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If the show is gonna go in this couple who house-flips story direction Screen size gripe. No direct cliffhanger, but no resolved bigger story either. Got a feeling Joker's late show appearance is gonna be a total bloodbath. Utter Brutality! SPOILER I love clicking the MC ticket to take me back to the home page. Did not care for the extended version. OK Hellboy movie. Great Dresden Files film. Contemporary rock soundtrack is gonna age this movie terribly. It's more interseting for Bond to confront his younger self Jon just can't pull the drama out of the players like Jeff can Loved the characters, hated the story. New haircut is a big upgrade. What one thing would you present to a hostile alien race to prevent Earth's destruction? I literally hate every word that stumbles out of Sara's mouth. I do declare. The strengths outweigh the cons in this show. Pretty good movie. spooilers Where the hell is the miltary? There's a lot of eating in this movie. Danny can't even have a cat!!