conquer all. This was years ago. He looks way worse now. They did some kind of reunion photoshoot with the cast from T2 and T3 and he looks like total drugged out ass. I doubt he'll be appearing as himself in the movie. I agree, ST peaked with DS9. Yeah. I mean the right Sharon Stone sort of performance in the right Basic Instinct kinda movie, and she'd be good to go for ten years of mature dramas and thrillers. View all replies >