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One complaint: No undead turning The promos that made it look like a hybrid of 24/The Shield.... I liked it, but I didn't like it. Can we get a high 5 for leather wardrobe? Men are the worst. Men are garbage. Well that was the best holiday theme episode that aired this season. Do we need to leave the room or something? Hey, it's my girlfriend. So there was no callbacks to the prequels? News just said it was the third biggest opening of the year. Only thing I wanna know: Fate of R2D2 and C3P0 SPOILER dead?! F this show! I'm done. Jack Ryan continually apes cinematography from Bourne: No favors The returning cast members sure makes me miss Phil. This show involves more reading than the books! Are capes on motorcycles realistic? This movie was horrible. This is the guy that should be Doc Savage. What's different about the beginning now? Feature length special coming next year!