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My favorite thing about the movie. Can't stop thinking about how Furiosa and Jack destroy Bullet Farm. I declare Colin Farrell an A list movie star. Scrotus played Slit in Fury Road SPOILERS with regard to the conduct of Dementus Is there no rape this time? Reasons I don't want Mad Max: Wasteland, another prequel. A scene I wanted but didn't get. So why does Furiosa hate Immortan Joe so much? Crucifixion scene. SPOILERS "There is no hope!" I can't figure this movie out. What iconic lines do you think they'll keep? Conflicting stories aobut child actor. Nobody mentions this movie opens with a KISS song??? What the Mandela?! Skin-on small child. Da hell is that weird little freaky person in the new trailer? Please explain to me the insanity of mechanical bull riding scores?