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Gary Sinise... Watch Mother Reunite with Deceased Daughter in VR Prue's love life... Which Bond movie? Anybody else watching this? Shows you love but hate Repeat Performance If you ever say "Holland" again... I just went to a screening RIP View all posts >


Piers Morgan is not a comedian but a tabloid journalist turned tv personality. Ricky Gervais is a comedian/actor/musician. I'm not seeing the physical similarities, to be honest. Morgan is more clean-cut and posh. Nebraska??? Do you even read other threads on here? I'm from the Netherlands and I stand by what I said: Sure explains a lot. That's not a thread, though! So disappointing.😞 Aw, what a shame! I was wondering what your thread about The Irishman would be like! You admitted you use cocaine and other drugs and I replied that that explains a lot. You're adding to that a lot of other stuff you've simply made up. Again, are you saying cocaine and other drug use does not affect one's behavior? Have fun! Are you going to post any threads??? I'm totally zen. You are the one who's clearly a little upset about my responses to MovieBuff. Maybe light up a joint or something??? I said none of the things you're implying I said. My excuse is clearly that I do not post threads like those by MovieBuff. Clearly. Ok. It clearly doesn't relate to anything I said. Just to be clear. View all replies >