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Assholes Peaches or nectarines? How often do you have sex? No posts? Action League Now! Just a bad rip-off... If you were a celebrity lurking on these boards, who would you be? RIP Doris Day Halle Berry says she turned down 'Speed' role  Especially for Mitch! View all posts >


But back then he didn't know about DNA. He made the mistake of sending those letters for attention. They've solved several cold cases through genealogy sites. It's certainly a possibility. There's DNA evidence, he could be found like the Golden State Killer. The Springfield Three I don't know exactly how JonBenet died, but her parents were obviously involved. Don't you mean the case of Christine Jessop, since Morin has been cleared? Because his wife says he looks just as hot as Mitch Pileggi, of course! The one Mitch wouldn't have a clue about! "In a few minutes, bitch." "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." They don't look like that in South Korea either, because they're from Vietnam...😑 Yes, I'm totally hot for tiny men who look like Joan Jett! Only aliens could explain something like this: That was soap gold! Have you been to primitive tribes in the Amazon to ask them what they think of Chopin? You need to do some scientific research first and back it up with evidence before drawing conclusions like that. View all replies >