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It's not necessarily about the possible effect on the viewers, it's mostly about the intentions of the people behind the show. What they're doing is idiotic and I'll say it every time I see a movie or show do the same thing, because I don't see why they should not know that what they're doing is not appreciated. While Hamilton is more satirical, I find it stupid as well, especially because its politics are way more in your face. That's not the concept at all. The stories would be exactly the same with an all-white cast, like the book series it's based on. The creator supports completely unfounded claims that Charlotte was a biracial woman, so they actually are trying to promote inaccurate history. But admitting outside of the show that it's not historically correct makes no difference and neither does it being a trashy romance show. Just like all those other shows/movies, they're trying to put a certain image of history out there. And they don't even bother providing an explanation, let alone a plausible one. If you want to be "inclusive", then tell a different story. There is no good reason for this current trend of misrepresenting history. If you think "whatever" about a show doing something like that, then it's astonishing you get so worked up about people simply posting a complaint about it. Follow your own advice...move on! If anybody's upset it's you. I simply expressed my opinion that it's a stupid aspect of the show. I'm not ranting and raving about it. I also DO NOT WATCH THE SHOW. I think I already said that. "It's not trying to be much else" Except that the creator admits it's about being inclusive. And many, many shows and movies these days have been doing the same. It's more political than you make it out to be. "But you're willing to overlook that potentially." Because the whole concept of the show is that a zombie fungal infection exists. If you accept that it does, then time is not a restriction. However, black people are already real, not some elven folk, and they can't simply pop up in high positions in Regency England out of nowhere. It's infantile pandering. Puhleaze, I'm not offended on behalf of anybody else. The only thing it offends is my intelligence. I'm not going to accept something so non-sensical just for the sake of diversity. And there is no other purpose to it than that. And for the love of humanity, you can't seriously mean this is comparable to the zombie concept. If a zombie fungal infection was real, there is no reason it couldn't have happened in the past. Black people were very real at the time, but there were several reasons they were not in high positions in Britain in the Regency era. Cleopatra was even worse, I'll give you that. I always liked him as an actor. I remember when he got seriously ill during Boardwalk Empire. I didn't expect him to live as long as he did. RIP. "And black people in high positions of power in the UK in the early 19th century are also examples of complete fantasy. So what's the difference?" Are you AI??? I mean, it's not possible a real person other than a troll would actually utter those words. Or are you saying Bridgerton suggests a fungal infection caused black people to be in those high positions of power??? I can't believe I've wasted any of my time on a trollboy like you... Now you just go ahead, go fight the good fight!✊🏾 "The notion that zombies are somehow more plausible to you and something you can dismiss than reimagining the UK to be multiracial in the 19th century is beyond farcical to me." Absolutely mindboggling. Zombies are complete fantasy, once you get past that, a historical setting is no restriction. Black people are not fantasy, to accept an inclusive multiracial society in early 19th century is to ignore the complete history of humankind. Any reasonable person would understand the difference, but you're just out to prove to everybody else that you're some kind of morally superior person who just doesn't see race. Well, give yourself a pat on the back, good boy! "I mean the wider setting is not: It depicts Japanese occupied Korea." And that could never ever happen in a fictional story too, of course... Bridgerton it filled with fictional characters and their fictional stories, that was obviously not my point. It's less absurd to come here and comment on an aspect of a show you dislike and that convinces you not to watch it than it is to come here to go after such people even though you don't even watch a show cause it's not in your genre... "Yes. Because it's fiction. It's up-front about it. If you can't accept it.... just don't watch it?" It's a fictional story in a historical setting. An historical that is incorrectly portrayed. If you're going to change shit, at least make it plausible. What the hell makes you think I watch it? I can only comment on it if I do? "All of the characters and situations were totally made-up." EVERYTHING was made up? Then it's not comparable to this show. I'm not outraged about anything, just pointing how absurd the concept of this show is. You seem to be outraged at everyone who expresses their dislike of this type of woke nonsense. They are pretending it could've happened, which is the obvious point of criticism here. What if the Nazis had won the war or the Russian czar was never overthrown were two very real possibilities. Considering how it would've affected history, present and future is what true "alternative history" stories are about. The "what if" scenario is not even part of the premise of Bridgerton, we're just supposed to go along with non-white people being prominent and visible members of British society in the Regency era without any explanation. It is just stupid and the differences with the former two shows are so plainly obvious. I don't see why a "Robin Hood like resistance movement" in 1920s Korea would be out of the realm of possibilities. "I meant not real in the sense that it black people weren't in those upper class positions then. And zombies don't exist." Which means the two premises have nothing in common whatsoever. If zombies were real, why would there be any restrictions on the era it's set in? I have no clue what those two Korean shows are about. You want me to comment on something I know nothing of??? View all replies >