TandyMan's Replies

What, did you grow up without annoying brothers or sisters? Definitely. No matter what Spielberg does, people fall all over themselves. He hasn't made a great movie in years and years. Good movie. I wish it was a little more fun and light hearted. They went a little too serious with it. Beavis is definitely smarter. There's times where he actually says something right and Butthead smacks him for it. Mars is totally already inhabited by original man and lizard people. It's party land over there. For sure. They're saying nonsense now that visitors to Mars would have to stay there forever, but gimmee a break, we'll solve that problem quick once we start actually going there. They seem to colorize a couple more every year for special broadcast around Christmas time. They'll probably get to all of them eventually. No doubt. He didn't just say it once. He said it in like 50 back to back interviews. Must have been a negotiation ploy. I think he has massive guilt after spending years making the Republican party seem cool on his old show. This movie peaks with the action sequence of the limo chase half way thru. Never quite hits that level again. There's also a lot of shots where they're clearly standing in front of green screens. The whole movie is so jarring and uncanny to look at. It was really popular for years, got played on cable all the time. Then the whole world just up and forgot about it. Oh yeah. There's no getting rid of the taste of hot plastic. Pizza the Hutt. Always thought it sounded like a old timey whore house. An old west brothel. You can't but imagine the feather boas everywhere. This was part of that whole scifi initiative from Showtime that crashed and burned. They had a whole bunch of short-lived scifi in the late 90s/early 00s. The only one that escaped was Stargate. I have to assume the viewership wasn't matching their usual T&A fare. I think he's just naive and doesn't understand that the movie business is filled with assholes who treat actors like props. He's just embarrassing himself with all his whingeing on about it. No. This used to be a real problem with beer. But with modern canning and bottling techniques, it's not a problem anymore. You're not gonna skunk your beer or otherwise ruin the flavor. But the old wisdom still runs rampant. Pretty standard stuff. You shack up with a hard partying rockstar/movie star, this is what you get. Behind closed doors they're a total mess. Nothing glamorous about it. F'n Elvis died on the shitter. He was doing some guest hosting a few months ago. Still looked pretty spry. RIP you legend.