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Sluts Damn Erica is annoying. Another rehash story...great. I just stumbled onto this. Anyone else like... I had a crush on Kimberly back in the day. I thought Ian and Jennie looked good. I finally got around to seeing this yesterday... Ways to kill Thanos that came to me while watching this. Their problem? View all posts >


That wouldn't happen if they never went to these horrible Disney travesties to begin with. Lucas should have retired this in 2005 with Episode III. No other Star Wars should have been made. These Disney films are trash, a disease. My brother in law asks if I like the Mandelorian. I do not watch Disney Star Wars. I won't see the dumb Boba Fett show, Solo or this episode IX. Star Wars is dead. Red October standing by... Red Fox standing by. You obviously do not know what troll means. Typical. I don't care if he is a force ghost. That doesn't redeem him, I am not going to see the film. Luke's character as Lucas created him was tarnished by Disney....ruined. "But he can be a force ghost". Too late, that can't undo what Disney did. Hence, you are a nerd. Don't care. 10 episodes in....Erika is getting on my nerves. She is such a screw up...she never stays on mission while time traveling, she is a babbling idiot most of the time, she learns to speak the truth and be her true self from her time travels...but goes right back to being the opposite. Is she ever going to question who/what this supernatural Dr. Tom is There seems to be a segment that will get excited and go see anything if you slap "Star Wars" on it. I don't care. Become a hoker.....become some heroine junky....become some porn slut....and end up dead? Don't care. They are gonners to me the moment they decide to do this. What BS. Sex is private between husband and wife or committed couple. You acting like people getting paid money to screw strangers...young kids and teens watching others have sex, often bizarre sex and jacking off, Kids searching innocent things and ending up on porn no longer being just between 2 people a healthy thing is sad. Sex has always been great, healthy and wonderful....just between a committed couple. Not with you watching a jacking off. View all replies >