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The Watts family murders Halloween episode (Spoilers) Reboot It's really sad that Jimmy can't work for Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill Something that made me laugh Episode 6 spoiler I miss this show so much! This show gave me what the walking dead never could. Mother May I View all posts >


I hate how they treat Becky the character. I grew up with her and although Becky made bad choices, she wasn't an idiot or a whore. And she acts zanier by the episode! I'm sure for the actress it might be fun to be over the top but it ruins the character in the same way it does with Aunt Jackie. I really felt for Becky in the reboot realizing she was too old to get pregnant and thought it was a great storyline that rarely ever happens on a tv show, but nope, miracle baby! They really ruined everything that made the show great! I just finished season 1 and I'm bummed it's over and I won't have anything to look forward to Sundays. I love how dark it is but at the same time it was so wonderful I would have tears streaming down my face. Very powerful show. Most definitely! Roseanne was known for her Halloween episodes and even I had to see how it would stack up. I really expected them to try. And it was a bust! All it showed was how much Roseanne was important to the show. Darlene looked like a hypocrite especially after Megyn Kelly's firing the same week! I love how they made it a white male as the PC police. I guess that's the only way they can say he was wrong. I guess that's their reasoning. I really don't know or undestand it. It was a good one to see! I remember getting really stoned and seeing it at an all black movie theater! My favorite kind! It was the best experience ever! Yes that and the clown scene. The chair stack scene is pretty impressive how it was all done in one shot with the crew replacing them. I can't imagine trying to do that! Yeah I feel the same. I was looking forward to the premiere and then I remembered how lame it was. It did bother me so much it was painful to watch on second viewing. And the third. Out of all the things that happen on the show I hate seeing Jimmy outsmarted. Especially by some young punks! I immediately thought that maybe Kim will represent one of them and Jimmy would get his revenge. And I wanted it to happen. And then I remembered that's not Jimmy's way. That's Chuck. It bothered me so much that he lost all that money he made. But Jimmy cared less about the money and more about Slippin' Jimmy slipping. I think a lot of people are going to see how they kill her off. She had an opiod addiction so that makes sense. It's definitely not going to be funny. It'll be tragic. And Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman are going to be amazing! It's going to be dark and sad. And the rest of the season will be the family coping with the loss with comedy to break the tension. Galecki will probably be back so that will help. The character Darlene will have something to work with maybe. The loss of her mother. I wasn't feeling Sara Gilbert at all in the reboot. She was really bad. And I used to like her character a little in the original. The character of Becky was the one the highlights of the reboot. I think this season is going to do all right. But I really don't know about the following season. Because this season will have the ghost of Roseanne. Roseanne's spirit will haunt this season. Because they can fire her and kill her off but she will always live in our memory. And if the show does steer away from the loss of her, the show will be the one that's dead. I remember catching this late one night as a kid. I was a big Twilight Zone fan as well as Alfred Hitchcock, so the two together was a special treat! This was before it was easy to catch an episode on Youtube or even before the marathons on the Scifi channel. It was usually in the middle of the night on PBS or one the UHF channels. I never knew when they were going to come on but when they did I was so excited! I'm pretty sure I saw this particular one on PBS and I was so excited! I was so sure this was a prequel to It's a Good Life! They were both named Anthony and everything! Both were so scary to me but the part when magic shop wasn't there really freaked me out! I also really enjoyed Consider Her Ways. I caught that during the day and I was so drawn in. And just halfway through the program the woman declares "I think it was real!" and my mother called me to dinner and forced me to turn the tv off and it haunted me for years wondering what happened! It drove me crazy until we finally had the internet and I found out the title and that it was a short story by John Wyndham. And it was online to read! So I finally found out what happened and a few years later I could view the episode online. It was good. But it's funny because I was so upset all these years wondering what happened but now finally knowing, the mystery made it better than had I watched it all those years ago! I think that's why I really appreciate Twin Peaks. David Lynch really understands that. Another good episode like these I really loved of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour is Where The Woodbine Twineth. That scared the hell out of me as a little girl! Yeah I really loved it! The end might have been a little hard to believe they'd be able to get an ID from an animal but I'm glad they did it anyway because it was awesome! View all replies >