Abby and Buck

Buck is a young stud and he is with a woman twice his age? It just doesn't make sense. He is only 26 and she is 51. Maybe their trying to show he needed an older woman to settle him down but a woman twice his age is a bit much. She looks like his mom not his gf.

Even when Hollywood does it all the time with the man being much older it usually isn't 2x older. Even in real life the much younger women are with very rich men for the obvious reason.

Looks like she might be leaving the show or at least ending their relationship for now anyways.


I just couldn't buy into their relationship. It wasn't even just the age difference, there was just something off about it. I like Connie Britton, but I'm glad that she is supposed to be guest starring in a few episodes next season. (I know that nothing's been confirmed on that though.) I don't know what it was, I think more Buck than Abby, but they both bothered me. I'll be happy to see a few more characters on the operators side of things.