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Mona's dog Trying to read this article from 1926... Anybody planning on seeing this??? Hidden clues... London trip🇬🇧 Never knew... OnlyFans Constant Eric bashing Art in Payne's house "Easter in Rotterdam" View all posts >


Why work so hard being a troll with dozens of sock puppet accounts on some obscure movie site? Those CGI effects are silly and unnecessary, but I wouldn't compare it to adding a new character or anything like George Lucas has done to Star Wars. Reinserting a deleted scene isn't always that bad, I actually wish they had kept Harry Dean Stanton's death scene in Alien as originally filmed. I don't think they even show the theatrical version anymore. But it's also like Who said, the end is too rushed as well. Merrin shows up and it seems to be over in 5 minutes. I have to agree. I admit that demonic possession movies aren't really my thing, although this one does have some creepy moments. But the biggest problem is that it's just incredibly drawn out, especially the first half. What a ridiculous comparison. These scenes from The Exorcist were originally scripted and filmed. Not saying they should be "injected" decades later, but it's a completely different thing. It's good, but not the very spicy stuff. Let me introduce to you my very lovely and talented swimsuit!: 🩱 Movies: -Misery (1990) I very much dislike Stephen King's work, but this is one the few movies that are actually watchable. Some parts are laughable, though. -Hide and Seek (2005) I hadn't seen this in a long time, but the ridiculous twist was obvious from pretty much the beginning. Dakota Fanning was decent, De Niro was miscast. TV Series -Monk - marathon Still catching re-runs of Who's the Boss and Golden Girls, because why not? -The Bold and the Beautiful - marathon of very old episodes The US version was so incredibly schmaltzy. His hair does look weird at the front, but it seems he's always had a strange hairline. I think perhaps he fluffs it up and uses something like hair fiber spray to fill in the bald spots. View all replies >