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I thought Ian and Jennie looked good. I finally got around to seeing this yesterday... Ways to kill Thanos that came to me while watching this. Their problem? I love this film I've never seen any of these movies. The bullet? How pissed should everyone have been with Quill? So Thor and Valkyrie.... I liked the song. View all posts >


They aren't good films. Star Wars films aren't good. Poor quality. Marvel has good films. III I and II were good. III was pretty bad. I loved it. Yeah, I can remember seeing this in the theater. It doesn't feel like much time has passed. Completely remove Jar Jar. Shorten the pod dragged too long. Get rid of the Gungans...they were just annoying. Re-cast Anakin...he didn't work. No midiclorians. More Darth Maul. I think you have described yourself. There are millions of police keeping the peace daily. Wise, rational people don't stigmatize every police officer based on the mistakes if a few. Ah, your 1 opinion holds more weight than millions of others? Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Your viee is the abberation...not the norm. You missed it, a skeleton was in that tree at the end. Me too. I am done with Star Wars. Solo and E IX are the only Star Wars films I haven't seen. I am done with the franchise. You are probably right but 1 should be enough. View all replies >