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I miss this show so much!

Not since Twin Peaks have I ever been truly excited for a show to come on. Season 3 was my favorite. Followed by Season 1 and 2. I really liked the artsy seasons as well. I enjoyed how different and interesting they were. I never knew what to expect. Like short films. Louis CK can really construct short stories so much better than feature films. And there's nothing wrong with that. I believe if he kept at it with Louie he would've honed his craft enough to make a masterpiece. All he needs to do is put some short stories together even to turn it into a feature film. Horace and Pete was also brilliant! I hope so much Louis CK brings this back at least online. I'm so ready for my Dear Email Buddy letter to invite me to purchase more content. I hope he's enjoying his vacation and using all that's happen to restore his creativity and drive.