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They took suspension of belief too far. COME UP WITH NEW, ORIGINAL STORIES!!! Sluts Damn Erica is annoying. Another rehash story...great. I just stumbled onto this. Anyone else like... I had a crush on Kimberly back in the day. I thought Ian and Jennie looked good. I finally got around to seeing this yesterday... View all posts >


Yes, I've always really liked this film. I saw it back in 93' or so, I was even in Memphis a couple of times that year for some college football games and saw that kid going the flips on Beale Street. Seeing it again older some different things stand out to me now. First is just how awkward and bizarre it was for Avery Tolar to just immediately start hitting on and flirting with Mitch's 25 year old wife. Really awkward. Second is how the ethnicity of Ray McDeere seemed to not cry out "brothers". He is dark, olive skinned, looks Greek or Italian, dark brown eyes....Cruise is pale, blue eyes. At 22 I didn't notice things like that, now I do. The same thing with the Cosby Show. In the 80's I just believed it now if I see it I think, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy look like Huxtable kids....Denise and Sandra do not look like they could have been birthed by those two parents. Little quirks I notice now. All irrelevant, I still love the film. Lastly, now when I see the two hitmen after Mitch, I think JIGSAW! Fun movie. Grisham based films were quite good in the early 90's. The cost of the rocket that blew up and the 2 supply capsules....all the OT of the workers. Hermes and Aires 4 were all already out additional cost there. Oh, the old micro outlier trumps the macro notm huh? Because somewhere in the world there is a stronger guy so that applies to the petite red head and 6 foot 200 pound Beck? lol at using rare exceptions to trump norms and high probabilities. Exceptions to the rule do not negate the rule. In the novel Beck got him....Lewis stayed in the ship. In the book Beck went to his capsule and retrieved him, no Iron Man flying or 5'4" 130 pound girl playing the physical space grab over the 6'0" 200 pound guy. I would pray not cuck would be in a relationship with her in the real world They probably meant a hydrogen fusion bomb. Sure. 0. ps - even though I haven't seen it and won't see it I would have to completely give up the internet to not have heard that the emperor is still alive. That has got to be the DUMBEST thing I have heard. That is idiotic and inexcusably lazy. Vader throws him down shaft into the core, entire Death Star blows up....let's just undo ROTJ even more and just bring him back 35 years later. Horrendously awful. I am not boycotting this...I just hate what Disney has done to Star Wars and have no interest in seeing anymore. TLJ was it for me. These aren't even SW to me. They bought the "name" but SW ended in 2005 for me. View all replies >