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Saaiste GTST slechterik allertijden Do you like sporanges? Sidd Finch If you're ever in Japan... Rate this song on a scale of Richter If you need a good handyman!πŸ‘ Christmas dinner leftovers Very Funny Propaganda film Are we asking too many questions? View all posts >


I'm already your favourite person ever because I make you watch St. Elmo's Fire in my basement every Friday night.😘 Scream 1+2 I Know What You Did Last Summer Speed The Mummy Home Alone The Room Most likely to never find the Caps Lock key on their keyboard for a second time...Deliciousfeet. I do. Mushrooms and blue cheese. Yummy!πŸ˜‹ The smellier the cheese, the better! Yeah, pork gyros is good. But you need to eat it in a pita! "The stories I read were far too detailed to have been made up." So naive.πŸ™„ "And by the way, he didn't bleach his skin." So naive.πŸ™„ Probably! I don't remember, it's been 3 years!πŸ˜† No, it's: "Of course!🀯" Brush, floss, rinse. Only order that makes sense. View all replies >