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LOL, the film industry just can not stop being perverts Lol, another freaking back story? The child? Phil Jackson I just watched season 1 Run away perpendicular Does this ever happen? She was good in early films... I sure loved me some Bill Goldberg in 97'-98' Just saw it. View all posts >


Well, when I was reading the beginning parts of your story...I already knew I was going to suggest....DO NOT SERIOUSLY DATE A LAWYER. You can have a little fun but when it gets down to long term girlfriend....wife, do not pick someone who has such a time consuming, hectic, work all hours, traveling for work, has to move type of girl. That is not the type of career that you can have a regular relationship with. You've learned the hard never do it again. True. Since none of them seem to be beginners anymore they may not have as many disputes. Everyone is past the week of waxing cars, painting fences, buffing floor training so they do not have to bicker about that. Because the dad was leaving mom for killed herself. It is obvious they do not want this woman in their lives. Apparently they wanted to get rid of her and drive her to the loony bin, get the dad to bail on her because she is too whack or just to get her to willingly leave because she is so messed up. They wanted to get rid of her and do not want their dad with her. How can you hate a guy with bottles taped to his hands! I hate it still and I hate that Lukas sold Star Wars to a corporation...after all those years fighting to keep control of Srar Wars so no one could mess with his story he sells it to a soulless entity who put no effort into a well thought out story but who thought they could churn out anything and make profit. I have never seen any Star Wars film after this. They do not wish to live without their family. If Hamilton can be all black and it is fine then there is NO controversy with this one. All psycho morons should be ignored or told to f off. I do not read comics so I am ok with it. whitewashing? Freaking idiots. Entire cast of Hamilton is black. Cool. But cast someone who isn't Egyptian a sin is committed. F them. F the virtue signaling whores of twitter. You're just being a yokel. Quit being a garlic eater. View all replies >