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Anyone else like... I had a crush on Kimberly back in the day. I thought Ian and Jennie looked good. I finally got around to seeing this yesterday... Ways to kill Thanos that came to me while watching this. Their problem? I love this film I've never seen any of these movies. The bullet? How pissed should everyone have been with Quill? View all posts >


F**k diversity. That is how many high schools looked in the 1950's. Don't like it? Tough shit. You miserable leftist. I didn't care for it. I predicted it. I thought the scenes in space were stupid. The pods launched at different times and were going in opposite directions, one to deep space, one to earth. The pods flying side by side...both toward earth...stupid writing. Also, the advanced math needed to hit the exact trajectory to reach earth and not burn up....but the monster supposedly just grabs the stick and adjusts course perfectly. Too stupid to not annoy me. I am sure there is a lot of blame to go around. A lot if bad ideas and poor planning are in every aspect of Star Wars. Pretty much, they didn't destroy the is still here, the Sith are still here, planet destroying weapons are still here (funny how they can spend 20-30 years building them without being found out, attacked and stopped), if the Emperor us still around than they didn't kill him either. There are no new Jedi. Man these new movies are awful. I was never upset at George. I just didn't think the prequels were that good. Star Wars wasn't broken. The story/writing just isn't any good and they are breaking canon. He just had to eat it all on the sidewalk. Scarlett Do you mean when it was building up to detonate and they didn't have warp speed to flee, why not beam it into deep space? I guess it could work if they were in transporter range and could fix on its coordinates. For me: 1 Star Wars 2 Empire Stikes Back 3 Return of the Jedi 4 Revenge of the Sith 5 Phantom Menace 6 Rogue One 7 The Force Awakens 8 Attack of the Clones -100 The Last Jedi. (Didn't see Solo....TLJ killed Star Wars and I don't won't see any new films) View all replies >