Mother May I

When China tells John Malkovich's character she is always the mother during the game, was that hinting that according to her peer group she wasn't as attractive as the all the older characters saw her? I was just wondering because Charlie Day's character said the least attractive of the group usually played the mother. It's confusing because the actress who plays China is so very attractive. But then again I've seen internet comments saying some pretty cruel things about her appearance.

It reminds me of myself when I was a teen when adults would go on and on about my attractiveness yet in school I didn't get anywhere near the adulation. Just wondering if that was what was going on here.


Yes, you hit it on the head; she isn't supposed to be "all that". Probably she is a little too chubby for the mainstream bodies and looks people find beautiful today.


Could have been a combination of her hanging out with girls that were even hotter than her.

Or maybe the others were college age, and so they made her be mother because she was too young to participate. I'm sure the guys that were playing the game didn't want to go to jail, especially when there's a million chicks in bikinis during spring break that are just as hot or hotter than she was.

But she may have internalized it as not being desirable enough.