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It's called the "naughties" as a reference to "naught", meaning zero. So you immediately suspected he had an accomplice? Who then? Also, are you high? I actually had that switched on and still missed replies. It was all very messy. It pretty much got trashed on social media. It became very problematic when people started posting using their phones. For some reason, it wouldn't trigger a notification. Reading this thread reminds me why I dislike Halloween II so much. Just like black people living in a 18th century French mountain village (BatB). I guess racism has been a myth all along... DOOL used to be extremely entertaining back in the 90s. It's a shame the daytime soap is dying, but they haven't been good in years. I thought you might go for melodramatic. Well, that song is supposed to be a little uplifting as well. View all replies >