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I really liked her in Humans No Morpheus? I've seen it already. Yoko Ono? Things I wonder about Lisa Kudrow and David Schwinner What would you do regarding your marriage? I never wanted him to end up with Ahh, so Disney is super leftist....and if you are conservative....can't work there. Theory on Cap and Mjölnir View all posts >


I haven't foolowed this. He denies it happened. Ok. Obviously that is wrong. Ok. He is a nut. How does having a crazy opinion mean you pay 50 million dollars? He is crazy. Ignore him. I am not because the recast Buzz. Buzz is Tim Allen. I think all of these "months" we are supposed to celebrate or honor some groups are idiotic and divisive. I ignore them and get sick of hearing about them. The slogan for our country is: "From" NOT from one many. Yes, Mike and WILL pissed me off. Will just watched her get bullied 2-3 times. I was saying "DO SOMETHING!" Wusses Maybe he took money with him. Druggie? Yes, I believe so. Aids? That is what I thought it was. My guess was her loose sexual life. No one gives a sheet. Hmmm, cutting healthy living tissue/organs off people? Oh. Cancer ravaged breasts? No, completely healthy. Sure I will cut them off. For me....Natalia Dyer is not even in contention. It is between Brown and Sink. I actually think both are very pretty and are growing up to be very attractive women. For me personally, I actually have a thing for pale skin and redheads so Sink would barely edge out Brown. I'm sure those that prefer brunettes and olive skin would go for Brown. They are both pretty close to being equally pretty. Anton Chigurh in "No Country for Old Men" had the same hair style and I believe it was set in 1983. I guess they think that was the "in" look of that time. View all replies >