TandyMan's Replies

Choppy and jumbled together. I didn't appreciate the contemporary aspects they injected to make this relatable. I think the story is dumb. That said, I accepted this show in the spirit of which it's made. Which is basically this not being the actual timeline of the original series. Rather a divergent arc which involves the destruction of Romulus. And that's fine. The cinematic quality was terrific. They waited too long. Stewart's gravely old man voice is annoying. I don't like dream sequences, pretty much in anything. It's a hella-lazy writing device. But there's definitely precedent for such thing in TNG so whatever. I enjoyed it. But basically this is Star Trek: Blade Runner. It was a lot more exciting and interesting back in the day when it came out. IDK. One hit wonder in the states. Might be famous wherever she's from. Personally, I love her song. But the radio sure don't play it no more. Arnold for sure. Isn't he on his second or third heart already? I know they said it was just surgery but I never believed that. Yes. We owe a great deal of our technological progress to the NASA program. And the rest to war. Yeah, they cranked the agenda knob to 11. That's pretty much part of the show now. I can put up with it cause the rest of the writing is still firecrackin fun. I don't mind the character's sexual orientations. They organically fit. Especially anything goes Constantine. But when it stops being a fantasy show and starts being a CW soap opera, it's pretty damn annoying. Must confess. I've been putting off rewatching it for just that reason. Sometimes movies make better fond memories. I used to be obsessed with QT back in the day. There's tons of photos of him and Harvey having dinner together and what not. They weren't just work colleagues. Hollywood in the 90s was pretty much the last of the old school wild west days too. Shit went down for sure. But. QT, like most aging artists, has reinvented himself as an auteur and family man. Even if stories did come to light, he's pretty much untouchable now. Like Woody and Roman. Well we could split hairs about that till the cows come home. I agree that G2 isn't actually a good movie. It's more like supplemental material for the first film. But it's absolutely loaded with character development that really fleshed out our heroes. As a middle chapter, when later viewed as a trilogy, I think it will be seen in a fairer light. They were thick as thieves. I doubt Tarantino will ever open his yap about it. He knew about it all for sure, was likely present for some of it if not a participant. I mean look at Harvey. That dude is a back room bragger. He's a total blowhard. QT was entertained by all his rotten stories, i've no doubt. Exactly. The whole circus is a bigger joke than this Impeachment trial. Guardians in a lot of ways fit the bill as the Star Wars for a new generation. If they make Guardians 3 right, and wisely stick Thor in there, they're gonna have one of the highest grossing films in the MCU. Ugh. That sucks. I've been watching this on POP. But I never saw the show back in the day, I don't know what i'm missing. I'm surprised they'd change the music for tv syndication. usually those rights are squared away. Great start. The Weinstein stuff is hilarious. Love how Larry acts out our society rage fantasies for us. The talcum surprise scene is hardest i've laughed in a long time. Show still surprises with how charming it can be like with the ventriloquism scene. Right movie, right time. No competition. Sometimes it comes together. It convinced Quaid he was in the real world, not in a delusion. If there was really no potential harm to the Doctor, he wouldn't be losing his cool and breaking a sweat. It's one of the many counter clues to support the other side of the reality debate. Pretty sure they did one where the camera swept low across somebody's legs. They must have had that person stand in the same place and digitally wiped around the edges with the new cut. That one was real slick. I can't figure out how they did the river sequence at all. That was incredible. Hope there's some extensive making of features on the bluray. I've gotten over it. I still like the show. At least what they were doing was fun and inventive. First seasons are typically shaky and these guys are launching a live action Star Wars show for the first time. It's fine. Oh i'm down with the tank. Just not the spray version. Maybe good for cuts and scrapes. Just a bit too fantastic for me. I mean why do you have to be dunked in that tank all day if you can just huff some spray? That's a video game heal potion. IDK. The whole showdown there was far too much the like the ending of LOTR for my liking.