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Frackin' lizards ruined it for me!! Need help with the ending! *SPOILERS*

Lizards of any type scare the shit outta me. So I HAD TO stop watching the movie when I saw their terrifyingly ugly mugs...

OK, someone please spoil the ending for me. What happens after the point where she is hallucinating in that cave thing. Please explain/ describe the montage where she is hallucinating...

And, most importantly: Does she end up killing Stan and the "boyfriend". If so, how? I would like to know about the fates of the characters, please!

Thanks. Oh, and what was the significance of the ugly lizards? Seemed like the lecherous men were being compared to reptiles. Is there more to it than that? Someone please elaborate on this point as well.

Thanks a bunch!!


Hi there!

[spoiler]She's hallucinating in the cave because she took peyote to dull the pain she felt when cauterising her wounds. The drug caused the visions she experienced. The next morning, she emerges from the cave transformed into a killing machine.

Once she's emerged, she kills Stan first by shooting him as he's driving at her, then she kills Richard (her boyfriend) in the villa during the film's climax by shooting him in the stomach.

In the film, the lizards represent Stan, her attacker.[/spoiler]

If you're interested in a complete summary of the film with GIFs, stills and questionable jokes, please check out my extensive synopsis / review at!


Thank you so much for replying, SaintPauly!


Very cool synopsis/review on the movie SP! I really enjoyed it.