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Why Not Attack? Abby and Buck I Enjoyed It! Just Wondering? People Wanting To Leave MeeMa Did I Miss Something? Spoiler Unbelievable How Racist Van Is Horrible, Horrible, Did I Forget To Say Horrible! From Season 4 (SPOILER) View all posts >


Very cool synopsis/review on the movie SP! I really enjoyed it. I didn't even see the wound on her back. The fire was truly ridiculous also as you said. I also have seen worse, wasn't horrible. I also enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it. I'm more lost than you, lol. If I had a man cave I'd probably go that route. Maybe when I move. I've been looking at the 75 inch 4k's, should be able to get a decent 1 around $1,500-$2,000. Go bigger than a 75 inch and the price really jumps. I agree. It seemed so corny at first but it has grown on me also. I gave up on Iron Fist also and didn't finish. It's been awhile but I think I only watched 3 episodes. I used to love TWD. I still like it and watch it but it's starting to get old. I find myself FF'ing through parts of it now. I record everything, don't watch anything live. I certainly will, I enjoy the show. I like it much better than the new Station 19. Don't remember that. I'll have to see if I can dig up the episode somewhere. View all replies >